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  1. Best Female Political Leaders
  2. Best Female Political Leaders
  3. Best Female Political Leaders By Achilles Santiago TLE PC OPERATIONS
  4. Best Political Leaders Here are the Top 3 Famous Female Political Leaders From other Countries
  5. Jacinda Ardern
  6. Maria Ressa Maria Angelita Ressa is a Filipino-American journalist and Nobel Peace laureate. She is the co-founder and CEO of Rappler. She previously spent nearly two decades working as a lead investigative reporter in Southeast Asia for CNN. Ressa was born in Manila and raised in Toms River, New Jersey.
  7. Queen Elizabeth II Elizabeth II was Queen of the United Kingdom and other Commonwealth realms from 6 February 1952 until her death in 2022. She was queen regnant of 32 sovereign states during her lifetime and was head of state of 15 realms at the time of her death.
  8. THESE 3 FEMALE POLITICIANS HAVE SHAPED OUR WORLD! Top Trending Stories In Paper!! This article was made by: Achilles Santiago WINNING LOTTO NUMBERS! 19/20/15/13/01 THANK YOU FOR LISTENING, END OF PRESENTATION