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Yd fundraising

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Help us make camp 2012 happen…
- Attend the June 19th YD Fundraising event
- Make a donation
- Invite others to support us

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Yd fundraising

  1. 1. Empowering Ethiopian Youth
  2. 2. Some info on YD We have hosted more than 200 youth at our summer camps We have mentored more than 300 youth We provide support for newcomers Most of our youth attend(ed) university We have won the trust of parents Completely FREE for youth
  3. 3. We unite Ethiopian-Canadian youth in Toronto
  4. 4. We connect youth with role models and mentors who look like them
  5. 5. We challenge youth to create opportunities that they want to experience
  6. 6. We provide youth with resources to enable them to reach their goals
  7. 7. We create youth-friendly positive spaces
  8. 8. Why Camp?Get youth out of the cityBuild their leadership skillsGuide them into new experiencesEncourage friendships in the communityInspire youth to aim high for their futureIntroduce youth to mentorsThey have fun… duh!
  9. 9. Themes of past summer camps 2007 – What’s your Passion? 2008 - Identity 2009 – Success 2010 - Choices 2011 – Bridging the Gap
  10. 10. Help us make camp 2012happen…How?Attend the June 19th YD Fundraising eventBuy the ticket for the fundraising for your familyAdvertize your business on our eventMake a donationInvite others to support us
  11. 11. Help us make camp 2012happen… Fundraising
  12. 12. RSVP Today!• info@youngdiplomats.org• (416) 206 1366• Facebook page: “Young Diplomats” We’d love to see YOU there! www.youngdiplomats.org