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Resume Sept2015

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Resume Sept2015

  1. 1. David G. Hardy 148 School St., Framingham, MA 01701 757-771-5737 dghardy01@gmail.com WORK EXPERIENCE April 2014 to Present Electronics Engineer Busek Co. Inc. • Worked on a commercial satellite program to reduce costs of space electronics by replacing high-reliability space parts with COTs parts by performing the engineering analysis required for parts replacement. • Programmed FPGAs to provide high speed feedback controls for thruster electronics, to replace large numbers of discrete components with internal DSP processing • Created and implemented a custom software requirements-to-specifications-to- verification program that included software tracking, version management, and verification methods for implementation of in-flight space software and FPGA firmware • Designed electronic circuits from concept to schematic capture to PCB layout, fabrication, and design for various projects, including small engine injector controls, space electronics, and thruster controls • Worked with outside vendors and NASA personnel to implement high reliability, space- rated FPGA designs and board level hardware controls for space electronics • Wrote and submitted proposals for Phase I SBIR and STTR NASA, Air Force, and DARPA projects. 2002-Oct 2013 Engineer, Jefferson Lab • Programmed and designed PID feed-back, feed-forward controls, operator displays and other various devices used in observation and controls for use in the Free Electron Laser Laboratory. Typical applications included motor synchronization, vibration suppression, and precision mirror position control using control design, optimization, PID tuning, operator interfaces, instrumentation read-backs and other devices. • Programming skills in C++, C, Matlab, VHDL, LabView for High level and embedded applications using motors, temperature controllers, LVDT’s, transducers, test equipment, and process controllers. • Several years’ experience designing circuitry, embedded controls, and PCB boards using Altium Designer. Analog Circuitry design experience from DC to 1500 MHz and Digital design experience up to 250 MHz using appropriate components including op amps, passives, actives, mixers, couplers, digital logic chips, ect., using PCB/CAD and schematic capture to the Board Level. This includes configuration, bootstrapping and programming of both FPGAs and microcontrollers • Skilled in the use of engineering diagnostic tools such as a network, spectrum, and dynamic signal analyzers, TDRs, oscilloscopes and other test equipment • Used DSP design skills to design FPGA based complex filtering schemes for feed-back, feed-forward controls • Programming LabView operator interfaces for control of my PCB board designs through PCI, I2C and RS232. • Designed and implemented PCBs to the multilayer board level. Experience with GERBER file setups and PCB layout specifications including experience with PCB board vendors
  2. 2. • Programmed using communication protocols such as RS232, RS485, I2C, GPIB. Embedded system programming experience includes ISA, PCI, VME, bus device support for analog signal digitizers, video signal processors • Project management experience includes: providing labor, component selection, time and cost analyzes, preparing weekly and long-term reports 1995-2002 Crew Chief, Operations, CEBAF Accelerator, Jefferson Lab • Initiated and coordinated engineering activities, maintenance tasks and scientific experiments with engineers, scientists, operators, and technicians on a daily basis • Coordinated accelerator operations program, trained new operators, mentored crew chiefs in training and was responsible for precise logbook record keeping • Performed electrical engineering and computer programming tasks for operations in coordination with other groups and divisions, in addition to responsibilities for electron beam instrumentation and beam diagnostics • Programmed embedded systems with the use of Experimental Industrial Control System (EPICS) controls and wrote high level applications for operations In-flight Electronics Technician, United States Navy • Served as the In-Flight Technician for all avionics systems on the P3 Aircraft • Served as a member of COMBAT crew of 12 Navy personnel • High Responsibility for maintaining and repairing mission critical avionics during 12 hour flight missions EDUCATION Old Dominion Master of Science Electrical Computer Engineering (2014) • Courses include: Control Systems Engineering, Linear Systems, Digital Signal Processing I & II, Machine Learning, Advanced FPGA Design, Advanced Topics in Engineering Mathematics, • Thesis topic: Implementation of Compressive Sensing on a Long-Wavelength IR Camera Training Courses: • LabView Basics, Advanced LabView • Altium Designer, Dx Designer, PADS, Capture and PCB Designer Training • High Speed Digital Design Techniques • High Power Microwave Amplifier Design • Electron Beam Optics Theory and Design University of Delaware: Bachelor of Science, Applied Physics (1995) • Major: Applied Physics Minor: Mathematics • Undergraduate work for magnetics materials lab United States Navy Training • “A” and “C” school for basic and advanced Avionics • P3C Update III In-Flight Technician Training
  3. 3. Associate of Applied Science, Delaware Technical and Community College • Major: Electronics Engineering Technology