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2012 annual meeting dinner presentation part 1

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2012 annual meeting dinner presentation part 1

  1. 1. Welcome to the 2012 MSGA Annual Meeting!
  2. 2. Our Mission • Scholarships The mission of the Maine State Golf Association is to • GHIN represent, promote and serve Handicapping the best interest of amateur golf in Maine. • Golf Education The MSGA, an association of member clubs • Junior Golf and their players, accomplishes this mission • Tournaments through services including: • Course Ratings
  3. 3. •Jane Gildart, Administrative Assistant •Nancy Storey, Executive Director •Don Doyon, Director of Member Services •Randy Hodsdon, Director of Rules & Competition •Samuel Marzenell, Director of Player Development & Tournament Administration •Michael Doran, Director of Junior/Senior Golf •Cody Berkowitz & Adrian Bouthot, USGA PJ Boatwright Interns
  4. 4.  62nd Anniversary of Scholarship Fund  Awarded 13 scholarships for 2012-2013 school year for $1,500 each – a total commitment of $78,000! .  Thanks to all who have given to the Scholarship Fund either through memorial, cash or prize voucher donations! During the Scholarship Banquet, the MSGA honored Dr. Leonardo Buck for his 76 years of service to the MSGA!
  5. 5. This year’s recipients…  Tyler Walton of Turner. Tyler  Malcolm Oliver of is also the recipient of the Damariscotta Winchenbach Award as the  Matthew Packard of top scholar among the new Falmouth recipients.  Ethan Pearl of Plymouth  Brandan Albee of Ellsworth  Seth Sweet of Madison  Craig Decato of York  Alexander Viola of  Tyler Foster of Winthrop Brunswick  Erik Lee of Hampden  Evan Waddell of Presque Isle  Daniel Muther of Unity  Brooke Wood of Machiasport
  6. 6.  Have instituted minimum performance criteria for students on scholarship, who intend to renew their scholarships. They must:  Maintain a 1.8 or better average their first year,  a 2.0 or better average their sophomore year  and a 2.5 or better average for their final two years. Lee Spaulding has been the President of the Scholarship Fund for the last several years. We look forward to having him with us for several more!
  7. 7.  Club licensing has become an integral part of the handicap system  All clubs in Maine need recertification for the 2012-2016 cycle  On-line seminars are available for anyone interested in becoming licensed and we will be hosting at least one seminar this fall – watch the web site for more information!  Everyone at the MSGA can answer most GHIN questions – and if they don’t have the answer, they’ll forward you to someone who does! From the USGA’s web site at www.usga.org
  8. 8. •The Third Annual Golf Education Day/Player Representative meeting will be hosted at Val Halla on Wednesday, April 17 •Classes will be offered on: –Development of Local Rules and Conditions of Competition –Course Marking and Setting up the Golf Course –Handicapping and USGA Certification –GHIN and TPP, beginners and advanced –Pace of Play, Junior Golf, and how to use MSGA University! •If you or your club would like to schedule a Rules of Golf class, please email nancy@mesga.org.
  9. 9.  151 days of MSGA tournament play  13 Championship events, 47 Weekend events,  3 New England Events, 2 USGA Qualifiers  13 Senior Tour Events, 18 Junior events  6 mid-week special events  124 Member Clubs Thanks to David Colt for photography at the Open, Am and Junior championships.
  10. 10. Augusta Country Club hosted the Charlie’s Maine Open, as we once again hosted the Open as an MSGA only event. Congratulations to Dustin Cone who won in a playoff against Jimmy Lytle. This was Dustin’s 2nd Maine Open Championship victory. Pictured below is our Sponsor Charlie Shuman and 2012 Champion Dustin Cone. .
  11. 11. INTERESTED IN BECOMING A Rules officials and Starters: RULES OFFICIAL FOR THE Dr. Leon Buck Romeo Laberge MSGA? The USGA will be hosting Dave Child a Rules of Golf Seminar in Marty Crowe Providence in March and we are in Winona Davenport dire need of more quality rules Peter Greenwood officials. If you are Bob Lowden Michael Pearce interested, please let us know and Austin Robinson we will help to get you signed up Mike Ryan and on your way! Rules officials are Mike Singleton essential to the quality of our Rick Swanson MSGA championships and special Charlie Swett Teddy Doyon events! Norm Dougherty
  12. 12.  All of these wonderful individuals give up their free  Norm Charleston time, often taking vacation time,  Charlotte Cole to help us in our mission of promoting amateur golf. We  Norm Doherty truly couldn’t conduct our  Teddy Doyon tournaments without you!  Margaret Honan  If you’re interested in  Vicki Koshliek becoming a volunteer, we  Vic Nunan welcome you at whatever level you feel comfortable!  Charlie Sparrow
  13. 13.  119 players in the Junior Championship  Increased number of players compared to 2011  Maine places 4th at New England Junior Championship  Brad Smith T-11 at New England Junior Championship  In addition to the ME Junior Championship, 19 regular junior events offered
  14. 14.  Mike Doran completed his second season as the Director of Junior Golf in 2012
  15. 15. Adrian Bouthot Cody Berkowitz
  16. 16.  The MSGA Junior Tour is now on Facebook, connecti ng to the younger players and increasing awareness about the wonderful junior program
  17. 17.  Course must be rerated every 10 years or every five years for first 10 years  Rating teams are made of volunteers who must attend USGA course rating seminar  Ratings are objective process set forth by USGA guidelines, but still primarily based upon length  SLOPE rating is simply slope of line of difficulty of course as compared to COURSE rating, which is what the average par golfer shoots
  18. 18.  9 course ratings have been completed this year  3 more are scheduled to be done Along with a handicapping seminar, the MSGA will be hosting a course rating seminar in the spring. If interested, please contact Don Doyon, at don@mesga.org The USGA has also gone to a national course rating database, which should make things easier in the future Director of Member Services Don Doyon is in charge of course ratings
  19. 19. Steve Bentley Bob Kelley Harvey Peterson Pete Brunner Tom Kus Larry Quinn Keith Burnham Romeo Laberge James Semple Paul Descoteau Charley LaFlamme Mike Singleton Norm Dougherty Jim Macklin Charlie Swett Bob Farthing Jim Murphy Lowell Watson Mark Friedman Wayne Newbegin Normand Laberge Peter Johnson Vic Nunan John Johnston Allen Patterson
  20. 20. MSGA has taken over the MGF as a standing committee of the MSGA
  21. 21.  The Maine Golf Foundation Committee :  Brings together golf organizations throughout the state physically, in the Maine Golf House and houses the MSGA, the SMWGA, the First Tee of Maine and the Maine Golf Course Superintendents as well as providing meeting space for other golf organizations  Promotes golf and its life-enhancing values throughout the state by:  Honoring the game,  Sustaining the game,  Growing the game.
  22. 22.  First comes National School Program, introducing golf to elementary school children statewide  Then comes First Tee, which offer programs across the state where programs are most needed  Once kids complete First Tee training, the MSGA Junior Tour offers an introduction to comp- etitive golf at reasonable rates  SCHOLARSHIPS AVAILABLE!
  23. 23. Maine Golf Economic Impact Study As part of the future vision of the MGF Committee, the MSGA and Golf Maine jointly commissioned an Economic Impact Study from the University of Maine’s School of Economics, which was completed this spring.
  24. 24. Maine Golf Economic Impact Study  Bottom line: Golf and its associated tourism business had a $270 million economic contribution to the Maine economy  Golf also accounts for $90 million in Maine labor income annually  Golf also accounts for $1.8 million raised for charity in Maine annually  Some issues facing golf courses are:  Fewer people traveling to Maine & fewer people playing the game  Weather issues which close courses  Internal competition among golf courses
  25. 25. University of Southern Maine Sports Marketing Collaboration  Opportunity for the MSGA to determine future marketing strategies and develop a coherent marketing plan for the future  Students will work to not only come up with a feasible marketing plan, but will specifically target media development, especially the use of the web site and other electronic media  Project can carry over to future projects if the collaborative effort is mutually beneficial
  26. 26. MSGA 2012 Sponsors  The title sponsor of the Maine Open was once again Charlie Shuman of Charlie’s Motor Mall Charlie Shuman, second from left, presents the Maine Open trophies to this year’s winners, Jack Wyman (Amateur), Dustin Cone (overall) and Jeff Seavey (Maine Pro)
  27. 27. MSGA Weekend Tour Harris Cup  Harris Golf, a huge proponent of the MSGA and Amateur Golf, started the Harris Cup this year and sponsored the Weekend events in a Fed-Ex loyalty-inspired program, to encourage more players to compete in the weekend events.  Harris Cup winners will be determined at the end of the posting season on October 31.  Nearly $20,000 in prizes will be awarded for Harris Cup points in the coming month!  There’s still time to win Harris Cup points – are YOU on the tee sheet?
  28. 28. MSGA Senior Tour Club Car Cup  In addition to the Harris Cup, Country Club Enterprises of Maine, who provide Club Car golf carts to many of our golf courses, have also provided a Senior Tour Sponsorship for all of our senior events  Prizes have been provided by Golf & Ski and will also be awarded at the conclusion of the Senior Tour schedule
  29. 29. MSGA Junior Tour Wendy’s Cup  Wendy’s, a long-time sponsor of the MSGA, has made it possible for more juniors to compete in our events by sponsoring the Junior tour  Wendy’s sponsorship helps us to defray the cost of running the Junior Tour, the only program the MSGA offers that does not pay for itself.  Prizes for the Wendy’s Cup, given during the Maine Junior Championship, were provided by Golf & Ski
  30. 30. 2012 USGA Grants to the MSGA
  31. 31. 1) VOIP - Transition into this technology to maximize resources 2) Online meeting capabilities and expanding existing educational applications 3) Cloud based file storage for backup and remote access 4) Expand Online Tee Time capabilities
  32. 32. VOIP Voice over internet technology The Stick™ is an automatic call processor that screens and routes all voice, fax, and modem calls to the right equipment. This device allowed us to eliminate a dedicated fax line.
  33. 33. VOIP Voice over internet technology Previously we were paying $114/mo for internet and nearly $400/mo for telephone service. We were able to contract with Time Warner for a phone and internet package that costs us a total of $134/mo. Approximate savings: $4,500 per year.
  34. 34. Go To Meeting Remote meeting, desktop sharing, and video conferencing software that enables the user to meet with other computer users, customers, clients or colleagues via the internet in real-time. Purchased unlimited package from Tech Soup as a non-profit for a total of $46.00 per year.
  35. 35. Go To Meeting • Director’s Meetings • Staff Meetings • Online Educational Seminars Tournament Pairing Program GHIN Handicap Program Rules of Golf Handicapping Course Marking Course Rating
  36. 36. DROP BOX Cloud Based File Storage File Synchronization File Backup Remote Access File Sharing Public Access
  37. 37. Online Tee Times  TPP Online Registration for: Championships Special Events Junior Tour Events  Custom Tee Time Forms for: Weekly Events Senior Tour Events
  38. 38. Online Tee Times TPP Online Registration
  39. 39. Online Tee Times Custom Online Forms
  40. 40. 5) QuickBooks integration for GHIN billing 6) Increased online and site scoring capabilities 7) Social Media - Facebook & Twitter 8) Player of the Year points program 9) Expand use of MSGA University 10) eRevision and “A” Position Newsletters 11) Online quiz for club handicap certification / licensing 12) Google Analytics – web statistics 13) MSGA Prize Give-Away Program
  41. 41. QuickBooks Integration
  42. 42. QuickBooks Integration
  43. 43. Online Scoring
  44. 44. Online Scoring 9-Hole Scoring Strips
  45. 45. Online Scoring TPP OnCourse using Smartphones / Tablets
  46. 46. Onsite Scoring TPP Clubhouse Viewer
  47. 47. Onsite Scoring Onsite TV Leaderboard
  48. 48. Onsite Scoring Alpha - Scoreboards
  49. 49. Onsite Scoring Alpha - Scoreboards
  50. 50. Onsite Scoring
  51. 51. Social Media Facebook
  52. 52. Social Media Facebook - Juniors
  53. 53. Social Media MSGA Twitter Alerts
  54. 54. Player of the Year Points Program • Player of the Year • Senior Player of the Year • USGA State Team • Harris Cup
  55. 55. eRevision & “A” Position Newsletters
  56. 56. Club Licensing – Handicap Certification
  57. 57. Website Analytics
  58. 58. MSGA Prize Give-Away Program
  59. 59. 4 Major Goals Achieved • Transitioned into VOIP • Online meeting capabilities • Cloud file storage • Online tee time advances
  60. 60. Efforts to save staff time and expenses • QuickBooks integration • MSGA University Increased online presence • Online scoring • Social Media • Player of the Year Points • Newsletters • Prize Give-Away Web Analytics
  61. 61. For attending the 2012 Meeting of the MSGA! We look forward to working with you in the future for the betterment of the Game of Golf!