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Boost Your Holiday Sales With Amazon Advertising Prabhat Shah - Online Seller UK

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Prahbat presents a few actionable tips on improving Amazon Advertising to boot holiday sales.

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Boost Your Holiday Sales With Amazon Advertising Prabhat Shah - Online Seller UK

  1. 1. Prabhat Shah onlineselleruk Boost your Holiday Sales with Amazon Advertising @onlineselleruk
  2. 2. 33% of digital advertisers see the rise of Amazon as the industry trend that will most impact their business. Source State of Digital Advertising 2018
  3. 3. The top 25% of online retailers convert at 5.31% and the top 10% of online retailers convert at 11.45%.
  4. 4. Amazon Prime members convert 74% of the time on Amazon.com. That is according to a 2015 study from Millward Brown Digital. Compare that to 13% for non-prime members.
  5. 5. Amazon has become the UK’s fifth largest retailer by spending market share, accounting for £4 in every £100 spent on retail last year. Amazon is now only being held off the top spot by the big four grocers — Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda, and Morrisons.
  6. 6. So, how can you boost your Holiday Sales with Amazon Advertising
  7. 7. www.onlineselleruk.com #1 – Set Priorities ● Decide what products to prioritise for the holidays. ● Products for ads should have a high number of product reviews, anything above 3.5- star rating ● Product pages should be optimised and include A+ / EBC where possible
  8. 8. www.onlineselleruk.com Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) / A+ Example
  9. 9. www.onlineselleruk.com #2 – Don’t leave it too late to run campaigns ● Set up your campaigns for early for Black Friday. ● Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have to be set up in advance stock planning is crucial. ● Aim to get your campaigns ready months ahead of time.
  10. 10. www.onlineselleruk.com #3 – Closely Manage Your Campaigns ● Analyse your customer search terms and ensure you have manual campaigns running along site auto campaigns ● Manual campaigns reduces your cost and increases conversion in most cases ● Sponsored Brands Campaigns and Product Display ads needs Amazon’s approval so, don’t leave it too late and start trialing early
  11. 11. Sponsored Brands Ads
  12. 12. Product Display Ads
  13. 13. www.onlineselleruk.com #4 – Increase Budget ● Set double budget than normal during holiday period ● Set bid + where possible to increase placement
  14. 14. www.onlineselleruk.com #5 – Ensure All types of ads are running ● Search ads - sponsored brands and sponsored products ads are keywords targeted and has high conversion rate ● Display ads can target potential customers on and mobile devices targeting competing/complimentary products ● Run display ads together with your search campaigns to get the most out of your Amazon advertising Low ACOS Product Display ads Collective Ads results higher growth
  15. 15. www.onlineselleruk.com #6 Create ads specific to you Amazon Store externally ● You can send traffic to your Amazon Stores externally ( Facebook / Google Ads/ Instagram, Email Marketing for example) ● Set up tags and get insights on performance per source ● Amazon allows you to create upto 30 tags.
  16. 16. www.onlineselleruk.com Amazon store example Live Link
  17. 17. www.onlineselleruk.com #6 – Start Planning Your Holiday Lightning Deal ● Check your Amazon deals dashboard to see if you have any eligibility for Lightning Deal ● Identify what products you plan on promoting with Lightning Deals. ● Run Product Display targeting strategies are for your selected Lightning Deal product. ● Test all these targeting strategies and only use the most effective targeting strategies for your Lightning Deal Promo campaigns.
  18. 18. www.onlineselleruk.com #7 – Content Into Your Strategy ● Content is the key to your Amazon’s success. It helps in visiblity and covnersion. ● EBC or A+ content helps in conversion. Get them done on time.
  19. 19. www.onlineselleruk.com Amazon Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) Live Link
  20. 20. www.onlineselleruk.com #8 – Amazon Advertising Improvement ● Amazon advertising is success when you run ads with a set process. ● Use step by step process helps you focussed and helps you improve campaigns progressively ● Image on your right shows the process that we have designed and successfully used GET ENLARGED IMAGE
  21. 21. www.onlineselleruk.com Let’s See Some Real Examples that we acheived
  24. 24. www.onlineselleruk.com Campaign Clicks Campaign Turnover % ACOS Total Amazon Turnover % M 1 £1,029.47 £18,802.63 5% £58,307.00 32 M 2 £667.01 £10,402.54 6% £57,285.00 18 M 3 £757.16 £16,728.61 4.53 £55,216.00 30 OUR CLIENT RESULT - 3 OUR FOCUS LOWER ACOS
  25. 25. www.onlineselleruk.com Amazon Advertising and SEO Training Learn how to rank well in our 4-hours practical course Find out more and register >>
  26. 26. www.onlineselleruk.com
  27. 27. www.onlineselleruk.com