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Content Repurposing: How to Lower Marketing Costs and Expand Audience Reach

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Get the most out of your content marketing! With repurposing, a single brainstorm and development process can turn into several pieces of content. Reduce your content marketing costs and expand your audience reach with just a bit of planning.

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Content Repurposing: How to Lower Marketing Costs and Expand Audience Reach

  1. 1. www.verticalmeasures.comCONTENT REPURPOSING: HOW TOLOWER MARKETING COSTS AND EXPANDAUDIENCE REACHDavid Gould, Creative Services Director | @dbog
  2. 2. www.verticalmeasures.comWHAT ISCONTENTREPURPOSING?@dbog
  3. 3. www.verticalmeasures.comRepurposing involves taking a work andadapting it to a new content piece of format.This includes:– The general topic– Research– Text copy– Images– Data and graphsWHAT IS REPURPOSING?@dbog
  4. 4. www.verticalmeasures.comCONTENTREPURPOSINGBENEFITS@dbog
  5. 5. www.verticalmeasures.comIn addition to saving time on the legwork ofcontent creation, repurposing a topic intodifferent formats allows for focusing ondifferent aspects of the topic.– Make the most of ideation and research– Focus on different aspects orpresentations of a theme– Reach different audiences by contentformat, publication period– Cross-promotionTHE BENEFITS OF CONTENT REPURPOSING@dbog
  6. 6. www.verticalmeasures.comTHEREPURPOSINGPROCESS@dbog
  7. 7. www.verticalmeasures.comStart with your core idea: whether it is taxplanning tips for small businesses or the toplightweight running shoes for 2013.• Identify what your main topic is.• Consider ways your topic can be applied tovarious formats.THE PROCESS: START WITH AN IDEA@dbog
  8. 8. www.verticalmeasures.comFlesh out your idea into an outline that willbe a skeleton you can use in adapting thetopic to different formats.For example, blog posts can flesh out bulletpoints into full articles, while videos andpresentations can convey them in visualsummaries.THE PROCESS: THE OUTLINE@dbog
  9. 9. www.verticalmeasures.comWhat is RepurposingBenefitsProcess– Idea– Outline or MindMap (mindmeister.com)– Formats & Examples• Blog Post• Presentation/Slideshare• Infographic• Video• Free Guide• eBook• Newsletter• WebinarConclusionTHE PROCESS: THE OUTLINE@dbog
  10. 10. www.verticalmeasures.comCONTENTFORMATS@dbog
  11. 11. www.verticalmeasures.com• Blog Post• Blog posts and similar onsite articles are a great startingpoint for content, as they can require a good deal ofresearch, structure and copywriting.• Presentation/Slideshare• Whether as part of a live exhibition or online presentation,slide-based content presentation is a fantastic away to boildown content to its essence.• Infographic• Infographics are a fantastic way to present datavisualizations, processes, and other content that lends itselftoward graphic presentation.CONTENT FORMATS@dbog
  12. 12. www.verticalmeasures.com• Video• Through graphics, movement, audio and a continuous,engaging presentation of data, video remains a top means ofconveying information to an often impatient audience.• Free Guide• Often gated behind some manner of sign-up form, free guidespromise more in-depth, high-appeal content that enticesreaders to give up basic contact information in exchange foraccess.• eBook• Like a free guide, there is an expectation of high value with aneBook, particularly because these content pieces are oftensecured behind sign-up forms or even paid access.Repurposed content of this type should represent the highestlevel of value in recognition of the audiences higherrequirement for access.CONTENT FORMATS@dbog
  13. 13. www.verticalmeasures.com• Newsletter• Whether you provide the content in its entirety, or simplyoffer a summary with a link to the original pieces, puttingthe content out to your email subscriber base is a criticalway to drive traffic to your key online content pieces.• Webinar• Walking the audience through a process, presentation orconcept is a fantastic way to present your content in realtime and build a subscriber base for future content.CONTENT FORMATS@dbog
  14. 14. www.verticalmeasures.comTHE BIG FINISH@dbog
  15. 15. www.verticalmeasures.comContent repurposing can be a very effectiveway to get the most out of your contentprocess.• One idea = several content pieces• Save time and investment that goes intodeveloping your content marketing campaign• Reach relevant audiences in the format bestsuited to them.CONCLUSION@dbog
  16. 16. www.verticalmeasures.comFOR MORE INFORMATION, VISIT:WWW.VERTICALMEASURES.COM/REPURPOSINGDavid Gould, Creative Services Director | @dbog