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Doitmarketing doit-marketing-Teach and Grow Rich

doitmarketing doit-marketing Teach and Grow Rich pdf from Teaching Sells program.

Isn’t it time we quit talking about making money online? When you look at what Amazon, iTunes, Google, Facebook are doing ... as well as countless e-learning and other technology companies (with more showing up every day), it’s pretty obvious that it’s not >making money online< any more.
It’s just making money in the world we live in.

If you’re looking for another one of those >business in a box< solutions, you should close this report now. Because Teaching Sells isn’t a “money-getting system.” It’s a framework to create a real-world business.

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Doitmarketing doit-marketing-Teach and Grow Rich

  1. 1. By Copyblogger MediaTeachGrow Rich & www.TeachingSells.com
  2. 2. By Copyblogger Media You may republish excerpts from this report as long as they are accompanied by an attribution link back to http://teachingsells.com. Copyright © 2007-2012 Teaching Sells. Some rights reserved.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 2
  3. 3. By Copyblogger MediaTeach and Grow RichTeach and grow rich. It’s an obvious play on the title of Napoleon Hill’sclassic book Think and Grow Rich, and I think it sums it up perfectly.In this case, as with Mr. Hill’s book of wisdom, rich means more than justmonetary wealth.Much more.Richness of life and location, richness of relationships, richness of personaldevelopment and satisfaction … the opportunities to teach and grow rich arevast and yours for the taking.The money’s not bad either.Are you ready to do it?I’ve decided to take Napoleon Hill along with us as we explore TeachingSells from top to bottom.His words of wisdom are never more relevant than when making a decisionthat will change your life and prime you for the full richness your new lifehas to offer.Ready?www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 3
  4. 4. By Copyblogger MediaEnrollment is LimitedAction is the real measure of intelligence. ~ Napoleon HillLet’s get straight to the details you’ve been waiting for.First of all, enrollment in Teaching Sells is for life … you pay your enrollmentfee once and then you always have access. It wasn’t originally that waybefore – once you stopped paying back then, your access ended.We’re not going to make you keep paying month after month. If you’regoing to be in this business, you need to be involved in this community.And frankly, we want you involved in this community.I’ll be honest with you — the Teaching Sells approach isn’t for everyone. It’snot a quickie system, it’s a comprehensive guide to building a real onlinebusiness. Our students are more serious than most, and we want to honorthat by giving them our full attention.That’s why we limit the class size to 300 students. We’ve found that’s anice balance that gives a nice, lively forum without killing the Teaching Sellsteam.(To tell you the truth, with Memorial Day coming up here in the U.S., we’renot interested in bringing in overwhelming numbers of students. Workingtwelve-hour days over the holiday weekend doesn’t sound like a lot of funfor us.)We don’t want a million people — we want the right people.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 4
  5. 5. By Copyblogger MediaWe’ll be opening the course to new students on Monday, May 21, 2012.Because we’re adding an extensive group coaching component, we’relimiting this round of enrollment to just 300 students. We want to makeabsolutely sure that every Teaching Sells member gets all of the attentionand individual care they need.Some years we sell out quickly, and other years it takes a little more time.But because we’re allowing fewer students this time around, you’ll want tomove quickly.We’re also holding our first live group coaching session inside TeachingSells on Thursday, May 24. The session will kick off the course with lots ofenergy, inspiration, and focus, so you can make the most of the material.So if you want to join us for that session, make sure you sign up no laterthan Wednesday, May 23!You can do that by visiting http://TeachingSells.com and entering all of yourinformation. (Of course, all of the information you may need is also there,so you can make an informed decision.)We’ll close the cart when we hit 300 new students, or on Saturday,May 26 at 6:00 PM Eastern at the very latest. We limit the enrollmentperiods so we can really focus on our students and make sure we’re givingthem our full attention.We’ve found that Teaching Sells creates the best results for students whoare really motivated — who are ready to make progress now. Keep readingto see if that’s you.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 5
  6. 6. By Copyblogger MediaHere’s the Entire Course PlusIncluded Benefits:A goal is a dream with a deadline. ~ Napoleon HillHow is the Course Delivered?The instructional topics in Teaching Sells are released to track the 20-StepRoadmap you’ve already received (go grab it if you didn’t). It’s designed tomatch the real development process of an online training program over 4months.The first 10 modules are released over a 3-month period. Then additionaladvanced modules are released over the following 30 days to help yourefine what you’ve done and take it to the next level.Why 4 months? Well, that’s how long it takes Tony, Sonia and me to buildnew sites, working on it part time. We’ve actually had some members puttogether an entire program in 8 weeks, but that’s the exception, not therule.Keep in mind, though, that it’s totally up to you. This is completely self-paced once the content is delivered, and you don’t have to worry aboutbeing shut out … you’ve got lifetime access.This means you don’t have to rush, AND that you get all updates ofTeaching Sells in the future (you won’t be paying for the latest and greatest… and we will be updating and creating new modules due to the relentlesswww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 6
  7. 7. By Copyblogger Mediapace of change).Plus, we’ve made it easy for you to take the content with you if you choose.And this year, we’ve made the files more “mobile-friendly,” so you can loadit onto your phone or tablet and take your education anywhere you choose.What Format is the Content In?Good question. The quick answer is . . .. . . the best format for the topic.So, Teaching Sells is a mix of video, audio, text, and interactive simulations.This is based on the same sound principles of learning psychology thatyou’ll use to design your own courses.If we need to show you something — like how to use a piece of software orhow to develop your own video presentations — we use video. It just makessense.But if we present a lesson in written format, we also provide an audioversion and a PDF download version. This is the ideal presentation for mostinstructional information, but broadened to include audio if you prefer tolisten and PDF if you like to print things out.Likewise, if a lesson is presented originally in audio or video, full PDFtranscripts are provided if you prefer to read. There are also interactivewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 7
  8. 8. By Copyblogger MediaFlash applications, worksheets, checklists, and resource guides that helpmake the lessons concrete, every step of the way.No matter how you best absorb information, we’ve got you covered.How Much Work Is Involved?Another good question. As mentioned, we’ve designed the course to track areal-life development timeline for a major training program … based not onfairy tales, but our own real-life experiences as information entrepreneurs.Some may tell you they’ve got the “secret” to an online business in only 30days.Some may be lying to you.The only thing that makes this type of work difficult is uncertainty. Theuncertainty of not knowing what to do next, of not knowing what works, ofnot having anyone to turn to with questions.Teaching Sells is designed to eliminate that uncertainty and make things alot easier. The course is all step-by-step proven techniques backed up withinstructor and community support.Specifically, we believe anyone can do this with around 4 months of part-time work. Others enjoy the luxury of lifetime membership that TeachingSells provides and work at a slower pace.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 8
  9. 9. By Copyblogger MediaBut let me share with you the way I look at it …The point is not to look at the short-term work.The point is to think about the despair of having a job until you’re 65 (ifyou’re lucky enough to have a job that long, or worse, lucky enough toeven be able to retire).Or think about the life of the typical small business owner, where theweeks, months, and years of long hours and stress grind you down intopulp. I’ve been there, and it’s not glamorous.There’s no business like the online training business. Once you get thingsgoing, the freedom is wonderful and the money is great.I spent the entire summer of 2009 in beautiful Durango, Colorado with myfamily, working no more than 2-3 hours in the mornings. I did the samejust this past fall, taking an extended family vacation to Maui.And our business partner Sonia Simone chose the south of France to do thesame thing with her family for the past two summers. No rush to get backhome to the “real job,” no spending the entire vacation jet-lagged. As longas you have solid internet access, you can run your business — and enjoyyour life.To me, that’s worth more than all the money in world over another modelthat requires my constant presence.No matter what your personal goals, you can’t beat this business.So now let’s move on to meat of the course modules that will get you onewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 9
  10. 10. By Copyblogger Mediaof your own.MODULE 1: DESIGNING YOURCOURSE TO REACH A PROFITABLEMARKETMost businesses start with a hope and a dream — which is why, sadly,so many new businesses fail. That’s why Teaching Sells kicks off withcomprehensive education on how to plan your product for success. Get thispart right and the rest will be much, much easier.The Power and Profit in TeachingDo you believe “information wants to be free?” Here’s why informationactually “wants” to be expensive, and worth every penny. Learn whatpeople are looking for when they go online (hint: it’s not information), andthe five factors that make people want to pay top dollar for information.What Happens When Creativity Meets Commercial Education?Education is a $2.2 trillion dollar industry, and it’s colliding head on with thewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 10
  11. 11. By Copyblogger Mediacreativity industry, which is another $2.2 trillion dollar field. We’ll dive intohow to take existing information and turn it into a uniquely valuable productthat customers will be thrilled to pay for.The Secret No One Tells You about Selling InformationWhy the “funnel model” is no longer the gold standard in selling informationproducts, and what’s replaced it.The Information Marketer’s Holy GrailHow to keep a paying customer, instead of doing the work to sell and re-sellher.The Customer is the MarketUnder the old rules, you wanted to sell a product to as many people aspossible. Here’s how the new rules work, and why you want to sell access,not products.How to Find a Market in Search of Something to LearnThe secret to avoiding the information marketer’s most expensive mistake:putting months of work and thousands of dollars into a product that no onewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 11
  12. 12. By Copyblogger Mediawants. You’ll learn the techniques to find the “starving crowd” that will driveyour success.Seven Ways to Identify the Learning Needs of a MarketDiscover market desires that will fuel a successful site, without expensiveresearch. »» How to tap your own passions to find profitable markets »» What to look for in the big blogs and newsletters »» How to find the learning needs your market has already proven it will pay for »» How to thrive in highly competitive markets »» What you can learn from junk mail »» Why you need to be reading the National Enquirer »» How to make quick, easy online surveys work for you.Positioning Your Interactive Training for SuccessLearn the foundation that creates unshakeable success, and develop agreat answer to the question: “why should anyone buy from you?” Howto build on what’s already been created to come up with your own uniquecompetitive advantage.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 12
  13. 13. By Copyblogger MediaSix Proven Ways to Uniquely Position Your Training Program »» The most important factor when you’re creating your unique position »» The nuts and bolts of how to create a unique position even in a crowded market »» Examples and training ideas you can adapt for your own market »» How to create a “big promise” that attracts customers.An Introduction to Pricing for Membership Sites »» How to find the most profitable price point for your site. »» How to avoid the most common pricing mistake people make (it may surprise you) »» How pricing affects the way your customers perceive you »» The key technique to reveal your product’s most profitable priceInstructional Design: A Business Plan that Benefits LearnersThe keys to creating a product that’s in line with a profitable business planand that gives your customers exactly what they want and need.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 13
  14. 14. By Copyblogger MediaThe Learner Profile: Feel the Pain and Find the CureThe key to enduring success with learning environments is to start withyour learner, not the topic. »» The old-school free technique you can use to get a vivid picture of your target customer »» How to study your competitors to find your own advantage »» How to turn (the market’s) pain into (your) profits »» Why learning styles are the key to creating content that sellsHow to Identify the Benefits of Knowledge Your Learner is LookingFor »» The advice everyone has heard and no one follows … and how you’ll turn it to your competitive advantage »» The proven keys to designing education for adults »» Climb the pyramid to ultimate benefits »» Drilling down to what customers ultimately wantwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 14
  15. 15. By Copyblogger MediaThree Steps to Writing Learning Objectives that WorkThis simple 10-minute exercise will differentiate you from virtually all otherinformation products on the market.BONUS MODULE: THE COMPLETEREMARKABLE MARKETINGBLUEPRINTThis brand-new bonus (the complete version of Sonia’s widely-praisedcourse on marketing essentials) gives you core marketing and businessskills that will be invaluable as you continue your work with Teaching Sells.If marketing has always been difficult for you, this course will give youthe background and techniques to sell any product or service. And even ifyou’re an experienced marketer, we’re betting you’ll find some tricks andtechniques in this new addition.The complete course descriptions are listed at the end of this report.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 15
  16. 16. By Copyblogger MediaMODULE 2: TEN PROFITABLEBUSINESS MODELSTeaching Sells isn’t about a single business model — the approach can beadapted to dozens of models. Here are ten of our favorites.Business Model One: The “End of Days” StrategyCreate recurring income for months, years or decades, by building contentthat customers will pay for indefinitely. While this may seem like the goalof any membership website, you need to understand what type of targetmarket and type of content it takes to earn recurring subscriptions thatcontinue for many years.Business Model Two: The “Affiliate Marketing Squared” StrategyIf you’ve tried affiliate marketing, you’ve learned the hard truth — it’s allabout traffic. You may have found it difficult to attract enough traffic tomake a real business of it, even when giving away loads of free content.This structure lets others do the work of building the traffic for you, andcreates recurring “build it and forget it” income with minimal work on yourpart.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 16
  17. 17. By Copyblogger MediaBusiness Model Three: The “Ghost Teaching” StrategyYou’ve likely heard of “ghostwriting,” where a talented writer will crank outa flat-fee book for a famous figure. In ghost teaching we don’t want a flatfee, we want a substantial cut of the action. This structure lets you create aprofitable site with no credentials, no insider knowledge, and no research.Business Model Four: The “Generation A” StrategyThis structure focuses on using paid expert content to become a recognizedauthority in your field, which in turn allows you to exponentially grow a fee-based practice such as coaching, consulting or another profession.Business Model Five: The “Take the Summer Off” StrategyHow to build your membership site so you can take off as much time as youwant — 4, 8, 12 or more weeks a year.Business Model Six: The “Lead a Horse to Water” StrategyHow to use your site to develop and sell one of the most valuable resourcesthere is — new customers for a variety of service providers.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 17
  18. 18. By Copyblogger MediaBusiness Model Seven: The “Business Model Formerly Known asPrince” StrategyAs we move more and more to a digital world filled with virtualenvironments, the most valued experiences may well turn out to be liveand in person. As powerful as online learning environments can be, theycan also be used as a potent income-generating platform for launchingworkshops, live events and seminars.Business Model Eight: The Velvet RopeThousands of coaches and consultants trade their time for dollars — andthat’s fine. But an education framework lets you take that to a whole newlevel, leveraging your time and creating “Velvet Rope” products to take yourbusiness beyond anything you’ve ever done before.Business Model Nine: The Ultimate Free Prize InsideEducation isn’t always sold on its own — it can be an incredibly enticingbonus to another product, such as software or coaching. We’ll share thespecifics of how we’re using this model in 2011 with fantastic results.Business Model Ten: The Virtual ConferenceNot everyone wants to create fresh content for a membership site each andwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 18
  19. 19. By Copyblogger Mediaevery month. The great news is, you don’t have to. Virtual Conferencesallow you the same excitement and compressed revenue boost that a face-to-face event does, without the travel expenses, cost of a physical site, orwhining from your speakers about their hotel rooms.MODULE 3: THE MINIMUM VIABLEPRODUCTEngage the MVP for Incredible Business TractionThe Minimum Viable Product model has allowed software companies todevelop products more quickly. Even more important, it helps them developproducts that are exactly what their customers want and need.Now you can use the same strategies to test your market, get products outthe door more quickly, create products your audience truly wants to buy,and build your business momentum.How to Use the MVP with Teaching SellsHow to harness the work you’ve done in the first modules to create anMVP that tests the waters for your larger project, and that starts bringingrevenue in sooner rather than later.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 19
  20. 20. By Copyblogger MediaWhat’s in Your MVP?A step-by-step breakdown of everything you’ll include in your first MVP.Using the MVP to Defeat Analysis ParalysisChris Garrett, a Teaching Sells graduate, talks with Sonia Simone abouthow the MVP has become a cornerstone of his teaching-based business, byallowing him to move from idea to action more quickly than he ever hasbefore.MODULE 4: DEVELOPINGPROFITABLE CONTENTFour Content Sourcing Strategies for Interactive LearningEnvironmentsThe key to developing content worth paying for is expertise. If you don’thave current expertise in the niche you’re aiming at, here’s how you candevelop expertise or borrow it.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 20
  21. 21. By Copyblogger MediaHow to Develop Expert Content through Research and SynthesisHow to quickly and efficiently become an expert without getting a degree orspending hundreds of hours studying.How to Build a Membership Site with Private Label Rights ContentHow to use Teaching Sells techniques to take PLR material from ordinary toextraordinary content worth premium pricing.Creating Expert Content with Interviewing Strategies »» The nuts and bolts of how to produce exceptional interviews your members will pay top dollar for »» The three-part structure that gets the best content »» How to get your expert to reveal more than she ever intended in your interviewsHow to Effectively Outsource Content CreationWhat you probably want to do yourself (or with a trusted business partner),and what you can easily and profitably pay a freelancer to do for you. Howto maintain your quality standards without working yourself to death.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 21
  22. 22. By Copyblogger MediaDeveloping a Curriculum for Your Interactive Learning EnvironmentPulling together all you’ve learned to create a powerful curriculum that willgive your members the benefits they’re looking for. »» How to assemble the steps you’ve already completed into your final curriculum »» How to decide what activities, exercises and topics your course should include »» Finding the “big story” that makes your course compelling.The 4MAT Approach to Connecting With LearnersThe secret method to creating content that communicates. How to use thefour primary learning styles to easily create superior content.Content Strategies that Engage the Whole BrainHow to develop “whole-brain” content that’s dramatically more effective …and more marketable.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 22
  23. 23. By Copyblogger MediaThe Secret to Content that SellsEight secrets from the advertising world that can unlock the path to moresuccessful content.MODULE 5: LAUNCHING ANDMARKETING YOUR SITEAn Introduction to Pricing for Membership Sites (Reprise)Now that you have a great grasp of your market, your content, and thestructure of your actual site, it’s time to revisit the lesson we introduced inModule One. »» How to find the most profitable price point for your site. »» How to avoid the most common pricing mistake people make (it may surprise you) »» How pricing affects the way your customers perceive you »» The key technique to reveal your product’s most profitable pricewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 23
  24. 24. By Copyblogger MediaDeveloping an Introductory Offer and a Launch Strategy for YourInteractive Learning EnvironmentWhen it comes to attracting initial members to your interactive learningenvironment, the way you introduce the site to the public, and on whatterms, is critical. »» The elements of an irresistible offer »» Hollywood tips for a killer launch »» Why and how to use a blog to help support your launch.The Money’s in the List: Creating an Effective Prospect MarketingStrategyIt’s one of the most important lessons you’ll learn about Internetmarketing: The money is in the list. »» How to create a list from scratch »» Using free content to get your prospect to picture herself buying from you »» How to create a 10-part follow-up that turns strangers into advocates »» How to stay in touch without being a pestwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 24
  25. 25. By Copyblogger MediaThe Six Keys to Effective Copy for Membership SitesWhen it comes down to it, the sales copy that appears on the publicly-accessible portions of your membership site will make or break you. Wegive you the keys to creating killer copy that sells, whether or not you writeit yourself.Three Approaches to Membership Site CopyLong sales letter, newsletter or persuasive free content — which is best foryour site and your customers? The answer is: it depends. Specifically, itdepends on your audience and what they’ll respond best to. We give youthree approaches, and guidance on which to choose for your situation.Marketing Joint Ventures: How to Tap into the Money in OtherPeople’s ListsLearn what marketing guru Jay Abraham calls “the fastest way on earth tomake a fortune.” »» How to break down the #1 barrier to sales »» How to make it easy for partners to make you money »» The surprising secret to successful JVswww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 25
  26. 26. By Copyblogger MediaHow to Attract Joint Venture Marketing Partners and SuperAffiliatesSpecific strategies for attracting high-powered partners who can make youmoney. »» Seven ways to attract the best JV partners for your site »» Finding the superaffiliates who can make you rich »» Using affiliate marketplaces to exponentially expand your reachHow to Create a Community of LearningWhen you take a teaching approach to paid content and develop aninteractive learning environment, something amazing happens. It takeson a life of its own, and in many ways, that life is driven by the members,not the instructors. In this lesson, we give specific tips on how to create acustomer community that becomes an invaluable asset that can never bestolen from you.ROI Advertising: Marketing Strategies That Pay Off. »» How to make sure you’re advertising and marketing in the right venues »» The secret to content that sells your sitewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 26
  27. 27. By Copyblogger Media »» How to use direct response and search engine marketing (SEM) to find your ideal customersMODULE 6: QUICK AND EASYCONTENT STRATEGIESHow to Create Quick and Easy Content in Multiple Media FormatsThis module gives you a content-production system that takes you frommarket need to targeted content, step-by-step. This system is one of themost painless ways you’ll find to create valuable content in the shortestamount of time possible.How to Create an Audio Product in 7 Easy StepsBrian and guest Mike Sigers reveal a 7-step process for creating audiocontent quickly and easily. From finding out what people want to smartlypackaging the product, it’s all here – plus plenty of extra tips in thisextended discussion.How to Create Quick and Easy Video Content from Audio TracksQuickly create meaty content with a simple outline and audio recordingwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 27
  28. 28. By Copyblogger Mediaapplications. In this topic, we’ll discuss how to add visual imagery to youraudio tracks to create compelling video content.Quick and Easy Ebooks, Reports, Articles, and Blog ContentWe started with audio content, transformed it into video, and now weshould transform the same content into written format. You can use text-based content to increase the perceived value of your main multimediaproduct, for marketing materials, or both.MODULE 7: HOW TO EASILY CREATEMULTIMEDIA CONTENTCreating a variety of multimedia content will allow your ILE to truly standout and shine. In this module, we’ll cover the various ways to record andedit audio, along with how to create visually appealing presentations thatwill allow your members to take notice and keep them engaged longer.Use Skype to Record Professional-Style InterviewsIf a picture is worth a thousand words, Skype is the equivalent of a fewmillion words. Quickly and easily set up and record on-camera interviews towww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 28
  29. 29. By Copyblogger Mediaoffer your members or to give away as your ethical bribe.Speak Your Mind (Literally) with AudacityAudio seminars are a fantastic and powerful way to expand on a specifictopic for your audience. Use the free Audacity tool to record and edit yourdialogue.Capture Your Screen With CamtasiaUse the popular screen recording software to give your users a visual walk-through or tutorial to help get your point across.“Beyond Bullet Points” and StorytellingIf you only know PowerPoint as an effective tool for curing insomnia, thistopic may come as a surprise. This series will take a new look at the tool,and demonstrate some ways to turn this often misused program into auseful tool for teaching.Create Interactions Using Articulate EngageIn this topic, we briefly discuss Articulate Engage - a quick and easytool that lets you create interactive elements to include in your courses,www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 29
  30. 30. By Copyblogger Mediapresentations, and training programs.MODULE 8: HOW TO BUILD YOURMEMBERSHIP SITEIntroduction and OverviewThere are plenty of options you can choose when putting all the piecestogether for your ILE. The goal of this module is to present you with anarray of choices to help you make the best decisions possible.Work Wonders With WordPressWhether you choose to install WordPress simply to power your blog, or youwant the open-source platform to fuel every part of your ILE, we’ll look at atypical installation and the best ways to optimize the software.WordPress Design and CustomizationGetting WordPress to match your brand will make for a better userexperience. We’ll look at a variety of ways you can customize the look,layout and design just the way you want it.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 30
  31. 31. By Copyblogger MediaWordPress and Membership Management SolutionsWordPress has the ability to be the driving force behind your entirebusiness. You have many options when it comes to managing yourmembers and password protecting your content. We’ll evaluate a few ofthe popular methods.WordPress and Community Forum optionsCreating a sense of community will keep your members engaged for alonger period of time. We’ll review Simple:Press, bbpress and Buddy Pressas viable options for adding a forum to your WordPress-powered ILE.All About aMemberAs one of the strongest and most popular membership management scriptson the market, aMember can protect both WordPress and non-WordPresspages, integrate seamlessly into vBulletin and drip content in a timelymanner to your users. We’ll cover everything from installation to setting upyour products.Affiliate SoftwareHaving others promote your ILE can be a big source of additional incomefor you. You’ll decide whether to go with a third-party script such aswww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 31
  32. 32. By Copyblogger MediaiDevAffiliate or use the built in affiliate functionality of programs like DigitalAccess Pass and aMember.MODULE 9: “UNDER THE RADAR”MARKETINGEducational Marketing: The “Under the Radar” Selling StrategyFeel a little uncomfortable about hard selling and in-your-face pitches?Guess what: so do your customers. Here are the keys to staying under theradar and letting your customers sell themselves on what you have to offer.Logic or Emotion? Both ... But Get Personal, TooThe seven motivators that get customers to buy, and a deceptively simpleformula to reach people on an emotional, logical and personal level.How to Structure Persuasive ContentThe foundations that set your copy up for success.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 32
  33. 33. By Copyblogger MediaFour “Under the Radar” Content Techniques That Spark the BuyingProcessThe psychological “shortcuts” that make it almost impossible for yourprospects to say no.Persuasive Blogging: Beyond Trust and AuthorityHow to use the Teaching Sells techniques to chip away at objectives overtime, and build a community of raving fans (and customers).How to Use Free Reports to Persuade and Pre-SellIn this video lesson, Brian deconstructs the Teaching Sells report thatinitially launched this very training program. He walks you through how heused analogies, personal stories, narrative persuasion themes and othertactics, and how you can do the same to come up with your own “under theradar” educational reports.Writing White Papers That Spread and SellIn this audio lesson, white paper expert and author Michael Stelzner shareshis secrets to crafting educational-style white papers that work. Michaelshares his “under the radar” techniques that result in viral documents thatengage while they persuade.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 33
  34. 34. By Copyblogger MediaPersuasive Podcasting for Promotion and PersuasionDon’t miss this audio lesson in which Jason Van Orden (author of PromotingYour Podcast: The Ultimate Guide to Building an Audience of Raving Fans)shares with you the actual podcasting methods he uses to promote asuccessful high-dollar training program … and how you can use these verymethods to promote membership sites (or anything else).How to Conduct Teleseminars That RockIn this audio lesson, teleseminar and audio content expert Mike Sigersshares with you the secrets to getting people to attend your teleseminars,and then getting them to take action.Persuasive Visuals: Choosing and Designing Compelling Visuals forPresentations and VideosChoosing the right visual elements for online videos and presentations willhave a huge impact on how persuasive your content is. The goal of yourcontent is to delver a message, and to produce an action — and the rightvisuals can help make that happen.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 34
  35. 35. By Copyblogger MediaMODULE 10: ADVANCEDPOSITIONING AND CREATIVEADAPTATION STRATEGIESFind the Winning Difference or DisappearIt’s your position in the minds of your customers and prospects thatdetermines your relevant position in the marketplace, and ultimately yourlevel of success. We’ll talk about how to use what’s already out there tocreate your own unshakeable position in your market.How to Create an Irresistible Market Position with Direct BenefitsWhy you’ll make more profits (and enjoy your business more) if yourcompetitors think you’re crazy, and how to uncover the direct benefitmessage that every business needs to thrive.Conceptual Benefits: Winning the Positioning Battle With Metaphorsand IntersectionsHow to tell a unique marketing story that catapults you past the limits ofdirect benefits.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 35
  36. 36. By Copyblogger MediaPractical Positioning with John Jantsch of Duct Tape MarketingBrian and John Jantsch, author of Duct Tape Marketing — The World’s MostPractical Small Business Marketing Guide, discuss practical positioningstrategies that work.Create, Evaluate, Communicate: A Three-Step Process for Findingthe Winning DifferenceFinding the winning difference that separates your company or contentfrom the competition may seem like a mysterious process. It’s essentiallya creative exercise, and that might make you think that only “creativepeople” can pull it off. Here’s the good news, you actually are creative, andwe’ll show you how to follow these three steps to find your own winningdifference. Congratulations! These first ten modules have walked you through every aspect of creating a profitable online business. The additional bonus modules are going to take that business to the next level, so you can keep reaching new levels of profitability and success.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 36
  37. 37. By Copyblogger MediaBONUS MODULE: THE COMPLETEREMARKABLE MARKETINGBLUEPRINTThis brand-new bonus (the complete version of Sonia’s widely-praisedcourse on marketing essentials) gives you core marketing skills that will beinvaluable as you continue your work with Teaching Sells. The Blueprint isdelivered your second week in the course, so you can start benefiting fromthe material right away.If marketing has always been difficult for you, this course will give youthe background and techniques to sell any product or service. And even ifyou’re an experienced marketer, we’re betting you’ll find some tricks andtechniques in this new addition.Here’s the complete course listing for the Blueprint.10 Ways to Get to Your Business’s Unique IdentityHow to answer the most important business question you’ll ever address:Why should anyone do business with you, given all the other options theymight choose?www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 37
  38. 38. By Copyblogger MediaWhere to Start When You Don’t Know Where to StartWe’ll get deeper into the art and science of content marketing in latermodules, but this lesson will give you a quick head start that will pay offhandsomely down the line.How to Avoid the Most Common Marketing MistakeThe mistake everyone makes (including the guys with $100-million adbudgets), and how you can be a crazy successful rock star genius by notmaking it.Taking Out the Head TrashWhat happens when we have all the information, but we’re still not applyingit? The culprit is usually some form of “head trash,” mental and emotionalhabits that keep you from moving forward with your goals and dreams.Here are lots of specific techniques to get moving again.Introduction to the Long-Form Sales LetterPrevious Teaching Sells students have found this single module is worththe entire cost of the course. The long-copy sales letter is a critical pieceof your marketing, but a lot of business owners are intimidated by it. Thisstep-by-step breakdown will show you exactly how it’s done, with a flexiblewww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 38
  39. 39. By Copyblogger Mediatemplate you can adapt for your own products and services.The Three and a Half DriversA few key psychological drivers that motivate behavior, and how we canethically trigger them in our marketing.Make ‘Em an OfferAfter your headline, your offer is one of the most important components ofyour marketing. Here’s how to put one together.Cutting through Marketing ClutterNearly every square inch of the planet is covered with advertising. So howis your little business supposed to compete with Apple and Coca Cola andGoDaddy? By taking your prospect away from the noise and into what wecall the “Walled Garden.”Twelve Reasons Your Copy Isn’t ConvertingA checklist you’ll be able to use for the rest of your marketing career, tolook for (and fix) conversion-killing copy mistakes.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 39
  40. 40. By Copyblogger MediaHow to Use Scarcity (Without Feeling like a Sleaze)Using marketing “scarcity” makes a lot of us uncomfortable. But there areethical, customer-friendly ways to use this incredibly powerful marketingtool. We’ll share them with you.On Purpose Results — Creating Your Business VisionA lot of what can hold us back isn’t a lack of drive or skills — it’s a lack ofclarity. Sonia works with business coach Gary Barnes to help you create thebusiness vision that will pull you toward your goals.Getting TractionBusiness coach Gary Barnes helps two “stuck” entrepreneurs uncoverthe problems and create a game plan for getting moving again. You’ll besurprised at how much you learn from this replay of a live coaching session.The Sideways Sales Letter and the ACME Copywriting FormulaDid you know that your social media and blog presence can be constructedas one giant “sales letter” for your business? Here’s how that works, so thatevery minute you spend in social media is moving you toward well-definedbusiness goals.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 40
  41. 41. By Copyblogger MediaEthical Selling that WorksDo you ever feel “Sales-Challenged”? Sonia talks with business coach andbestselling author Pam Slim about a sales process you can live with — aneffective, ethical process that won’t leave you or your customers feelingslimy.The Salesperson that Never Sleeps: The Remarkable AutoresponderThe email autoresponder is an exceptional tool for building engagementand interest in your business, but you have to build it the right way. Soniashows you how in this two-part lesson.How to Warm a Cold ListIn a perfect world, you’d always deliver your email and blog content on aconsistent schedule. But if you’re not a perfect person, here’s how to “re-warm” your list if you’ve let it get cold.Your Marketing Powerhouse: Remarkable BlogsA blog is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal, findingnew customers while it builds your authority with people who alreadyknow you. Here are the best practices for building blog that supports yourbusiness.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 41
  42. 42. By Copyblogger MediaSupercharge Your Content Marketing with Special ReportsSometimes you need to go beyond what you can do in a blog post or evena series. That’s when it’s time to “steal” this Copyblogger technique forfinding a much wider audience and educating them about what you have tooffer.Your “About” and “Services” PagesThese business-critical pages can give entrepreneurs a lot of stress, but it’ssimpler than you think to create an “About” and a “Services” page that getthe job done and convert fans into customers.How to Move Forward when You’re Facing ResistanceEver since Stephen Pressfield wrote “The War of Art,” artists (andentrepreneurs) have been talking about the concept of resistance — thatpart of you that resists acting on your goals and dreams. Guest SusanJohnstone talks about how to manage resistance and get moving again.The Second CustomerWe all know about our primary customer — the person who pays moneyfor our product or service. But there’s a “second customer” in social media,who can do great things for your business if you know how to mobilize her.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 42
  43. 43. By Copyblogger MediaThe Art of Guest PostingGuest posting can be an incredible way to build your traffic and authority,or it can be a colossal waste of time and energy. Sonia will walk youthrough how to get the most out of this powerful technique.Designing Your Marketing MaterialsGuest Pamela Wilson, founder of the Big Brand System, talks about how toget a “big brand” look on your “solo entrepreneur” budget.Copyblogger Behind the ScenesSonia talks with Copyblogger Associate Editor Jon Morrow about the 7 mostcommon reasons posts get rejected on Copyblogger and other popularblogs, and how you can eliminate them from your own content (whether it’sfor yourself or another blog).Better, Faster, Easier Content CreationWell-known marketing teacher Sean d’Souza talks about his techniques forcreating content more easily, so you have time for all the other aspects ofyour business (and your life)!www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 43
  44. 44. By Copyblogger MediaHow to Use TwitterTwitter can be a tremendous way to build your business, but it can also bea tremendous way to destroy your productivity. Here’s how to do the firstwithout doing the second.Social Media ROIToo many so-called “social media experts” overcomplicate this. Here aresome rules of thumb for how you can combine the techniques of directmarketing with your social media presence, to maximize the return on yourinvestment of time and energy.The Essentials of SEOSEO doesn’t have to be insanely complicated, and it doesn’t have tobe terribly technical. But you shouldn’t ignore it either — it can be anexceptional way to find new customers. Here’s the 5% of SEO that will getyou most of the results.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 44
  45. 45. By Copyblogger MediaBONUS MODULE 11: ADVANCEDLAUNCH STRATEGIES FORMEMBERSHIP SITESAlways Be Launching: An Overview of Launch Strategies for MembershipSites and Online Training ProgramsWhen you build interactive learning environments, your member areabecomes more valuable each time you add new content. Here’s how tolaunch again and again for growing profits.Jeff Walker: What Always Works in Product LaunchesFounder of the original Product Launch Formula, Jeff Walker talks withSonia Simone about some new techniques for product launches, as well asthe fundamental elements that will always work.What’s Your (Launch) Story? Four Steps to Finding Your Character,Five Critical Story Elements, and Three Classic Marketing PlotsHow to find your own unique launch story, the story that your idealprospect needs to hear in order to do business with you.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 45
  46. 46. By Copyblogger MediaThe Reluctant Guru: How to Take Your Prospects on a HeroicJourneyFind out how to tell the classic storyline that works for everything frommembership sites to blockbuster Hollywood movies. You’ll have to dive into find out more, but where else are you going to learn a launch strategythat’s based on Star Wars?Telling the Story on the Fly: Identifying Objections and TweakingYour OfferIn this topic, Brian and Tony tie together the launch story with themessages you’re trying to deliver. By building credibility and bonding withprospects, clearly communicating the benefits of knowledge, and outliningyour offer, you’re delivering an “under-the-radar” sales letter. And unlikea static sales letter, you’re able to make tweaks and revisions on the fly tomaximize response.A Launch Sequence Checklist That Pulls All the Sales TriggersSo far, we’ve looked at launching online training programs and membershipsites from high altitude. Now it’s time to get more specific and put thislaunch into execution mode.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 46
  47. 47. By Copyblogger MediaAn “Under the Radar” Sales Letter in Three ActsAfter all this talk of stories, plots, characters, and heroes, you’d think youwere producing a Hollywood epic. Not quite, but you are trying to tell astory that gets your prospects to begin a heroic journey of their own … asyour customer.Seven Tips for Working with JV Partners and AffiliatesWhether you’re starting off with a small launch to your audience with a fewchoice partners, or doing a big joint venture launch with every willing playerin your niche, there are several things to keep firmly in mind …How to Use Incremental Urgency to Build Sales VolumeHow to increase the urgency your prospects feel when you launch yourtraining program or membership site, and how to keep the urgencymomentum rolling to support your business.Increase Your Revenue with Carve-Outs and BundlingSimple strategies that let you increase your sales volume so you can“always be launching” and building market pressure without resorting toprice cuts.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 47
  48. 48. By Copyblogger MediaA Sample Blueprint for the Big JV LaunchYour training program or membership site has been in business for a bit,and your charter members have help you shape and refine your contentand offer. Now you’re ready for the serious money: a big launch poweredby joint venture partners.BONUS 12: THE “ENTREPRODUCER”MODEL FOR ONLINE BUSINESSSUCCESSYou don’t have to do it all yourself. In fact, you’ll likely do a whole lot betterif you don’t. We’ll delve into the elements that allow an individual or verysmall business to produce profitable online projects based on the TeachingSells methodology.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 48
  49. 49. By Copyblogger MediaBONUS 13: UNDER THE RADARAFFILIATE MARKETINGThis course shows you step-by-step how to make money online withaffiliate marketing, using content strategies that actually work. You’ll alsolearn how to use other people’s products to discover exactly what kind ofmembership site people will pay for. You’re literally removing any risk offailure.BONUS 14: HOW TO EXPLODEPROFITS WITH SEMINARS ANDWORKSHOPSOne of the many business models we’ve explored in Teaching Sells hasto do with upselling to live events such as seminars and workshops. Thiscourse will take you behind the scenes of the paid-speaking industry to giveyou what you need to succeed, with instructors Chris Brogan of InboundMarketing Summit, Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker of Elite Retreat,Missy Ward of Affiliate Summit, John Jantsch of Duct Tape MarketingWorkshops, and professional speaker and author David Meerman Scott.Also …www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 49
  50. 50. By Copyblogger MediaQuick Profits With the Teaching Sells Licensed Content LibraryPlus, you get total access to the Teaching Sells Content Library, which isstuffed with licensed content that you can review, repurpose, and evenpublish as is. All of the 460+ pieces of content in the Teaching Sells ContentLibrary is targeted at proven profitable niches.Combined with our Minimum Viable Product Module and our lessons onsmartly “repurposing” licensed content, our content library will have youup and running while you work on your “flagship” program. This is how youearn your course tuition back while still enjoying the major benefits of thecourse.Instructor Interaction and aCommunity of LearningIt is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helpingothers to succeed. ~ Napoleon HillOnce you join, I think you’ll find the most valuable aspect of Teaching Sellsis the interaction. You’ll know right away that you’re not in this alone.The Teaching Sells forums are one of the most valuable parts of theprogram. Joint venture deals are put together all the time in the forums,www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 50
  51. 51. By Copyblogger Mediabecause everyone involved knows that others know what they’re doing.Plus, our members are incredibly generous with their time and expertise…they make the experience far better than just the instructors could.But we’re there for you as well.You can’t hire Tony Clark, Sonia Simone or me at any price to do consulting.But you can ask us questions in the forums — and get real answers — aspart of your membership in Teaching Sells.The whole point of Teaching Sells is that you don’t have to go it alone. Andyou might end up with relationships and partnerships that take you furtherthan you’ve imagined.Here’s what a Few Teaching SellsMembers Say:Your big opportunity may be right where you are now. ~ Napoleon HillI’ll be launching my first instructional member site this fall thanks toall the help I’ve gotten from the Teaching Sells team. And as a lifetimemember I can continuously go back to the lessons, forums and otherresources for reinforcement. If you’re serious about doing it right, joinwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 51
  52. 52. By Copyblogger Mediame in Teaching Sells! ~ Mary McRae, kingscornercafe.com“Brian, Sonia, and Tony are tops! Anytime I posted a question in theforums, I received a thorough and actionable response straight fromthese guys, within a couple of hours. The level of quality in theirlearning modules is unrivaled. During the last enrollment period, I’mglad I set my alarm clock to 1AM, so that I could be sure to get into theTeaching Sells course as one of the selected few. “ ~ Suzanne Sadler,Sydney Australia“I joined Teaching Sells on day one, and after completing the coreprogram I successfully transitioned my flagship SEO Book into aninteractive learning environment. The results have been stunning sofar.” ~ Aaron Wall, SEOBook.com“My brother and I are so pleased to have launched our site, andwithout Teaching Sells it truly would not have been possible. We’vealways wanted to do our program online and Teaching Sells gaveus all the missing pieces and we believe shortened what wouldhave taken us 12-14 months down to 8 weeks.” ~ Joseph Bridges,onlinerealestatesuccess.netwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 52
  53. 53. By Copyblogger Media“It’s taken a while as I’ve been working full-time until recently, which leftonly the weekends for Teaching Sells, but I now have a course almostready for launch and another two on the back burner. When I began Iknew nothing about online learning delivery systems, about the differenthosting options, about the many ways to make content accessible topeople, or about the many free tools available to get up and running.This has been invaluable. Thanks, Brian and Tony.” ~ Kay Rennie,ozlantis.com“If you want to really start making money online, Teaching Sells will tellyou exactly what you need to know.” ~ Chris Garrett, chrisg.com“I received twenty new subscribers today in less than three hours!Thanks to Teaching Sells. I couldn’t have done it without theinstruction.” ~ Christopher Westra, icreatepower.com“One of the most compelling and viable approaches to a real onlinebusiness I’ve come across.” ~ Darren Rowse, ProBlogger and co-founder of b5 Media“Every so often a product is launched that I wish I had created. BrianClark has done that with a methodical program that elegantly guidesyou step by step through the process of creating and selling multimediawww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 53
  54. 54. By Copyblogger Mediateaching programs. Teaching Sells is now my top recommendationfor professionals who want to accelerate their business growth on theWeb.” ~ Denise Wakeman, The Blog Squad“This is the richest learning environment I’ve ever experienced!The clarity of the writing is outstanding, the overall organizationand navigation lets you follow one subject and also understand itsrelationship to the other elements. And no stone is left unturned. Ifyour intention is to teach anything anywhere, Teaching Sells providesyou with all you need to know and then some! Thank you for one of thebest learning experience I’ve ever had! And it’s on-going too!” ~ CaraLumen, caralumen.com“My site - Mergers & Inquisitions - has grown to be the most well-knownresource online for finance-related careers and now generates a 5-figuremonthly income via information products and coaching. Based on whatI learned in Teaching Sells, I’m now developing an ILE called BreakingInto Wall Street that offers a ton of multimedia content for anyonelooking to get into the field.” ~ Brian, mergersandinquisitions.com“The strategies described made me stop and rethink what I knew aboutmaking money online.” ~ Daniel Scocco, DailyBlogTips.comwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 54
  55. 55. By Copyblogger Media“Thank you guys so much! This is exactly what I need right now. I’vebeen dreaming up building a site like this forever. Thank you for doingthis, and doing it so well.” ~ Rob Scott, fundamental-shift.com“Teaching Sells is an excellent and legitimate training program forbloggers, consultants and entrepreneurs.” ~ Maki, DoshDosh.com“As someone with a background in both instructional design andmarketing, I am LOVING this program. You are walking the talk, andconnecting the dots at the same time. BRAVO!” ~ Barbara Densmore,workingsmarter.ca“This is the best guide for starting a membership based site…period. There’s nothing else that even compares.” ~ Ryan Caldwell,Performancing.com“Teaching Sells is by far the best online learning program I’ve seenyet. Thanks so much for what I can only imagine is a HUGE amountof brilliant creative teamwork behind the scenes. You guys ROCK!” ~Kathy Mallary, spiritspring.com“Internet Marketing for smart people.” ~ Yaro Starak, Entrepreneur’sJourneywww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 55
  56. 56. By Copyblogger Media“What takes Teaching Sells from awesome product to remarkablemodel, is that it is entirely sustainable. You aren’t learning an illusion,you’re learning a skill. The material is masterfully written and perfectlydelivered. The environment is the best online learning area I’ve everseen; I felt like I was in a true online classroom from the second I firstclicked on.” ~ Sean Platt, writerdad.com“I’m a founding member of Teaching Sells and applied step by step,Brian and Tony’s advice. With the help of my technical support we havebuilt an online learning program called Life Leverage. It was a five yeardream of mine come true and I could not have done it without the TScourse. If you are like me and committed to having your own onlinelearning business, you can’t go wrong but to do Teaching Sells.” ~John,life-leverage.comwww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 56
  57. 57. By Copyblogger MediaThe Enrollment Fee (and a PriceBreak … )Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. ~ Napoleon HillSo true, Mr. Hill. And in this case, waiting may make things just wrong.As you know, high-quality online business courses sell for thousands ofdollars these days (for single topics like product launches and copywriting).Some courses cost $5,000 - $10,000 or more for comprehensive business-building plans.Every single aspect of online business — like product launches, contentcreation, general online marketing, business models, traffic, etc. — iscritical, and well worth the price of admission to learn from the best.Teaching Sells provides you with every aspect you need by revealinghow to create an entire online business from top to bottom. It’s the mostcomprehensive online business course I’ve ever seen, and I’ve pretty muchseen them all.But we’re not charging $5,000. We should, but we’re not.You see, when it comes to pricing, we teach that the worst thing you cando is under-price your offer. It’s one of the most common mistakes peoplemake online, and it can seriously cost you … so I’ve been convinced not todo it with Teaching Sells.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 57
  58. 58. By Copyblogger MediaBut, here’s the issue.It’s no mystery the financial times have been tough. A lot of the people whocan make the most of Teaching Sells may not be flush with cash.So the first thing we’re going to do is offer a payment plan that makesenrollment easy. And the total enrollment fee once you add up thepayments still comes out to less than what you’d pay for many high-qualitysingle-topic courses.For those of you who want to save even more, we’re offering a single-payment option of only $1,997. Compared to other online marketingcourses, this is a steal.And since the economy seems to be on the upswing (let’s keep our fingerscrossed), don’t expect this price break when we open again.Don’t wait … right now is just right, because those who are set up andready to rock early next year when the economy brightens will benefitthe most, while those who start from scratch next year will be left playingcatch-up.Now, of course, $1,997 is a significant investment. But it’s an investmentwith a return that can change your life and provide you with a great deal ofpersonal and financial freedom.Here’s how the enrollment fee works:www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 58
  59. 59. By Copyblogger MediaOne Payment:Get lifetime access with a single payment of $1,997 (best value).Seven Payments:Get lifetime access with one payment of $347 now, plus automaticmonthly payments of $347 for the following 6 months. (That’s a total of 7payments.)And of course, I want your decision to be risk-free. So, why not give thefirst 30 days of Teaching Sells a “test drive” and not risk a dime?What Now?It’s always your next move. ~ Napoleon HillWe’ll be opening the course to new students at around noon Eastern U.S.time on Monday, May 21, 2012.Remember, because we’re adding an extensive group coaching component,we’re limiting this round of enrollment to just 300 students. We want tomake absolutely sure that every Teaching Sells member gets all of theattention and individual care they need.www.TeachingSells.com PAGE 59
  60. 60. By Copyblogger MediaSome years we sell out quickly, and other years it takes a little more time.But because we’re allowing fewer students this time around, you’ll want tomove quickly.We’re also holding our first live group coaching session inside TeachingSells on Thursday, May 24. The session will kick off the course with lots ofenergy, inspiration, and focus, so you can make the most of the material.So if you want to join us for that session, make sure you sign up no laterthan Wednesday, May 23!You can do that by visiting http://TeachingSells.com.We’ll close the cart when we hit 300 new students, or on Saturday,May 26 at 6:00 PM Eastern at the very latest.I’m ready to get started, and I hope you are too! Thank you for yourattention and consideration, and I’m excited to get to know some of youbetter very soon.Best Regards,Brian Clark with Tony Clark and Sonia SimoneTeaching Sellswww.TeachingSells.com PAGE 60