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Spark Twitter fails Mar2023

  1. Spark Twitter: The beginning of the end • David Strom • March 2023 • Find these slides here:
  2. Today’s lesson • The demise of Twitter • Other notable failures • How to listen better • Lessons learned, dos and don’ts • Moving beyond Twitter: Snap, Mastodon
  3. This is the real reason we are in this mess
  4. The demise of Twitter: from town square to town dump • 2006: Began operations • 2008: Strom joins up • 2010: Media assignment editor, along with the global town square (Arab Spring) • 2012: The place for shaming; Verified Checkmark first put in place • 2022: Elon begins his crusade, FTC fines Twitter $150M for security violations • 2023: Elon continues to be Chief Troll
  5. How to listen better
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  8. This 2021 documentary features commentary by Monica Lewinsky
  9. Some lessons learned • Think twice (or more) before you post anything • Do you want your mom (or teacher) to read this? • Stay away from sex, religion, and politics – even on your personal accounts (sorry Elon!) • Know what time of day/week to post for best responses • Listen more than post to develop your voice • Use social management tools
  10. 26 Key social media to-dos • Follow the right people in your area/community • Don’t get too caught up in tweeting your every movement • Look at what businesses that you care about are doing with it • Use it to start conversations with people you want to get to know • Don’t take yourself too seriously
  11. 27 Some other No-nos • Don’t put non-professional items in your status updates anywhere once you start your business • Don’t obsess about the number of connections and build them slowly over time • Really, steer clear of politics, esp. now
  12. Twitter protection strategies • Examine the account name, photo and handle and make sure they make sense • Verify the account age, past tweets/interactions. Lack of history should be suspicious • Be skeptical when asked for money.
  13. Beyond Twitter
  14. Recognize any of these fails?
  15. Pay attention!
  16. /stay- protected- vishing-scams
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  18. (c) David Strom Inc. 38 David Strom, These slides can be found here: