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Amar akbar anthony_final Quiz

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A general quiz by Debapriya,Gopal & Saarthak,conducted on February 2016 @ Kolkata.

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Amar akbar anthony_final Quiz

  1. 1. Rules… • Full Bounce & Pounce Questions • Raise your hands to pounce during the given time only • First complete ans will fetch full points, it’ll be same during ‘Two Parts’ Questions also. • Last but not the least QM’s decision is final. • Thank You, have a blast
  2. 2. • First set of Questions are coming from Debapriya…
  3. 3. • 1.These are some of the mechanics used in the 19th century in Europe. Now tell me what was the use of these mechanics?
  4. 4. • Ans- Safety Coffin, device for indicating life in buried person.
  5. 5. 2.Connect…think laterally (exhaustive)
  6. 6. • Ans- Name of the three movies for which RD Burman won his three Filmfares. • 42+Love Stoory=1942 a love story • Poster of movie Masoom(New) • Song of movie Saanam Teri Kasam(New)
  7. 7. • 3.Montague Druitt was a member of MCC & also played for the prominent London club Blackheath. As a bowler, he took five wickets for Bournemouth against the touring Parsees from India in 1888 but Druitt was found drowned in December of that year. Why is he a topic in the quiz circle?
  8. 8. • Ans- He was one of the main suspects as the ‘Jack the Ripper’.
  9. 9. • 4.This is a tropical forest near Entebbe,Uganda. It means ‘Overgrown’ in the Luganda language. The forest is proected & restricted to scientific research. The forest carves an area of about 62 acres. The forest is accessible to visitors for bird watching. Former US President Jimmy Carter once visited the forest for that purpose. Almost 7 decades ago something was first found in this forest & was named after it. It’s in the news recently. What is that?
  10. 10. • Ans- Zika Virus.
  11. 11. • 5.The first thing Jean Jullien did when he heard the news was reach for paper & his paintbrush. He sketch a simple image on his lap. Late on that evening he posted it on to his Instragam & Twitter pages. This sketch became viral all around the world instantly. What did he sketch?
  12. 12. Ans- Peace for Paris logo.
  13. 13. 6.Saint Thomas was one of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus Christ, according to the New Testament. He came to India to spread Christianity but was killed in Mylapore,near Chennai in 72. This place was uninhabited before the arrival of Portuguese around 1470. the land was right on the equator and wet enough to grow sugar in wild. The duties on the island’s sugar crop were paid to the ‘Prince of Potugal’. Later the country was named after the combination of these two (St. Thomas & Prince of Potugal).Name it. Next Slide – Flag of the country.
  14. 14. • Ans- Sao Tome & Principe
  15. 15. • 7.Neil Horan,an Irish had a desire to visit Maringa,Brazil to meet Vanderlei de Lima. Neil told, ”I’ve always wanted to apologize to Vanderlei & I’ve tried to contact him lots of times but haven’t heard back. What I did was very wrong & it’s played on my mind ever since”. Why did he want to meet him to apologize?
  16. 16. • Ans- He obstructed him to deny the 2004 Olympic Gold in Marathon.
  17. 17. • 8. Hindustani is a local language here. It’s a variety of Awadhi that was influenced by Bhojpuri & other Bihari languages. • The first ever Hindustani movie,named ‘Kanoon Se Rishta’ by Vishwa Naidu was released in 1995. The film industry is called “Bulawood” in this part. Just id the place.
  18. 18. • Ans- Fiji
  19. 19. ( 1 ) • This biochemist, doctor, writer, and scientist & founder of Santiago School of Medicine,took a leave from his medical studies to co-operate his friend for a particular task in 1952 (PiC DepictS) thus a literary masterpiece was created. • Which Literary Work ?
  20. 20. ANSWER
  21. 21. ( 2 ) • Produced by David O.Selznick (pic ), Rebecca (1940 ) was Hitchcock’s 1st project in America. • What subject did the Producer originally propose on which another movie has been made almost five & half decade later of Rebecca?
  22. 22. ( 3 ) • On 26th January 2016, in India- Australia 1st T20 Match, Shaun Tait Bowled an Inconsistent 1st 2 overs. On 1st ball,3rd ball & 5th Ball , He Bowled outside of the Off stump & Rest 3 balls He bowled on the Leg side & Rohit Sharma made full use of his inconsistency. • To describe Shaun Tait’s Pitch Map, Harsha Bhogle stated that, ‘Looks like Tait took Inspiration from _________’. • According to Bhogle ‘What’ inspired Tait ?
  23. 23. ( 4 ) • This Masterpiece of road design is one of the beautiful features of Kargil to Leh route. There are 23 such bends in just 32 kms and is officially called The Hangru loops. • But local people & tourists gave another sweet name of this Spot. What ?
  24. 24. ( 5 ) • X acted in This Film & Y was The Clapper Boy of this film. During The shooting, X – Y met Together For first Time & Rest is History. • Identify X & Y
  25. 25. ANSWER X = SALIM Y = JAVED
  26. 26. ( 6 ) • A practising lawyer, named Thakur Chandan Kumar Singh has filed a complaint case against X in a court in Sitamarhi, north Bihar. • Complaint Stated X’s WIFE was exiled for no fault of hers for almost one & half decades. • Singh cited this as an instance of a non- cognisable offence committed by X towards his wife, who was later found innocent of charges for which she was sought to be punished. • Identify X.
  27. 27. ( ANSWER ) •LORD RAMA
  28. 28. ( 7 ) • X is a lagoon on the island of Oahu, Hawaii, west of Honolulu. • Three types of planes A6M (Zeroes), B5N (Kates) and D3A (Vals) made X a well known entity in the World of History. • Identify X
  29. 29. ( ANSWER )
  31. 31. ANSWER
  32. 32. That’s end of the first phase off Questions
  33. 33. • Gopal will start the second set off questions…
  34. 34. ( 1 ) • Monte Cassino is a rocky hill about 130 kilometres southeast of Rome. it is best known for its historic abbey. St. Benedict of Nursia established his first monastery here around 529. In the Italian campaign of the Second World War, What were the code words used by allied forces to signal their attack on the Monte Cassino monastery?
  35. 35. Answer • "Bradman will be batting tomorrow“.
  36. 36. 2.Connect…laterally
  37. 37. ANSWER
  38. 38. ( 3 ) Which brand , got success after adopted by both the British and American armies in World War I, currently owned by S. C. Johnson was first made in Melbourne Australia in 1906 by Scotsman William Ramsay who named it after the home land of his wife, Annie Elizabeth Meek Ramsay?
  39. 39. Answer • The polish was developed in Australia by William Ramsay who named it Kiwi after the flightless bird endemic to New Zealand, the home country of his wife, Annie Elizabeth Meek Ramsay. Its success in Australia expanded overseas when it was adopted by both the British and American armies in World War I.
  40. 40. ( 4 ) We all know the crime of Tantalus & element named after him. “Y” was the first daughter of Tantalus. She married the king of Thebes called Amphion. Which soft, grey, ductile transition metal with atomic number 41 comes from her name?
  41. 41. Ans • Niobium, formerly columbium, is
  42. 42. (5) • The Central Siberian Plateau lying between the Yenisei and The ‘X’ river ’(in the pic) Which is the easternmost of the three great Siberian rivers that flow into the Arctic Ocean. It is the 11th longest river in the world. In February 1897, ‘Y’ was exiled to the Central Siberian Plateau without trial for 3 years & inspired to take his pen name When he saw this river. Which famous pen name am I talking about?
  43. 43. Answer • Lenin.
  44. 44. (6) • Swararaj Shrikant , according to an industry source, had attended a film function organized by some production house by the name of Coffee productions at the JW Marriott hotel in 2005 where he had made an announcement that he will be directing a film for Amitabh Bachchan. But for reasons best known his film career did not take off and a film on the same lines got made in the form of Ek Ajnabi that was directed by Apoorva Lakhia. How is he batter known to us?
  45. 45. Answer… • Raj Shrikant Thackeray.
  46. 46. (7) • King Richard II of England, who reigned from 1377 to 1399, is widely believed] to have invented the “X” as surviving documents written by his courtiers describe his use of “X. • Certainly they were in existence by Shakespeare's time and A “X” is an important plot device in his play Othello. • Marie Antoinette persuaded Louis XVI of France to pass a law stating that ‘it’ had to be square in shape. • What means " covering the head,“ am I talking about?
  47. 47. Ans… Handkerchief. This term came from two French words: couvrir, which means “to cover,” and chef, which means “head.”
  48. 48. ( 8 ) This customary 'ceremony’ presented each year on the last working day of February ' in which a sweet dish is prepared in large quantity and served to all people involved with it as a part of the Indian tradition of having something sweet before starting an important work. During the week they stay hair & have no means of communicating with the outside world. What is this “ceremony” called?
  49. 49. Ans… 'Halwa ceremony' The Union Budget of India. The printing of Budget documents starts……
  50. 50. Debapriya again with his last set off questions… • Anticlockwise plz…
  51. 51. • 1. Solve the equation to get a name after whom something in Kolkata was named.
  52. 52. • Ans- RG Kar Medical College was named after Radha Gobinda Kar (RG Kar). • (RADHA)nath siksar+Guru (GOBIND) singh+Bimal (KAR)
  53. 53. • 2.Id this Bengali classical singer.
  54. 54. • Ans- Sukumar Samajpati,Football legend.
  55. 55. • 3.There are many disputes & stories related origin of this. One of them says it has come from a now extinct plant Silphium which was a plant that was used in classical antiquity as a seasoning and as a medicine. It was the essential item of trade from the ancient North African city of Cyrene, and was so critical to the Cyrenian economy that most of their coins bore a picture of the plant. Some silver coins from Cyrene of the 6–5th century BCE have depiction of the fruit/seed of this plant also. These fruits/seeds are responsible for the claim of the origin of this. What is thought to be originated by these?
  56. 56. • Ans- Heart/Love Shape.
  57. 57. • 4. ‘X’ has a terrific business mind & when he had seen ‘Y’ as the possible competitor in near future he did a cruel experiment in public & himself recorded the video. Id ‘X’ & ‘Y’.
  58. 58. • Ans- X-Thomas Alva Edison • Y- AC Current • He had the patent of DC Current but when AC Current was discovered,being frightened he wanted to prove the “Danger of AC Current”.
  59. 59. • 5.Id the singer & the movie…
  60. 60. • Ans- Anand Bakshi &
  61. 61. • 6.Who’s missing in this exhaustive list of four?
  62. 62. • Ans- Shrutikriti,wife of Shatrughna. • Others are… • Urmila (Urmila Matondkar)-wife of Laxman • Seeta (Seeta Aur Geerta movie)-wife of Rama • Mandovi (River Mandovi)-wife of Bharat
  63. 63. (7) • Zimbabwe tour of India, • 2nd Test: India v Zimbabwe at Delhi, Feb 28- Mar 4, 2002 • India won by 4 wickets in a ‘Rank Turner’ • 30th over in the 2nd innings of Zimbabwe • The over reads • What is special about this over?
  64. 64. • Ans- only over in international cricket where Zaheer Khan bowled spin. • #ThankYouZaheer
  65. 65. • 8.According to Guinness Book the maximum gathering for a particular reason happened at the Flanders Expo Halls in Ghent, Belgium, on 11 December 2010 with 2,280 people. • Why did they gather there?
  66. 66. • Ans- ‘Quizzing’ • The winning team Café De Kastaar from Leuven consisted of Marnix Baes, Erik Derycke, Eric Hemelaers, Bart Permentier and Tom Trogh.
  67. 67. • That’s end of the second phase…
  68. 68. • Gopal will start the second set off questions…
  69. 69. 1.Connect…
  70. 70. Ans… G.T. Road. description of the Grand Trunk Road in ‘Kim’, unarguably his greatest work: • Grand Trunk Road is a wonderful spectacle. It runs straight, bearing without crowding India’s traffic for fifteen hundred miles—such a river of life as nowhere else exists in the world.
  71. 71. • 2. This is a advertisement published in a news paper in 1932. • Over two months later, on May 12, 1932, his body was discovered.] A medical examination determined that the cause of death was a massive skull fracture. • After two year, Richard Hauptmann was arrested and sentenced to death by electric chair at the New Jersey State Prison on April 3, 1936. • The result that the United States Congress adopted a federal Act Which is popularly known after this incident. What?
  72. 72. Ans… • Lindbergh Law. After Churls Lindberg Jr.
  73. 73. • 3.According to the biblical account ”X” was given supernatural strength by God in order to combat his enemies and perform heroic feats such as killing a lion. • Which product, founded in Denver, Colorado in 1910 by Jesse Schwayder & named after this Biblical strongman?
  74. 74. Ans… • Samsonite.
  75. 75. 4.Connect (exhaustive)
  76. 76. Answer • Lata Mangeshkar has produced four films: • 1953 - Vaadal (Marathi) • 1953 - Jhaanjhar (Hindi), co-produced with C. Ramchandra • 1955 - Kanchan (Hindi) • 1990 - Lekin... (Hindi).
  77. 77. (5) • Herman _____was a Dutch ophthalmologist , earning his medical degree in 1858 & working as an assistant physician at the Netherlands Hospital for Eye Patients & took over directorship of the Hospital for Patients. While working their he developed something which rapidly become the global standard of a certain field What?
  78. 78. Ans… • Snellen chart.
  79. 79. (6) • This breed of dog, the only dog mentioned by name in the Bible, is generally seems come from its color. But it got its name from the native name of a certain country from where they come from. Which breed of dog often used as a mascot by sports teams, both professional and amateur am I talking about?
  80. 80. Ans… • The Greyhound is a very old breed of dog, a sighthound which has been historically bred for coursing game and latterly Greyhound racing.
  81. 81. (7) • “X”is a 1972 Bollywood movie directed by Narender Bedi most remembered for its songs by R.D. Burman Which is exat copy of this 1970 Bengali movie directed by Salil Sen & Music by R. D. Burman. Id the Bengali movie.
  82. 82. Ans…Rajkumari
  83. 83. (8) Jean de Villemain ______ was the French ambassador in Portugal, who sent tobacco seeds imported from Americas to the French King in 1560 & promoted their medicinal use Which was believed to protect against illness, particularly the plague. What has been named after his surname?
  84. 84. • Nicotine.
  85. 85. • Saarthak will do the final set of this Quiz in ‘Anticlockwise’ direction…
  86. 86. ( 1 ) • What is the Name Of the Pattern that results where a Stock Price reaches A peak & Declines; Rises above its Former peak & again declines; & rises a 3rd but Not to the 2nd Peak; & then Again Declines, Also share it’s name with a P & G Product?
  87. 87. ANSWER
  88. 88. ( 2 ) • Ayarton SENNA’s Funeral was broadcast live on Brazillian TeleVision. An Estimated 3 million people Gathered there including Alain Prost, JaCkie Stewart Etc. Two notable Absentees were F.O.M President Bernie Ecclestone as Senna’s Family Didn’t allow Him & Other One was FIA President Max Mosley. • My q is What Was the Reason behind Mosley’s Absent ?
  89. 89. ANSWER • HE ATTENDED Roland Ratzenberger’s Funeral which took place in Austria.
  90. 90. ( 3 ) • After _________, King of Caria died, his wife Artemisia was grief stricken. After his body had been buried, she mixed his ashes with water and drank them off. A word has been Derived From The name of the King, Which is largely associated with his wife’s action to Keep His memory Alive. Which Word ?
  91. 91. • Answer…
  93. 93. Answer…
  94. 94. ( 5 ) • She was Born in Faridpur District, in 1915. Her father was Kaliprasanna. In her Childhood , she joined ‘Anushilan Samity’. • She took active part in ‘Titagarh SHARAJANTRA’. Her assistant was Uma sarkar & Sunila sen. • She was also Very close to Netaji & became a part of Forward Block.She died on 1st Feb 1988. • Her name is not often remembered but her namesake who lived 174 KM Away from Faridpur, , is Hugely Popular , & a fictional heartthrob of her creator. • Id her.
  95. 95. ANSWER
  96. 96. ( 6 ) • Herzogenaurach is a small town in GERMANY. A small river flows in the centre part of the town. • WRITTER BARBARA SMIT, IN HER BOOK ‘PITCH INVASION’ , STATED THAT, THIS TOWN WAS CALLED ; ‘ ‘THE TOWN OF BENT NECKS’ SINCE 1940’S. WHY IT WAS CALLED SO?
  97. 97. ( ANSWER )
  99. 99. ( ANSWER )
  100. 100. ( 8 ) • CONNECT ALL
  101. 101. THANK YOU…