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Org pro final

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Org pro final

  1. 1. Know WHAT to say, WHEN to sayit and WHO to say it to!Daniel CherrinDad to 3 + Husband + Attorney specializing inpublic affairs, media & crisis management
  2. 2. Hello. My Name is Dan.
  3. 3. I have 3 kids.I have three children.
  4. 4. With government + community leaders, and the media.I work in PRBy sharing your storyI help protect + enhance reputationsBy developing relationships
  5. 5. I am also a lawyer + mediator
  6. 6. I used to work for the Mayor
  7. 7. Public Relations | Crisis Management | PublicAffairsNorthCoastStrategies.com| 248.325.8731Now, I own my own consultancy.Organizations often find themselves navigating a complex environment thatrequires dealing simultaneously with litigation, governmental and regulatoryactions, media scrutiny and public perception. NorthCoastStrategies is focusedon developing meaningful relationships, through insight and advocacy, toprotect & enhance the reputation of organizations in the public eye.
  8. 8. An average day ….
  9. 9. #ORGPRO13@dancherrin
  10. 10. Goals
  11. 11. Start your playbookIdentify helpful resourcesKnow your brand
  12. 12. Marketing Audit
  13. 13. Intelligence Gathering
  15. 15. What’s Trending
  16. 16. What’s TrendingPOLITICSECONOMYMEDIA
  17. 17. Time Spent on SmartphonesTalkingTextingSocialNetworks*6.3.13 NYT (B7)WebsitesEmailGamesCameraGPSMusicApps
  18. 18. http://bit.ly/11bTODnMay 2013
  19. 19. Audit: Ask membership• Who are the members?• Who are the potential members?• Why are members leaving?• What are the current needs, wantsand perceptions of members?• What are the current needs, wantsand perceptions of potentialmembers.
  20. 20. Audit: Ask membership• Survey your members– How did they hear about you– Do you communicate too much ornot enough– How often do they visit your site– Do they follow you on twitter– Have you liked them on Facebook
  21. 21. Audit: Ask membership• What does the competition charge?• Which other associations do membersbelong to?• How many members purchase productsand services from other associations?• What publications or sites do membersread? How often?• Which conferences/seminars/courses domembers attend?• What are the strengths and weaknesses ofthe current products and services?
  22. 22. Metrics• Who saw your content?• How much time did theyspend reading it?• What did they do after theyread it?• Where did they go after?
  23. 23. S.W.O.T.
  24. 24. Creating the plan
  25. 25. Audience
  26. 26. WHO• Industry• Company• Individual
  27. 27. Content MarketingAligning marketing andcommunications plansaround content creationand social media
  28. 28. Content Marketing• Generate leads• Bolster reputation as thought-leaders• Inform• Engage membership
  29. 29. Content Marketing• Tailor content to target market• Engaging• Informative• Useful• Entertaining• Tell authentic stories• Be relevant• Empower an audience
  30. 30. Content marketing• More people get news fromvarious sources• You represent industry• So tell your story andbroadcast it
  31. 31. Content marketing• Keep a running list of ideas• Create an editorial calendar
  32. 32. Media Channels
  34. 34. • Where news breaks• Share photos, videos and conversationsvia tweets via hashtag # to help find andjoin the conversation• Share content, promotional informationand ticket info.• Ask/Answer questions• Provide real-time updates and video, andpromote other activities
  35. 35. • Share exclusive content• Event information• Hold contests• Give people an inside lookat the association usingreal-time photos, funfacts, video and more.
  36. 36. • Owned by Facebook• Snap camera-phone pictures.• Choose a filter to transform theirlook and feel, and then instantly postthem toInstagram, Twitter, Facebook andTumblr.• In addition, others can follow yourorganization by following a#(hashtag) Instagram feed.
  37. 37. • Share industry insight• Feature members• Showcase events• Leveraged by Facebook andTwitter.
  38. 38. • No visuals no problems.• What inspires you or yourproducts?
  39. 39. Other Resources• Foursquare -- a social city guidethat gives its 30 million usersthe ability to recommend placesbased on their location.• Use it to leave tips and must-see locations.
  40. 40. Email MarketingAre you communicating the wayyour members want you to.Are you communicating too much?Are you sending it to the rightpeople?Plan your multi-channel strategy?Gather intel over 3-5 campaignsIntegrate social mediaCreate compelling, sharablecontent
  41. 41. Media Relations (tips)Develop relationshipsBecome a trusted sourceMonitor the media and your keycontactsBe responsiveThink like a journalistRespect timelinesNEVER say “No Comment"
  42. 42. Personal Brand• Define yourself– Unique skills, experience, values– What makes you different• Who are you trying to reach?• What do they think of youalready?• What are you telling them• Communicate your brand
  43. 43. Crisis Management
  44. 44. • Monitor the chatter• Know key influencers• Develop clear messaging• Own your brand• Be responsive• Be knowledgeable and informed• When you blow it, own up to it.• Consider humor.• Have a process in place.• Be empathetic
  45. 45. Working with agencies• Create a work plan• Give them a lot of information• Talk with them on a regularbasis• Listen• Be responsive• Manage expectations
  46. 46. Embrace Technology• Schedule meetings- Doogle, Tungle, ScheduleOnce• Schedule volunteers– VolunteerSpot• Images– GoogleImages, Flickr CreativeCommons, PhotoPin, FreeDigitalPhotos.net• eBooks: LuLu.com; CreateSpace;SmashWords
  47. 47. Can they hear your message
  48. 48. Questions?
  49. 49. Thank you!@dancherrin