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Science 3 3rd long

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Science 3 3rd long

  1. 1. Lou Darvinci School Inc. Lamar Village, San Mateo, Rizal Third Grading Period Long Test Science III Name: ____________________________________________________________ Score: ________ Teacher: Dennis Bonifacio Batoy Date: _______________ I. Read each question carefully. Then encircle the letter of the correct answer. 1. Which of these substances is used in cleaning clothes? a. Oil c. Detergent b. Alcohol d. Gasoline 2. Which of the following objects are made of brittle materials? a. Aluminum pan c. Plastic Rope b. Wooden chair d. Drinking Glass 3. Gold can be hammered into rings or earrings. What property does gold have? a. Brittleness c. Malleability b. Hardness d. Strength 4. Which of these materials can you break by bending? a. A piece of steel c. a piece of iron b. A piece of chalk d. a piece of hardwood 5. Which of these substances has poison? a. Soap c. Insecticide b. Water d. Sugar 6. When a person sprays insecticide in a room, what should you do? a. Leave the room b. Play inside the room c. Eat inside the room d. Sleep in the room 7. Why should matches be kept in a place where children cannot reach them? a. They may break the matchsticks b. They may eat matches c. They may throw the matches away d. They may use the matches and play with fire. 8. How is sound produced? a. When an object is at rest b. When an object is vibrating c. When an object is moving d. When an object is changing its position?
  2. 2. 9. What do we called to the materials that allows some of the light to pass through? a. Opaque c. Transparent b. Translucent d. all of these 10.What happens to light when it strikes a clear glass window? a. Light is absorbed by the glass b. Light bounces off the glass c. Light passes through the glass window d. Light is blocked by the glass 11.What do you see when light is bent by prism? a. Black and white c. Red and green b. White and red d. Rainbow colors 12.Which is not a source of light? a. Firefly c. Oil b. Lamp d. Stars 13. What shape does a liquid take? a. Circular c. Any shape b. Long d. none of these 14.How many forms of matters? a. Four c. Three b. Two d. Five 15.Which does not an example of gas? a. Oxygen c. Fan b. Carbon dioxide d. Air in a balloon II. A. Classify each material if transparent shade it, translucent encircle it and if opaque draw a star. Shoes Paper Clear Cellophane Umbrella Sunglass Mug Onion paper Banana leaf Flat iron Lantern Bookshelf Tinted glass Roof Drinking glass Soda in can
  3. 3. B. Read the source of light. Write NATURAL on the blank if it is a natural light and write ARTIFICIAL on the blank if it is an artificial light. 1. Bon fire _______________ 6. Fluorescent lamp _______________ 2. Lightning _______________ 7. Comets _______________ 3. Matches _______________ 8. Lighter _______________ 4. Television _______________ 9. Lampshade _______________ 5. Firefly _______________ 10. Firecracker _______________ III. Choose the correct answer from each box below. 1. _______________ is the ability of metals to be hammered into different shapes. 2. Light passes through _______________ things. 3. The property of solids to easily break is _______________ 4. Light travels in _______________ lines 5. _______________ is a property of solids that tells if an object is soft or hard. 6. The capacity of being shaped by hammering or pressing is _______________ 7. _______________ is anything that occupies space and has mass. 8. Matter exists in four forms called the _______________ of matter. 9. Sunlight is _______________ light. It is made up of many colors 10. _______________ lights are not man-made. “Believe in yourself…. YOU can do it” /mnky0280