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SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

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Integration is at the heart of every successful Social, Mobile, Analytics (Big Data), Cloud and the Internet of Things (SMACT) initiative. A modern integration platform as a service (iPaaS) must be fast to deploy and easy to use. It must be able to handle a variety of patterns, styles and endpoints. It must be able to connect to cloud and on-premises applications and data sources. And a modern cloud integration platform must be elastic in order to scale out as more capacity is needed. The SnapLogic integration platform as a service (iPaaS) eliminates the need to choose between multiple tools and teams for application, process and data integration, allowing you to instantly access and stream data, regardless of its location, size, and type.

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SnapLogic Elastic Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS)

  1. 1. Are You Feeling SMACT? Snaplogic.com/iPaaS
  2. 2. Companies are no longer competing against each other. They are competing against speed. - Marc Benioff, CEO salesforce.com
  3. 3. of line of business employees admit to using non-approved SaaS applications in their jobs The global Hadoop Market is estimated to reach $50.2 billion by 2020. It was valued at $1.5 billion in 2012 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 58.2% between 2013 to 2020
  4. 4. SnapLogic: Connecting Data, Apps and APIs • Experienced Team: Leadership from Informatica, Salesforce, Microsoft • Investors: Andreessen Horowitz & Ignition • Advisory Board: AstraZeneca, HP, Symantec, Yahoo • Headquarters: San Mateo, CA • Customers: Adobe, Acxiom, Blackberry, Bloomin’ Brands, CapitalOne, Cisco, GE, iRobot, Netflix… Our unified platform significantly speeds up enterprise data access everywhere. - Gaurav Dhillon, SnapLogic Founder and CEO
  5. 5. Two Critical Questions for Enterprise IT “Cloudification” ! Which Apps to Move to the Cloud and When? “Data Gravity”! Will Data Reside Behind the Firewall or in the Cloud? CRM! HRMS! ITSM! SCM! ? Analytics! ? ERP?
  6. 6. Your Integration Strategy: Innovation On Ramp or Roadblock?
  7. 7. The Integrator’s Dilemma Old Approaches Not Built for the New Data Challenges Legacy EAI Legacy ETL Organizations are increasingly turning to iPaaS offerings because of their close affinity with SaaS and the anticipated greater ease of use, lower costs and faster time-to-integration than traditional integration platforms. . • Not built for the web • On-prem ESB (xml, soap) • Code-intensive • Built for rows and columns • Batch-oriented • Struggles with real-time
  8. 8. SnapLogic Elastic Integration Single Platform Connecting Data, Apps, APIs
  9. 9. Why SnapLogic Elastic Integration?! Fast! • Easily Design Monitor, Manage • Deploy in Days not Months Multi-Point! Modern! • EAI, ETL, APIs, Hybrid Deployment • Modern Standards: REST, JSON • Scale Out Architecture REST SOAP WEB APIs
  10. 10. Fast: Built for Citizen Integrators?! Citizen integrators are proliferating, in most cases outside of the control or visibility of whoever in the company is commissioned with fulfilling integration. . .
  11. 11. Modern: Elastic Integration Platform! • Streams: No data is stored/ cached • Secure: 100% standards-based • Elastic: Scales out & handles data and app integration use cases Metadata Data
  12. 12. Common SnapLogic Use Cases! Cloud App Integration • Workday: HR On-Boarding • Salesforce: CRM Back Office • Eliminate SaaS Silos Digital M arketing • AWS Redshift • Tableau, Social, CRM • Cloud Analytics Big Data Analytics • Data Access • Data Preparation • Data Delivery Enterprise Platform • Self Service • Data, Apps, APIs • Integrator’s Solution
  13. 13. How to Avoid Getting SMACT?! • Don’t settle for SO SO (same old, same old) • The first step to solving the Integrator’s Dilemma is recognizing it exists! • When it comes to Social, Mobile, An alytics, Cloud Computing and the In ternet of Things Don’t Wait to Integrate!! SnapLogic.com
  14. 14. Connect With Us!! @SnapLogic Facebook.com/SnapLogic