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Why should someone choose you

Managing your personal e-reputation is increasingly important. This brief overview outlines the steps you can take to ensure your online reputation is kept in order.

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Why should someone choose you

  1. 1. Online Credibility
  2. 2. 3 steps to success About Us Social MediaContent Marketing ONLINE CREDIBILITY
  3. 3. 5 Years From NowToday10 Years Ago Top factors influencing decision
  4. 4. Why should someone choose you?
  5. 5. What is your Online Reputation? Are you visible? Have you built up your credibility?
  6. 6. Does your Facebook page look like this?
  7. 7. Twitter
  8. 8. Branded YouTube Channel
  9. 9. Visits Your Site Checks Your Name on Search Engines Checks Your Name on Review Sites 90% of consumers trust the reviews they read! 86% of consumers check out business reviews online before making purchasing decisions. Searches for Product/Service Online Sees Your Ad (TV, radio, mag., etc.) Offline Searches for Product/Service Visits Competitor Contacts You 58% of searchers visit a competitor site after seeing negative comments! How Consumers Make Buying Decisions
  10. 10. Complete your readiness questionnaire
  11. 11. How ready are you? Not ready Somewhat ready Ready Have a blog? How many posts? How often do you blog? Have Twitter profile Tweet your posts Have LinkedIn profile LinkedIn @ 100% # of LinkedIn Connections Joined LinkedIn groups Company Facebook profile
  12. 12. How ready are you? Not ready Somewhat ready Ready Have a blog? Y Y Y How many posts? >6 10 - 20 >50 How often do you blog? monthly weekly 2 x week Twitter profile Y Y Y Tweet your posts N Y Y LinkedIn profile Y y Y LinkedIn @ 100% N Y Y # of LinkedIn Connections >30 30 - 60 >250 Joined LinkedIn groups N N Y Company Facebook profile N N Y
  13. 13. Technology Implementation DIY or find a partner ? Blog Twitter LinkedIn Facebook YouTube Flickr
  14. 14. 3 Steps to balance Risk Reward 23 • Step 1: Monitoring: – Google and Yahoo! Alerts – Social Mention – Radian6 – HootSuite – Technorati – Addict-O-Matic – ReputationDefender
  15. 15. What to Monitor Online • Company/personal name or brand • Products or services • Marketing messages, tag lines etc • Your competition • Your industry, trends, technologies • Your intellectual property
  16. 16. Where to Monitor • Search Engines, Google Places • Blogs, Discussion Forums • News sites, media sharing sites • Social networks, bookmarking sites • Directories • Review sites, Yelp, MeasureUp, ConsumerReview, RateAll • Tip: include modifiers likes “fails” “scam” “sucks”
  17. 17. What to Measure Online • Attention numbers: monitor over time • Sentiment rating: mentions how favourable • Search Rankings: social media has a massive impact • Incoming links: one good blog post on a social site can be huge • Customer engagement: how many retweets, is anyone listening? • Referrals or contacts or sales gained • Only 14% are actively measuring social media
  18. 18. – Step 2: Analysis • Healthy conversations are both + and – in origin • Provided you are listening you can turn both into + ORM • Analyse and strategise: –Immediate appropriate conversations –Strategic change communicated too! 3 Steps to balance Risk Reward
  19. 19. 3 Steps to balance Risk Reward • Step 3: Influencing – When the situation is a crisis • Traditional PR responses are being challenged by the Digital Age – instant opportunity to improve the brand – delay can only damage • It is the opinions of customer that count – Proactive steps can help suppress negativity: • If the ratio of + to – is 10 to 1, then do the math(s) • Take an active part in your industry blogs for instance
  20. 20. Step 3: Influencing - How • Select the right social technologies: – Segment your customers first – Then match to the right ones – The most popular ones, Facebook & Twitter may be a match but check – Your ‘Tone of Voice’ is important – Demonstrate your expertise to enhance your reputation
  21. 21. Evaluate your position • Search for your exact business name • Record the details on a spreadsheet for each entry • Check for results on review sites and record • Check all relevant directories and record • Make sure you have claimed all of your listings • Ensure they all have exactly the same contact and company information • Respond to any negative reviews • Collect, Create and Publish more content – Industry stats, helpful tips, video’s, press releases, articles, blog posts, factoids, answer questions
  22. 22. Evaluate your position
  23. 23. Tools and Resources Bit.ly: When you use a URL shortener, it’s always a smart idea to use one that has analytics information, like Bit.ly. This will track information like number of clicks, traffic sources, and even at what time clicks occur - http://bit.ly Twitter Counter: This will show the growth of followers for your Twitter account the past week, month, 3 months and 6 months. This site will also graph the number of tweets per day - http://www.twittercounter.com • Social Mention: A great social media search engine, this tool will track mentions of your company, brand or a specific phrase and also provides feedback on overall sentiment of those mentions - http://www.socialmention.com
  24. 24. Tools and Resources Klout: This is the standard for influence. Look up your Klout Report to find your influence level, user style, and content - http://klout.com TweetEffect: This tool draws a direct line between the tweets that you send and the followers you gained or lost - http://www.tweeteffect.com Sprout Social: This social media dashboard that puts all of your social media activity in one simple interface - http://www.sproutsocial.com
  25. 25. Tools and Resources Addictomatic: This is a news aggregator but can also be used to monitor social media. You just need to put in the name of a topic (ie: name or category of your business) and you’ll receive the latest feeds about that certain topic- http://addictomatic.com/ Backtype: Just type in the URL of your website or really any URL from your Internet marketing efforts and you’ll receive real-time information of the social impact of those sites - http://www.backtype.com/ - (just bought by Twitter)
  26. 26. What goes online stays online • Remember the old adage? – Good tell one, bad tell 10! – Online multiply the impact x ‘000s • The buzz can be good or bad – You can’t control it – But you can influence it • Successful businesses listen and act!
  27. 27. •Thank You! David Duncan Twitter.com/djduncan www.linkedin.com/in/davidduncan