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  2. MAKING INTERNATIONAL PAYMENTS SIMPLE Travelex Global Business Payments is a business division of Travelex. We are the world’s leading provider of international payments, with trading floors on four continents, operations in over 30 countries and partnerships with over 4,000 financial institutions. As well as being a known and trusted brand, we are Specialists in payments Businesses trust Travelex a truly global operation with payments experts all over Travelex’s growth is based on exceptional More than 30,000 businesses trust us to customer service and specialist handle their international payments to over the world handling payments to virtually anywhere, knowledge. Unlike the high street banks, a million people every year. in any traded currency. we are specialists in foreign exchange Our innovative payment technology and international payments. We have a platforms ensure that we provide thorough understanding of our customers’ unrivalled accuracy for our clients’ needs, so we can tailor our services to payments, and we were delighted to win match your requirements. the Bank of New York Mellon Award for We pride ourselves on our level of service accuracy for our payments service in 2007. and we work hard to earn the trust of We have tailored industry solutions for law our customers. Our dedicated dealers firms, financial institutions and universities, and local customer service team are to name but a few. at the end of the phone if you have any queries, giving you a direct relationship Our charges and fees are transparent. with a global payment specialist who We offer competitive rates and all fees are understands your requirements. stated in advance. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  3. 1 At Travelex, we make global payments easy for any business. We specialize in implementing customized payment solutions that allow you to spend less time managing your payments, and more time managing your business. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  4. 2 GlobalPay interfaces directly with your internal systems to eliminate inefficiencies and to speed up your payment process. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  5. 3 STREAMLINING THE PAYMENT PROCESS At Travelex we believe that making and Helping you to expand your business Reducing the risks and costs receiving payments should be simple, globally and strengthen relationships associated with business payments quick and accurate, which is why we have with suppliers With GlobalPay, you can now manage all introduced GlobalPay, our intuitive online With GlobalPay you can access prices in your business payments (both domestic payments system. local currencies quickly and you can and international) and take advantage GlobalPay interfaces directly with your make and receive payments without of low cost payment options, as well as accounting, treasury or ERP (Enterprise opening and maintaining different incoming checks or wires. resource planning) system, to eliminate currency accounts. At a glance, GlobalPay allows you to pro inefficiencies and speed up your payment Tracking Payments actively manage your currency exposure process. for payments that are coming up. On a GlobalPay keeps you informed. You can It allows you to manage all your single screen you can see your scheduled track your payments through the system, international and domestic payments incoming and outgoing payments across seeing the status of any payments easily. using a simple single point of entry all currencies, allowing you to make We will also email your beneficiaries as system, saving you time. decisions about your cash flow and soon as your payments are released currency exposure quickly and easily. to them. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  6. 4 4 UNDERSTANDING THE PAYMENT ISSUES A recent survey of high level financial executives Many companies will relate to the following issues: revealed that on average, companies juggle six Global cash management Payment errors foreign currency accounts. So it’s not surprising • Exposure to currency fluctuations • Errors are not detected quickly. on incoming or outgoing funds. that one-third of companies reported they have • Multiple currency conversions • Lack of visibility of incoming and during error resolution. frictional or idle cash tied up in those accounts. outgoing payments. • Time spent correcting beneficiary The facts • Poor understanding of hedging information. products. • 40% of businesses surveyed process international payments manually through methods that aren’t integrated with their ERP or accounting system(s). • 13% of the sample either call or visit their bank(s) to process payments. • 25% of businesses are using multiple online bank platforms. GlobalPay helps you to manage Using GlobalPay can reduce risk and make informed decisions payment errors significantly All statistics referenced were generated through a spring 2008 Travelex Global Business Payments survey of Treasury and Risk Magazine readers Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  7. 5 Cost Delivery and receipt Payment tracking • Final costs only established after • Not all payment types are supported • No automatic reconciliation of foreign the transaction has completed. by existing systems. exchange transactions. • Lack of transparency of costs • Not all currencies available. • Lack of visibility of released and and fees. cleared funds. • Delay in clearing incoming funds. • Loss of interest on international • Time intensive manual tracking and • Unclear when payments are received payments. chasing. and cleared. • Lack of payment information for suppliers. We are committed to low, GlobalPay makes delivery and receipt GlobalPay provides an simple and transparent pricing of funds quicker and more visible end-to-end tracking system Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  8. 6 UNDERSTANDING THE PAYMENT ISSUES How does GlobalPay work? Making payments quick and easy Helping your business to save time and resources It’s quite a simple concept. We have Your beneficiary details are stored within an intuitive, secure, web-based online GlobalPay making it quick and easy to set GlobalPay eliminates the need to use payments system that you log into to up your payments, and it has a unique multiple banking systems and the need make and receive payments in any ‘Find a bank’ search facility. to hold foreign bank accounts. traded currency. You simply schedule all of your payments GlobalPay holds details of your payments and receivables through a single This online system, with a single and balances of currencies so it’s easy Travelex account. interface, can manage all types of to see when you need to increase payments; incoming, outgoing, domestic, your currency balances to fund future international, electronic wires and drafts. payments. You can also fund your payments from That’s not all. GlobalPay has a unique multiple bank accounts, using your track-and-trace facility that means Travelex GlobalPay account to hold that your payments are fully trackable balances for up to 90 days. through the process. And our ‘Pay Alert’ service provides your beneficiaries with Alternatively, we can integrate GlobalPay notification the moment a payment is into your own accounting or ERP system released. so that it becomes part of your workflow. We work with the leading software GlobalPay will determine the most efficient vendors: SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft, route for your payments - either the for example, to coordinate payments international SWIFT network or our global services into a single workflow. network of bank accounts to make sure payments are fast and accurate. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  9. 7 UNDERSTANDING THE PAYMENT ISSUES How we compare Scheduling Payments Payment Services Bank Travelex You can retain foreign currencies for up to 90 days to fund future payments in that Single point of entry system for multiple types currency. This means you can save money because you won’t need to convert your of payments overseas funds to dollars, and then back to the foreign currency again when you need to make further payments. Web based online system that can integrate with your own ERP or accounting system GlobalPay eliminates the need to maintain costly multiple banking systems and foreign bank accounts. You simply schedule all of your payments through a single Travelex account. Pro active error prevention tools Global payments specialists in-country MANAGE HOLDING BALANCES View Balances Only | Include Pending | View Forwards | View Scheduled Payments Expected Release Detailed View/ Pay Alerts for beneficiary Currency & Transaction Description Confirmation or Available Date Amount Balance Modify CHF - Swiss Franc Current Available Balance 0.00 Upfront pricing tools JOHN SMITH UCP3000001_001 18,000.00 Current Book Balance 18,000.00 EFG INSURANCE COMPANY USP1002205_008 16/05/2008 (5,000.00) 13,000.00 Full visibility of cashflows in and out (SWITZ) MOTOHAUS MOTORRAD USP1002205_010 16/05/2008 (7,000.00) 6,000.00 CAFE - ST MORITZ USP1002205_009 25/06/2008 (6,000.00) 0.00 Simple beneficiary management system Ending Book Balance 0.00 EUR - Euro Full track and trace facility for you and your Current Available Balance 0.00 customers/suppliers PETER JONES UCP3000001_001 11,500.00 Current Book Balance 11,000.00 FAST RACING CIRCUIT USP1002205_005 05/05/2008 (2,500.00) 9,000.00 BARZINI CUSTOM Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  10. 8 We provide at-a-glance information and access to market reports to help you make informed decisions about when to place your orders. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  11. 9 TAILORED TO YOUR BUSINESS Make or receive payments to suit International Payment Services There are two types of forward your business needs contract: fixed and open. When you make or receive an international We provide at-a-glance information and payment and wish to convert the funds A fixed forward is useful if a payment has access to market reports to help you into another currency, there will be a to be settled on a particular date or if make informed decisions about when to foreign exchange transaction. there’s a balance-sheet hedge (where the place your orders to take advantage of risks are reduced by translating balance- The transaction can either be booked as the prevailing exchange rates and how to sheet assets and liabilities into foreign a ‘spot’ deal or as a ‘forward’. schedule your payments accordingly. currencies). A spot deal is a booked transaction used You choose how you want to deal with us; An open forward can be used if a series to secure the prevailing exchange rate of over the phone, online or by fax - whatever of payments in the same currency are the day. A price can be quoted either over suits you. planned over the course of a year. So, the phone or online, and your order is if you have future payments to be made placed immediately. in foreign currency with no particular A forward contract is an agreement to settlement date, Travelex has the ability buy or sell an amount of foreign currency, to price an open forward contract locking in today’s rate, for payment up to comprising of two dates whereby partial one year in the future. or full delivery of the amount booked can be taken between the two agreed dates. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  12. 10 YOUR QUESTIONS ANSWERED Q. How can I save time inputting Q. My company has multiple payment FIND A BANK Search using bank details or an IBAN payment data and reconciling systems, ERP systems and IBAN: Or payment information? accounting software for different Country: Canada types of payments. Won’t it be too Routing Code/SWIFT: A. GlobalPay’s ‘Find a Bank’ facility Bank Name: toronto dominion difficult to introduce your system City: toronto allows you to search for beneficiary Address: 1 king st as well? bank details with only a few pieces of State/Province: Search ! information. Once correct details have A. No, GlobalPay has been designed Select a bank branch and press save Local Bank Routing Bank Routing been located, the empty fields will be to work alongside multiple systems, Select Bank Name Address City State/Province Code Code SWIFT TORONTO DOMINION 1 King St W Toronto Ontario 000410252 000410252 automatically populated, so you can simplifying the whole process for you. BANK TORONTO DOMINION 1 King St W Toronto Ontario 000410492 000410492 BANK input new payment details very quickly. TORONTO DOMINION 1 King St W Toronto Ontario 000410042 000410042 Q. How can my company reduce BANK (see figure 1) TORONTO DOMINION BANK 381 King St W 3Rd Fir Toronto Ontario 000410202 000410202 the number of queries we receive Page 1 of 1 1–4 of 4 Rows/Page All from beneficiaries chasing their Save ! In many cases, GlobalPay removes payment? the need to key in data manually as it can accept an automatic file upload A. When you make a payment, GlobalPay from your accounting system so you sends a notification email to your can handle large or small volumes of beneficiary so they know it is on its way. payments quickly and efficiently. It’s called our ‘Pay Alert’ service. Figure 1 - GlobalPay’s ‘Find a Bank’ facility allows you to search What’s more, the system prepares for beneficiary bank details with only a few pieces of information reconciliation statements that are configured to automatically reconcile into your accounting or ERP system so you can improve your compliance process. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  13. 11 Q. Most banks can’t tell me how Q. How can I improve my company’s E-mail | Logout English HOME | PAY TODAY | INCOMING FUNDS CASH MANAGEMENT PENDING ORDERS | REPORTS | BENEFICIARIES | CONFIGURE | INVESTIGATION much my international payment will cash flow and manage currency Manage Holding Balances | Marketlink | Buy into Holding | Buy Forward | Schedule Payments Out of Holding | Schedule Payments from incoming Funds cost me until after I have made it. exposure? Back Save EUR/GBP for 60 days 4/29/2008 Adjust Markup 5.2 Email Why is Travelex different? A. GlobalPay’s simple, online system Proposal for SC9644 - ABC SuperCars Tuesday, April 29, 2008 SM The power of market knowledge A. Travelex believes in up-front pricing. We clearly shows all of your incoming and Recent EUR vs. GBP Activity charge a modest fee per transaction. outgoing payments on a single screen. 0.813875 0.800938 Rate in GBP There are no hidden charges and Our reports and market data help you 0.788000 0.775063 0.762125 you will know exactly how much a to manage your currency exposure, 29 Feb 2008 5 Mar 11 Mar 16 Mar 22 Mar 28 Mar 2 Apr 8 Apr 13 Apr 19 Apr 25 Apr 2008 transaction will cost you upfront. and our team of experts are always on 29 February, 2008 Through 25 April, 2008 hand. (See Figure 2) Target: EUR Spot Settlement Proposal Q. How can I guarantee my payments Settlement: GBP Amount Rate 14,000.00 0.756802 Amount Amount 10,595.23 11,209.75 Number of Days: 60 will get through? Markup: Comments: 5.8% Contact your Account Representative to plan your payments. A. As a payments specialist, our pro active Whitebrook Park, Lower Cookham Road, Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8XY • 0845 880 0400 • +44 (0)1628 766 200 • Fax: 01628 766222 solutions eliminate the most common The information contained herein is collected from sources believed by us to be reliable, however, we cannot guarantee it to be free from errors. The information presented on this page is not an offer to buy or sell any currency. Historical performance is not a guarantee of future performance or results. issues. Our system looks at incorrect Global Business Payments © Copyright Ruesch International, 2008 account names, remedies errors in routing codes and immediately uploads any corrections. Figure 2 – Market data online With GlobalPay, transactions can be tracked by both you and your beneficiary using the ‘Payment Tracker’ facility. Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  14. 12 GREAT RESULTS Since implementing GlobalPay, our single point of entry payment Emirates Tours UK use Travelex’s International Bank Drafts to solution one of our customers has reported that staff productivity their suppliers in the Middle East and Far East along with the has improved dramatically, saving over 400 man hours per month and other costs adding up to more than $750K per annum. online service. They have been customers of Travelex for over a year and they conduct on average fifteen to twenty transactions a week. The reason why they have chosen Travelex over other currency exchange suppliers is because Travelex offers user friendly systems, with pre-set procedures that enable a smooth process of transactions. In particular, Emirates Tours UK also identify Travelex as providing a helpful, efficient and friendly service. “We have been working with Travelex for over a year and have experienced no problems or difficulties. We would recommend them to any travel company for their Foreign Exchange Dealings.” Emirates Tours UK Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
  15. CONTACT US Over the phone Online By E Mail To become a client or request a sales To find out more information or sign E mail us at: visit, please call us on (866) 456-3963 up to GlobalPay, visit us online at: Phone: (866) 456 3963 | E-mail: |
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