Dimensions Of Culture

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8 Nov 2010

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Dimensions Of Culture

  1. What Is Culture ? Culture as “ways of living” Culture is learned, not innate
  2. MEXICO - Wards off hunger INDIA - Wards off evil Never underestimate the importance of local knowledge
  3. Dimensions of Culture Hofstedes culture Dimensions
  4. Power Distance • The degree of inequality that exists – and is accepted by the people with or without the power.
  5. Characteristics of PD High • Centralized • Large Gap in Compensation and authority Low • Flatter Organisation • Supervisors and Employees are almost equal
  6. Individualism • Refers to the Strength of the ties people have to others within the community.
  7. Characteristics of Individualism High • Respect For Privacy • An Enjoyment of Challenges, and an expectation of rewards for hardwork Low • Emphasis on building skills and becoming masters of something • Work for Intrinsic rewards
  8. Masculinity Vs Femininity • Refers how the society sticks with and values, traditional male and female roles • A masculine culture emphasizes status derived from wages and positions. • A Feminine culture emphasizes on human relations and quality of life.
  9. Uncertainty Avoidance • Relates to the degree of anxiety society members feel when in uncertain and unknown situations.
  10. Characteristics Of Uncertainty Avoidance High • Very formal Business conduct with lots of rules and regulations • Need and expect structure • Difference are avoided Low • Informal Business Attitude • More concern with the long term strategy • Accepting of change and risk
  11. Long term Orientation • Refers to how much society values long standing – as opposed to short term – traditional values
  12. Characteristics Of Long Term Orientation High • Strong work ethic • High value placed on education and training • Hesitant to introduce changes Low • High Creativity and mind set to introduce change
  13. Culture & Management Styles in Selected Countries
  14. Culture of Japan
  15. Cultural Pattern Of Japan • Japanese are a Homogeneous People • Reject Foreign Influences • Principles of Wa • Masculine Culture • Uncertainty avoidance
  16. Largest country located in central Europe GERMANY
  17. Cultural Pattern Of Germany • Planning & Orderliness • Long term thinking • Low Power Distance • High Quality • High Technical Knowledge
  18. World’s largest Communist Country CHINA
  19. Cultural Patterns of CHINA • Investments in work organizations, both in human and monetary terms are regarded as long term. • Four Cultural Characteristics • Persistence • Respect for relationship • Thrift • Sense of Shame
  20. Culture of Mexico
  21. Cultural Pattern Of Mexico • Collectivism • Higher Power Distance • Higher uncertainty Avoidance • No Value for time • More Formalities • Importance towards family • Negotiation is a long process
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