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Doitmarketing doit-marketing-rm

doitmarketing doit-marketing Teaching Sells - 20-Step Roadmap to a Successful Online Business.

Isn’t it time we quit talking about making money online? When you look at what Amazon, iTunes, Google, Facebook are doing ... as well as countless e-learning and other technology companies (with more showing up every day), it’s pretty obvious that it’s not >making money online< any more.
It’s just making money in the world we live in.

If you’re looking for another one of those >business in a box< solutions, you should close this report now. Because Teaching Sells isn’t a “money-getting system.” It’s a framework to create a real-world business.

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Doitmarketing doit-marketing-rm

  1. 1. By Copyblogger MediaThe Teaching Sells 20-StepProcess for Buildingan Online Business by BRIAN CLARK and SONIA SIMONE www.TeachingSells.com
  2. 2. By Copyblogger Media You may distribute this document freely, and/or bundle it as a free bonus with other products, as long as it is left completely republish excerpts as long as they are accompanied by an attribution link back towww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 2
  3. 3. By Copyblogger MediaThe 20-Step Roadmap to a SuccessfulOnline BusinessTeaching Sells is as comprehensive as a college-level course in the onlineThis is about building your online business, with step-by-step guidance …your online business happen (and detailed descriptions follow the graphicalwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 3
  4. 4. Teaching Sells 20-Step Process Designing Your Course1 2. Choose 3. Uniquely 4. Create a 6. Develop 1. Understand 5. Identify In-Demand Position Your Learner or Learning Key Concepts Learner Subject Offer Buyer Profile Objectives Ten Business Models Test With MVP Multimedia Content2 3 8. Test with a 14. Develop 7. Tie Objectives 13. Select “Minimum Viable Introductory to Business Model Media Product” Content Developing Content4 Build Your Site 10. Identify 11. Identify 9. Research 12. Develop Potential Course Topic Source Material Curriculum Activities Areas 15. Build Membership Site Launching & Marketing5 17. Prospect 18. Joint 16. Launch 19. Community 20. Ongoing Marketing Ventures For Strategy Development Marketing System Launch © 2012 Copyblogger Media www.TeachingSells.com
  5. 5. By Copyblogger Media1. Understand key conceptsplaying in society, as well as the fundamental principles of creating products2. Choose an in-demand subject3. Uniquely position your offerAlso critical is differentiating yourself with unique positioning in theWhether you think about it as a USP or a purple cow, you must stand apartwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 4
  6. 6. By Copyblogger Media6. Develop learning objectives7. Tie learning objectives to a business modelwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 5
  7. 7. By Copyblogger Media8. Test your concept with a “Minimum Viable Product”Once you understand your buyers, their learning needs, and your business9. Research and identify content source material foryour full site10. Identify potential activities and exercises11. Identify course topic areasNow that you know what people are actually trying to achieve and become,www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 6
  8. 8. By Copyblogger Media12. Develop course curriculumshould your curriculum have a dominant theme, it should be telling a story13. Select media formats for initial contentthe market, you will have explored the likely desired learning style of14. Develop introductory contenteasier thanks to the work you did upfront, but you should also includeelements that attract and hold attention while engaging learners at both15. Build membership sitewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 7
  9. 9. By Copyblogger Media16. Launch strategy and offerthe most effective selling strategy to launch your site and convert prospectsbe directly applied to your sales materials for the launch – and ongoing17. Prospect marketing system18. Joint ventures for launchpre-selling for you with an endorsement (and give you better resultsthrough your initial market research, and now you just need to strategicallywww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 8
  10. 10. By Copyblogger Media19. Community development20. Ongoing marketingwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 9