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Access interact project presentation final short

An Introduction to Access Interact
Download all the files at www.http://davebanesaccess.jigsy.com/access-interact

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Access interact project presentation final short

  1. 1. Accessible peer interaction with disabled youth ACCESS INTERACT (2017-2-BG01-KA205-036420) PROJECT PRESENTATION
  2. 2. Aims and objectives  to foster the inclusion of young people with disabilities;  to promote intercultural dialogue and strengthen knowledge and acceptance of diversity in society;  to support youth workers in developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalised young people
  3. 3. Impact  Develop a greater understanding of the definition of disability  Address assumptions attitudes towards people with disabilities  Receive an access to open educational resources  Offer access to hub of related and useful resources related to disability, interaction and communication
  4. 4. Expected impact on youth workers  Promote a greater awareness of the effects of inclusive communication  Provide guidance on a variety of disabilities to enable youth to understand how this impacts on a person’s day-to-day life  Help identify the potential barriers of disabled learners in education
  5. 5. Target groups Direct users:  Schools  Youth workers and leaders  Student leaders  Student bodies  Youth organisations Beneficiaries:  Youth organization volunteers and members  Student groups  People with a disability including Students  Youth NGOs  Disability organisations
  6. 6. Guide to inclusive communication awareness campaigns Goals:  Outline the importance of the creating an inclusive communication awareness campaign related to the specific community.  Support youth workers to follow an action plan to justify and organize a campaign  Support teachers or tutors in schools and adult education who are interested to build inclusive communication awareness campaigns
  7. 7. Guide for youth workers on inclusive communication awareness campaign  1 Communication for awareness of disabilities and special needs  2 Embracing society: social, environmental, and ethical issues  3 Organizing campaigns - actions, resources and activities  4 Gathering feedback and measuring impact of campaigns  5 Using technology to support communication in campaigns
  8. 8. IO2: Handbook "ABC to inclusive communication with my peers with disabilities" Goals:  To raise awareness of barriers and chellenges that people with “visible” and “hidden” disabilities face.  To address a breadth of needs including low incidence needs  To address negative perceptions and assumptions about disability.
  9. 9. IO2: Handbook "ABC to inclusive communication with my peers with disabilities" Preliminary structure of the handbook chapters:  Chapter I: General tips for communicating with people with a disability  Chapter II: Communicating with people with physical disabilities  Chapter III: Communicating with people with a vision impairment  Chapter IV: Communicating with people with a hearing impairment
  10. 10. Content
  11. 11. Inclusive communication peer support hub Goals:  To improve the youth inclusive communication tools and processes especially dedicated to the youth community.  То provide tools and guidance on how to make information and youth trainings accessible.  The hub is not the project website. It is a resource database which can be added to and shared by users across Europe.
  12. 12. Inclusive communication peer support hub Includes resources related to  Accessible Information  Communication aids, tools and software  Crime and Justice  Culture  Education  Employability  General advice and support services  Health and Social Care  Inclusive Communication  Local Government  Participation and engagement in the society  Sport, leisure, recreation  Symbols used for communication  Third Sector
  13. 13. Hub
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention Contact David@davebanesaccess.org www.davebanesaccess.org @davebanesaccess