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Digital marketing training 101

  2. INDEPENDENT SITES PARTNER SITES SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNEL MARKETING Retail co-op marketing Retail site ads Retail loyalty programs Comparison site ads/ & sponsorship Review site ads & sponsorship SEO SEM Display Mobile SEM Mobile Display YouTube Sponsorship Facebook Display Branded Retailer Sites Branded Carrier Sites Review Sites Country dotcoms Global Dotcom B2B Sites Email Marketing Mobile Site Mobile Sites Global SNS Country SNS Facebook YouTubeTwitter Facebook YouTubeTwitter Audience Specific Audience Specific PAID MEDIA OWNED AND EARNED MEDIA Mobile SEO YOUR BRAND The Digital Ecosystem in 2013
  3. What is POE!!!! 3
  4. Definitions and Media Types 4
  5. Earned media … and Social Viral Media example!!!
  6. Guidance in Strategy by Influence consumer purchasing decisions UK Consumers’ purchase behavior research, Nielson (2012) Key Digital Influencer
  7. Defining the Digital Marketing KPI’s What Key Performance Indicators are you Tracking?
  8. campaign objectives/ KPI setting TA analysis post buy competitive (tactics) tools selection sites, formats, targeting's, forecasts analytics/ reviewing KPI’s Planning approach
  9. Impressions - a single instance of an online advertisement being displayed Reach – number of unique users who saw the advertisement Frequency – amount of times a specific user is shown a particular advertise. Click-through rate (CTR) - the average number of click- through per hundred ad impressions, expressed as a percentage. Unique click-through rate (CTRU) - the average number of click-through per hundred users reached, expressed as a percentage. Conversion rate – The percentage of visitors who take a desired action. CPM - Cost per thousand impressions. CPM is used by Internet marketers to price ad banners. The letter "M" in the abbreviation is the Roman numeral for one thousand. CPC - Cost per click CPC is measured as: Budget for position / Number of clicks CPT - Cost per thousand unique contacts (users reached). Target reach – share of target audience (among Internet users) covered by ad campaign Targeting accuracy – share of target audience in overall ad campaign reach
  10. Conversion Conversion marketing Attraction efficiency Targeting Engagement efficiency Conversion efficiency Audience reach Performance drivers Key outcomes Site visitors Unique clicks Active visitors Click Thru (CTR) Conversion Repeat Visit Purchases/ orders
  11. TRAFFIC Investment traffic forms Natural Search Paid Search: Display Ads: SProjects: Investment Traffic Natural Search ~30% ~70% Paid Search Display Ads Special Projects Yandex Google FB, VK Only 10% of All Runet Users clicks on banners* Almost 100% can see that Display banner advertising raises the number of site visits by an average of 72%; Increases the likelihood that users will use words that are seen in advertisements for the subsequent search for products in other systems (94%)* *ComScore, Natural Born Clickers in Russia, april 2011 SITE BANNER
  12. Dwell time – minutes per session Depth of visit - average number of site pages downloaded by user Bounce rate- represents the percentage of visitors who enter the site and "bounce" (leave the site) rather than continue viewing other pages within the same site. Total number of visitors viewing one page only/ total entries to page Attrition rate -percentage of site visitors that are lost at each stage in making a purchase. .
  13. PLANNING AD-SERVING AND TRACKING ANALYTICS TNS Adriver Adriver TNS Atelier Atlas Omniture FOM Double click Live OS Comscore Xaxis Yandex metrics TGI Media Mind Sophus Open sources (Liveinternet, Rambler Top 100, Mail stat) MIG Suite Google Analytics Reach, target reach, frequency Affinity, web preferences, Audience intersection Impressions, reach, frequency, Clicks, unique clicks, CTR, CPM, CPT Visitors, passing index, buying indicators, dwell time, depth of visit, bounce rate, attrition rate, leads, CPA Digital tools and types of data
  14. •1. TNS Web Index. •The main objective of Web Index project is providing information on Internet-sites audience size and scope based on 10K+ online panel and tracking counters installed on the most popular web sites. The key parameters are: • Sites reach per day week/month, . • Social-demographic scope on Internet-sites audience (gender, age, occupation, income, education, family size). • Internet using frequency etc •2. Comscore Media Metrix. •Tool has the similar functionality to Web Index but with several important advantages: • Larger panel for Russia (30K+) • Analysis of wider audience 15+ and not only big cities • More broadened list of sites including foreign resources •3. Comcon TGI (Target Group Index) •TGI is a wide scale survey of goods and services consumption and media audiences including: • Consumption data (more than 400 categories of goods and services) • Media preferences (including online) • Lifestyle preferences (200 lifestyle statements for interests, psychographic typology etc) Audience and site selection analysis tools
  15. •1. Atelier. •Planning software developed by TNS allows digital planners analyze the following parameters: • Site`s ranking • Building the Audience crossing maps • Forecasting of Targeted Reach across planning campaign • Timing optimization •2. Adriver + TNS. •Special tool allows to measure audience which was reached by online campaign: • Number of total unique visitors which seen each online ad • Their demographic profile (age, gender, income and other attributes which are measured by TNS) • Total demographic profile for all campaign Planning optimization tools
  16. How can we measure & manage KPI’s? • ROI analysis • Customers tracking (promo codes / calling / leaflets) 16 • Post-click analysis • Conversion optimization • Audit • Daily monitoring • Operative management • Cost optimization Ad platform Website LG Agency responsibility
  17. • Imagine if the W-A tool stretched to retailer websites • Now imagine if all the buying models changed so you paid less for the the publishers that didn't work so well. (CPA models) • Or imagine that when there's a surplus of inventory, we can pay less for it without having to renegotiate. Or we could outbid our competitors to block them from being seen.(bid engines) • Or imagine as experience grows, we approach all the vendors to supply us only the people who are more likely to convert.(DSPs) 17 Prospectives
  18. 18 Image, promo Reach & frequency - Affinity Sites with wide reach/Thematic sites/Lifestyle Big formats, rich media, non standard, integration Permanent period/CPM Sales/actions Max clicks / leads Min CPC/CPL Sites with wide reach/Thematic sites/Search Text links, small & medium banners, informers CPC, CPA, Frequency capping Loyalty building Reach, quality of contact, contact duration, Interactions, participants Sites with wide reach, thematic sites, services Announcements, cross promo support, content or game or Service project Project price Objectives KPI Tools Formats Campaign models across types Awareness Max ad recall, top of mind Buying model Number of sales, / actions Positive feedback
  19. Index portals Mass Media Thematic Social Media Search Video CPM 90 RUR 160 RUR 180 RUR 15 RUR - 680 RUR CPT 350 RUR 750 RUR 650 RUR 360 RUR - 900 RUR CTR 0,19% 0,15% 0,4 % 0,05% - 4,7% CPC 50 RUR 110 RUR 45 RUR 27 RUR 23 RUR 15 RUR Average statistics across categories
  20. Different formats efficiency. MTS example RichMedia Standard Interactive Video CTR 0, 12 % CTR 0,20% CTR 1,67% CTR 1,55% Response: CPC: 67% 60% Response: CPC: 1 295% Response: CPC: 1 194% 53%15% Conclusion: video & rich-media provide 10 times higher response in comparison to standard banners Non standard banners usage enables to optimize CPC
  21. Index Standard banner Rich Banner Full screen Video banners Pre-roll Post-Roll Text block CPM 65 RUR 200 RUR 525 RUR 35 RUR 330 RUR 320 RUR 15 RUR CPT 400 RUR 630 RUR 640 RUR 700 RUR 1 300 RUR 460 RUR 500 RUR CTR 0,14% 0,49% 0,9% 0,12% 6% 7% 0,08%- 0,1% CPC 46 RUR 41 RUR 60 RUR 20 RUR 9 RUR 5 RUR 12-15 RUR Average statistics across creative type
  22. Examples and Cases of Earned Media Campaigns!
  23. How brands in India are leveraging social
  24. Brands: Common challenges faced by social media marketers basedondiscussionwith20seniormarketersinIndia Tacticalapproach 87% Lackoffocusontherightopportunities DisconnectonKPI’s 94% 81% 76% Digitalandtraditionaldivide 78%87% Dysfunctionalprocesses+governance
  25. Brands: Mixed results Use online contests, offline programs and sticky content to drive engagement. Consistent evaluation of engagement, engaging content, real-time conversations and customer support.
  26. Brands: Standard Chartered Bank isusingaunconventionalbrandedchanneltopromotecardproducts.
  27. Brands: Successfully leverage video withinterestingandrelevantcontent Sunsilk innovated with an interactive channel. Brands like Samsung, Nokia and Axe have transferred their Facebook loyalty to YouTube
  28. Brands: Entertainment channels dominate YouTube
  29. Brands: Viral videos are finding favor with marketers and users ‘Big Idea’ concepts drive better viewership
  30. What we learned about Samsung India
  31. Content: Publishing a variety of formats to drive engagement Use of video adds variety to posts on Timeline Clear calls to action and shortened trackable links are ideal
  32. Brand/Fan interaction inspires others to engage as well Community: LettinguserspostdirectlytoFBwall
  33. Community: Using Facebook’s features to the fullest Mission and Community Rules are clearly set forth Includes other social links Cover photo communicates authenticity/national pride
  34. Community: Responses are inconsistent across channels Spam YouTube
  35. Amplification: Using keyword rich titles help direct users How-to videos are often the most popular on YouTube
  36. Amplification: Descriptions not optimized for SEO Tags should be keyword optimized for Search Engine Optimization
  37. Overview: Hampton Hotels Part of the Hilton family, Hampton has over 1,800 locations around the world including North America, Europe and India
  38. Create a holistic strategy to drive business objectives “Bringing guests and prospects closer to Hampton by building the brand and filling available moments with the essence of Hamptonality around the world.”
  39. Used insights to create multi-platform content Original Video Engaging Formats Photo Assets
  40. Published content across the Hampton social ecosystem
  41. Drove conversation with community management Proactively addressing customer service Developing relationships with advocates Cultivating conversation
  42. Amplified reach with paid social Promoted Tweets Facebook Sponsored Stories
  43. Driving measureable results for Hampton Hotels © HSAd/iCrossing 2M YouTube Views in 3 weeks 46% increase in Earned impressions over 3 months 57% increase in FB fans over 3 months
  44. whats next..???

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  1. * We don’t use all these tools as yet.. But we just received access last week to most last week, which we can start using.