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Online Content Marketing

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A practical guide to leveraging your expertise and getting more business.

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Online Content Marketing

  1. 1. online content marketing.a practical guide to leveraging yourexpertise and getting more business. 1
  2. 2. vision: develop trust and serve your future customers If people trust you, they will prefer you Trust is gained through knowledge and reliability Knowledge can be captured in high quality content content Content can be created to last long and Content be distributed online at low cost. online Which is great news, because your future customers are online - searching for answers to practical questions! online 2
  3. 3. content marketing: what is it? “To me, a brand is trust” Steve Jobs defining content marketing* “ knowledge and creating and distributing relevant skills are acquired knowledge through experience and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage a clearly defined target audience - with the objective of driving profitable ” customer action. trust trust is based on knowledge when people trust you, they will prefer your business to the preference next* source: Joe Pulizzi 3
  4. 4. content marketing is about answering real questions business question answer leaddescription customer question or content created by the stepping stone to problem drives online user marketer provides the conversion is created behavior solution example “By the way, you might “Here’s a practical guide. “I want to buy a house. be interested in these It will help you manage How does that work?” attractive mortgage the process.” rates.” here’s where you built trust here’s where you develop preference for you towards action 4
  5. 5. some numbers 64% of marketers consider marketing budget spent on content marketing to be more content marketing important than advertising* 64% big small companies** companies** 18% 40% 23% 13% agree neutral disagree*marketers response to the statement that “content marketing is more important than advertising”** big is > 100 employees, small is < 100 employees 5
  6. 6. creating excellent ROI long term relevance better conversion = high value great ROI low cost content creation distribution cost 6
  7. 7. content in the marketing funnel content marketing awareness consideration decision action a person becomes there’s a willingness the decision on the ready to buy or aware of a problem to consider solutions actual solution is made use the solution to the problemEducate the audience! Help explore! Help decide! Make the deal!> familiarize them with > create set of buying > what to buy > make a great offer your product or arguments > where to buy service category inspirational video  buying guide  decision tree article on benefits  product overview  buying guide 7
  8. 8. moving from content tools to conversion awareness consideration decision action tools your website article content should be relevant - report* a cool tool cannot disguise video poor content + infographic whitepaper* conversion webinar* on your website newsletter demo instructional tools need to be available - checklist distribute it to your audience decision tree calculator case study* product spec sheet*these tools tend to be more suitably in B2B markets 8
  9. 9. measure – learn - adjust direct effect metrics and actions metric result possible actions cost of content too high  find other suppliers production  do it yourself  re-use / re-format existing contentset simple goals views on too low  change title / opening image> traffic that converts into customers content (be attractive!)  try other platforms  change placement on your sitedirect effect click-through- too low  change your content (make it> the metrics you can influence with actions rate (CTR) shorter, more practical, better looking)  improve call-to-actionmake it a habit! conversion too low  is the conversion path user-> check your metrics at least every week based on paths friendly? from content  improve deal attractiveness 9
  10. 10. getting more content Vimeo YouTubeoriginal content the core of your content marketing Scribd Pinterest strategy – adds most value to users distribute freely to online content sharing platforms Slideshare CheckZis original content reports articlescontent curation curated content use external online content to strengthen your content base act as an expert filter for your audience books presentations press releases videos 10
  11. 11. tips for great content creation be neutral People will distrust any organization which only promotes itself re-use Re-using and re-formatting your content is being smart address a real problem This will make the content relevant to your audience pay attention to style Beautiful content displays quality 11
  12. 12. tips for effective content distribution put it all on your own website It is an excellent place to show potential customers what you can do for them use multiple platforms Consider multiple formats (like text, video, lists, slideshows) and multiple platforms (like YouTube, CheckZis, Slideshare, Scribd ) tell the world Send press releases, messages on Twitter and posts on Facebook to tell the world about your new great piece of content 12
  13. 13. content sharing platforms the huge video platform the beautiful video platform website to share presentations and documents the place to share written documents collections of images and pictures sharing practical content in lists 13
  14. 14. aboutThe author CheckZis What do you need to do to buy a house? Or start a business? CheckZis helps people structure and solve practical problems like these with collaboratively created lists. The fixed format of the lists ensures a simple user experience. And contributing users are rewarded with free ads. To marketers, CheckZis provides an excellent opportunity to share knowledge, exhibit expertise and get business dennis saaltink leads.I’ve gained vast online media experience in various B2Cand B2B publishers in the Netherlands as a productmanager, online publisher and innovation manager at largemedia companies such as Sanoma Media. At ReedBusiness, I was ultimately appointed Chief StrategyOfficer.I’ve studied International Business at the University ofMaastricht.Currently, I’m the CEO and Founder of CheckZis.> dennis@checkzis.com 14