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K-12 Trends/Challenges: NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: David W. Deeds

David W. Deeds' presentation on K-12 trends and challenges, part of Schutz American School's Oct. 11th Professional Development Day. Covers how schools can use the Horizon Report via the Toolkit and Summary Slide Deck.

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K-12 Trends/Challenges: NMC/CoSN Horizon Report: David W. Deeds

  1. 1. David Deeds, Islam Lamey, Ahmed Fouad K-12 Trends/Challenges SAS PD Oct. 11, 2017 NMC/CoSN Horizon Report
  2. 2. K-12 Trends/Challenges Goals for today: • Provide quick overview of HR, Toolkit • Choose 2-3 Trends/Challenges, discuss them at your table • Think: Policy, Leadership, Practice • Then report on your discussions • Check out the cool stuff in the back as time permits
  3. 3. K-12 Trends/Challenges If you haven’t already, get your free copy of the 2017 K-12 Horizon Report and the full Digital Toolkit: https://www.nmc.org/publication/nmccosn- horizon-report-2017-k-12-edition/ I have some “old school” hard copies of the Summary Slide Deck.
  4. 4. K-12 Trends/Challenges 4 reports per year (K-12, Higher Ed, Libraries, Museums) by the NMC (New Media Consortium), an international community of experts in educational technology. And the CoSN (Consortium of School Networking), the premier professional association for school system technology leaders. The Toolkit helps schools use the HR.
  5. 5. K-12 Trends/Challenges The K-12 Horizon Report: • Developments: Adoption timeline for educational technologies • Trends: Directions education and educators are taking • Challenges: Problems preventing progress
  6. 6. K-12 Trends/Challenges Developments Time to Adoption: 1 Year or Less: • Makerspaces • Robotics Time to Adoption: 2-3 Years: • Analytics Technologies • Virtual Reality
  7. 7. K-12 Trends/Challenges Developments (cont.) Time to Adoption: 4-5 Years: • Artificial Intelligence • The Internet of Things
  8. 8. K-12 Trends/Challenges Trends Long-Term (Next 5+ Years): • Advancing Cultures of Innovation • Deeper Learning Approaches Mid-Term (Next 3-5 Years): • Growing Focus on Measuring Learning • Redesigning Learning Spaces
  9. 9. K-12 Trends/Challenges Trends (cont.) Short-Term (Next 1-2 Years): • Coding as a Literacy • Rise of STEAM Learning
  10. 10. K-12 Trends/Challenges Challenges Solvable: • Authentic Learning Experiences • Improving Digital Literacy Difficult: •Rethinking the Roles of Teachers •Teaching Computational Thinking
  11. 11. K-12 Trends/Challenges Challenges (cont.) Wicked: • The Achievement Gap • Sustaining Innovation through Leadership Changes
  12. 12. K-12 Trends/Challenges Shukran! Questions/Comments? ddeeds@schutzschool.org.eg