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The investment projects I've been working on. Daniel Bunardzhiev

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  1. 1. +359 883 4380 19dbunardjiev@gmail.com
  2. 2. Bulgaria Mall will be the first shopping center in Sofia and Bulgaria which will be positioned as an upper scale mall, focusing on the proper combination of medium to premium international brands with the highest quality Bulgarian retailers. The mall has an exceptional location, close to downtown, the Sofia Ring Road, and the most affluent residential quarters of the capital, like Boyana, Simeonovo, Dragalevtzi, etc. Bulgaria Mall is planned to open in 2012.BULGARIA MALL
  3. 3. 110 000 sq.m area
  4. 4. Investment costs: 220 million EUROInvestor: Mercury AD
  5. 5. Sofia Ring-Road Bridges Client: Sofia Municipality, Republic of Bulgaria
  6. 6. Concrete Bridges over “Zapadna tangenta” crossroad, “Suhodol” Bridge, “Sofia-Pernikrailroad”bridgeOverall length – over 1000m
  7. 7. Palace of Justice KosovoBesides the residential, commercial and sport elements of the complex, the Palace of Justicewill in the future accommodate the re-location of the parliament, key ministries and othergovernment departments. The area is to be located some four kilometres from the centre ofPristina.The Palace of Justice compound will cover an area of 27,000 square metres and it hasall the requirements in terms of the functionality required for a modern justice compound. Itis to be composed of five peripheral buildings and approximately 625 employees are expectedto work there.
  8. 8. Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education center
  9. 9. Three-dimensional steel homogeneous diagonalgrid on the facade. All horizontal and verticalactions are assumed by the façade and thusreleasing the inside volume from the presenceof additional vertical elements such as shearwalls, steel bracing and columns.Total structural area: 20 000 sq.m
  10. 10. Metro Diameter III
  11. 11. Official variation proposal for metro diameter III.Participation in Council of Experts in Sofia Municipality.
  12. 12. Bulgarian House of Parliament
  13. 13. Bulgarian House of Parliament Steel and glass marquiseThree-dimensional steel homogeneous diagonal grid is designed to be the main structural andaesthetic element of the new marquise above the entrance of the Bulgarian House ofParliament.
  14. 14. Cable-Stayed Bridge in Plovdiv
  15. 15. Cable-stayed, 170m-single-spanned steel bridge over Maritza River. WON BESTGRADUATION WORK of 2010.Performed: Complete structural design. Shop drawings.
  16. 16. Varna Sports Hall750 sq. meters. Tensile construction, tensioned on the steel structure.
  17. 17. Sports Hall in Rudo, SerbiaThree dimentional steel structure frames for a sporing hall in Serbia1800sq.mClient: Rudo Municipality
  18. 18. Metro Diameter II. Station 3 Entrance canopyThree-dimensional steel structure.Performed: Static and dynamic analysis. Complete technical design. Shop drawings.Structural design project managing.
  19. 19. Supermarket store in Montana.Steel frame structure. Unordinaryarchitectural shape. Storage Hall Storage Hall with axis span of 32m,using class 4 steel frame sections,taking in considetration the localbuckling
  20. 20. Storage hallswith bearing galvanized steelframes. I used the theory for the"stressed skin design" to achievethe lightest structure possible.The final custumers price wasabout 250leva per sq. meter.
  21. 21. Additional Projects• Family house in Sofia with reinforced concrete structure• Family house in Sofia with composite steel and concrete structure. Ive composed my own methodical procedure to acquire the deflection in the composite slabs, because such a procedure is unavailable in the Eurocode and the Bulgarian designing standards• Family residence in New Jersey, USA. Wood frame structure• Hotel with reinforced concrete structure• Complete reconstruction of sewer collector net under “Opalchenska” boulevard, Sofia.• Reconstruction of underground passage under “Petko Todorov” boulevard, Sofia• Steel pedestrian bridge in Sofia. Length: 15m.• Steel, polycarbonate and aluminum marquise over the main entrance of the DSK Bank main building on “Moskovska” str. in Sofia• Steel and polycarbonate marquise over the entrance of metro-station 3 in Sofia• 50m high steel mast• Bulgarian School reconstruction• Carbon Fiber seismic retrofiting• Etc.
  22. 22. M.Sc.Eng. Daniel Bunardzhiev +359 883 4380 19 dbunardjiev@gmail.com