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CPE4 Reflection leadership assignment

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Reflection leadership assignment...

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CPE4 Reflection leadership assignment

  1. 1. Student Name: Dave Jay S. Manriquez Instructor Name: Asal Makhmour September 18, 2016 Reflection: Leadership Assignment 1. Did I present the information that was pertinent to developing nursing management strategies? I am not really detailed on the diagnosis of my patients’ with my presentation, but instead I want it to be presented in a unique way, at the same time showcasing my other talent in the use of electronic media. Off course I want my presentation to be educational and the same time everyone will have fun. I think I showed some leadership skill on my presentation on how I involved my audience as well as guiding them with the whole presentation. The questions that I asked in my presentation are all about the patients that I did a profile study for the first 6 weeks of CPE. All the medications classification, diagnosis, and random questions are all associated with the patients involved in the study. During my presentation I did mention their diagnoses, age and sex. Overall my presentation help build the characteristics of the participants because in winning the game different strategies, and teamwork need to involved considering the given time to produce an answer. 2. What other information could I have provided to facilitate the problem solving process? From the comment of Asal “Jeopardy is a great game for recall, can make questions more complex to stimulate critical thinking. The principle of Jeopardy is “one word” answers but it can still be done!” Asal is right with her comment, because as I am making the game, I am trying to balance the questions to their level of difficulty, like for $100 question is much easier comparing to a $500 which is harder. I do have some questions that are really tough and if I don’t allow them to use their cellphone, I don’t think they can provide me the right answer. All in all, I think I did well, maybe some lapses as being the game master like forgetting to set on the timer, and being too lenient with the participants. But I never been biased on my presentation, I gave equal opportunity for the two groups to play the game and enjoyed while learning. 3. What strategies worked in keeping the group on topic and on time? What went well and what could have improved upon? I made a game mechanics and I informed the group before the start of the game. This allow me to have the control over the game and not being out tracked. At first, I informed them that all the questions on the jeopardy game will come from the patients that I did a profile study for the first 6 weeks of CPE. In the game mechanics I told them that the first group who will accumulate a total of $6,500 will win the game, and I am setting the timer for every questions at least 1 minute. I think my mistakes at the end is that I am too lenient in extending the time because I want them to try to answer the hard question before giving the other group the chance to steal, which is a mistake on my part. I could have stick to the rules and be fair. For me, everything went well from what I have plan to accomplish in doing my leadership assignment. My objectives in doing the presentation is to have a good review with drug classification that are common in the unit, to
  2. 2. answer curiosity question about the IV antibiotics and antihypertensive medications which I shared with the group. Our instructor as well added some inputs throughout the presentation which enhanced more our learning. What need to be improved on? Maybe on my part to add more inputs by explaining more, sharing more knowledge about different medications, and make the questions harder to develop some critical thinking on the participants. To be honest it is so hard to make 30 questions, for me it is challenge on my part. 4. How did I ensure the group process? Did all the students have the opportunity “think aloud” and contribute to developing the nursing care plan? The two groups I think have the equal opportunity. Jeopardy is not a game of luck, it needs a strategy to win the game. The first group who played the game develop a good strategy by answering first the questions in the smaller amount because it is much easier, just to accumulate some points but this kind of strategy will not work if you want to win the game. Jeopardy teach us to be a risk taker, to go for the big guns, that’s why teamwork is so important in winning a group jeopardy game, and that’s what the second group did. They answered the difficult question which worth much bigger and won them the game. Same in developing a care plan, you need to identify first the problem so that you can plan the right intervention. 5. How could I communicate to other health care professionals, the resulting nursing care plan that we developed in this activity? The feedback from the participants (classmates) and my instructor are inspiring. I am thankful that they appreciate the hard work that I put in preparing the game. My inspiration for making this kind of presentation is that I want to develop a sense of camaraderie and collaboration with my classmates. At the end of CPE, I want them to remember that we have some good time while learning. The game that I prepared make our bound as a group stronger. We have our own ways in presenting our clients conditions, but I want mine to be remember as something special and unique. I want to do something different, something that have not yet done before in the classroom. Overall, from the feedback that I get, I guess my presentation is a success. I hope in the future more students would prefer to present their presentation in a creative way that will seek attention of those participants.