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Everything You Need to Know About Google +1

In this informative session, you'll learn everything you need to get started with Google +1.

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Everything You Need to Know About Google +1

  1. 1. Everything You Need to Know About Google +1
  2. 2. Welcome David Mynatt - Host Web Solutions Consultant Dealerskins Aileen Ott - Facilitator Marketing Director Dealerskins
  3. 3. Guest Speaker Ryan Pryor Director of Search & Analytics, Dealerskins
  4. 4. Audience Participation – To reduce background noise, audience members have been muted. – We encourage your questions. – Use the Questions text box on the GoTo Webinar side panel.
  5. 5. Housekeeping• All questions will be answered during webinar or offline• PowerPoint will be distributed after the webinar• Available anytime for additional information – Contact information will be posted at the end of the webinar
  6. 6. An Intro to
  7. 7. Overview• Quick Look: “Google +1” vs. “Google+”• Understanding the Google +1 World• Quick Look: Google “+1” vs. Facebook “Like”• Ok, so what do I DO with “Google +1”?• Watch out for “+1 Predators”
  8. 8. “Google +1” vs. “Google+”
  9. 9. “Google +1” vs. “Google+”Biggest Mistake Google’s Made in this whole “Plus” thing: Poor naming of Products! (what were they thinking?!)
  10. 10. “Google +1” Audience Poll
  11. 11. “Google +1” vs. “Google+” • Google +1 • Button displayed on the SERPs and now websites • Shows preference for your website / webpages • Google+ • Google’s new social network (Facebook rival) • Create friend / contact groupings – “circles” - and send messages to the “circles” of friends you choose • Start chat groups and watch “news feeds” • NOT for businesses…. Yet…
  12. 12. “Google+” • More like FaceBook, really… Just look at that page layout… “Share” status updates (tweets ?)
  13. 13. “Google+” Different than Facebook: • Designate friend “Circles” • Video streaming • Start chat “rooms”
  14. 14. What is Google +1? Let’s figure this thing out…
  15. 15. “Google +1” • Shows preference of your website (and pages) • +1 Button appears on SERPs and websites • Released for SERPs in early April • Released for websites on 6/1 • And now rolling toward mobile devices and YouTube, etc… although not there just yet. • Only appears on SERPs if you are logged into your Google account
  16. 16. “Google +1” • Repeat: Only appears on SERPs if you’re logged into your Google account: Gmail, AdWords, Analytics, etc. • Easy to “+1” then, just click and confirm! • Note: Google designed this to be very easy
  17. 17. “Google +1” • But WHY must you use your Google Account?! • The value of “+1” is entirely in the relationships it can show between you, your contacts, and your common interests (via search results)
  18. 18. “Google +1” • This may eventually enable Google to increase the relevance of your site to your contacts when it appears in the search listings by: • Increasing Click Through Rates (CTR) for your Paid and Organic listings • Increasing trust, interest, and engagement of your potential customers
  19. 19. “Google +1”
  20. 20. “Google +1”Organic PPC changes @ click
  21. 21. Google +1 Button SERPsHere’s what theSearch EngineResults Pages(SERPs)should startappearingover time…
  22. 22. Google +1 Button WebsitePlace it next tospecific contentOr with othersocial buttons
  23. 23. Google +1 Button Website“+1” ButtonShamelessPlug Alert !Check out theDealerskinsBlog!Dealerskinsblog.com
  24. 24. Facebook “Like” vs. Google +1
  25. 25. Facebook “Like” vs. Google +1• Similarities – Both show preference of something • Google = site; Facebook = anything – Both are attached to an individual person / profile• Differences (search or not) – Google +1 affects only the Google world (maybe) – Facebook “Likes” influence the Facebook world (well… maybe in the Bing world too)
  26. 26. Facebook “Like” vs. Google +1 • “The ‘Like’ button has allowed Facebook to spread its reach across the internet – but there’s a difference between simple site exposure and site ranking.” --Rimm-Kaufman Group Meaning: • Facebook promotes itself via others’ websites • Google promotes everything across itself and its other properties
  27. 27. “Google +1” Audience Poll
  28. 28. What Now…? • If you don’t have it on your site... Put it there! • Pretty quick and easy code • A few button styles available • Place it with any other social signal buttons • Is your site experience a good one? Make it better!
  29. 29. What Now…?• Adding the Button • Different button sizes • Including counters… or not Find the code and button options here: http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/
  30. 30. What Now…? • Don’t get carried away (yet)! • Not going to change the world this week  • Timothy Jordan, Google Developer, “Yes, +1’s may be a signal we use in ranking… and it would be among over 250 other signals we use in ranking.” • Not affecting actual ranking yet • Make sure you have Google Webmaster Tools setup on your site (Analytics)
  31. 31. “+1” and “+” Sharks
  32. 32. “+1” and “+” Sharks • Businesses offering to provide # of “+1’s” for a fee • Snake Oil !! • The same will happen soon with Google+ • Note: Google+ is currently NOT available to businesses • Similar to the companies that will provide you with # of FB “likes”
  33. 33. “+1” and “+” Sharks • If you want to spend money on Reputation Management there are places for doing that… but this is NOT one of them • If you have questions about such “businesses” check with your site providers first!
  34. 34. ? ? ? ? ? ? Questions ? ? ? ? ? ?34
  35. 35. Contact InformationRyan Pryor Aileen OttDealerskins Dealerskins615-627-9767 615-627-9794ryan.pryor@dealerskins.com aileen.ott@dealerskins.comDavid MynattDealerskins713-494-5389david.mynatt@dealerskins.com