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CE: 2 units of Category 1 will be earned for each of the ...

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CE: 2 units of Category 1 will be earned for each of the ...

  1. 1. This three part series will guide participants through the comprehensive but easily learned modalities and treatment concepts in mastering esthetic dentistry. Discussion will include photography, prototype fabrication Where: Brian P. and usage, and the most conservative, least invasive, predictable restoration of anterior teeth to normal form and function with tooth colored materials. Each session Beverly Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics 436 North Roxbury Drive LeSage, will build and develop on the other, and all will show treatment options from Direct Composite Artistry, All- Ceramic Restorations (veneers and crowns), and Suite 100 Beverly Hills, CA 90210-5016 DDS Implants. All sessions will have close interaction and dialogue with Dr. LeSage and are being held in his new, state of the art facility- the Beverly Hills Institute of Dental When: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on the FAACD Esthetics. following days: Session One: Reaching your Esthetic Outcome September 17, 2008 Potential October 29, 2008 November 11, 2008 Dr. Brian P. LeSage graduated magna cum laude with This session will focus on the use of photography, the Omicron Kappa Upsilon Honor Dental Society award diagnosis and treatment planning, and the use of from the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Prototypes to maximize your esthetic enhancement CE: 2 units of Category 1 will be earned Dental Surgery in 1983. Dr. LeSage has actively procedures. A quick overview of dental photography and integrated academic pursuits with a private practice, first which views are essential to aid in making a for each of the sessions for a total of 6 in Washington D.C., and now for the last 18 years in comprehensive esthetic treatment plan will be discussed. units. Beverly Hills, California, emphasizing aesthetic and Once the clinician has developed a comprehensive reconstructive dentistry. treatment plan, learn how prototypes act a definitive diagnostic tool in guiding the team through to patient satisfaction. Multiple cases involving direct composite Tuition: $195 for 3 sessions His national, as well as international symposia lectures, offer the most current inroads in cosmetic dentistry. His restorations, veneers and implants will be shown. (includes dinner) presentations range from ½ day or 1 day lectures, as well as hands-on sessions and courses. Dr. LeSage Session Two: Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Using teaches practical, attainable techniques in adhesive and Composites for all Ages This study group series is limited to dentist cosmetic dentistry, to help clinicians raise their level of members of the Los Angeles Dental expertise and change their dental practice philosophy. This session will focus on the use of composites to replace and replicate the strength and beauty of natural Society only. Because space is very Dr. LeSage is one of 280 accredited cosmetic dentists in tooth structure. Learn how to use tints, and layering limited to the first 15 registrants, we expect the worldwide American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry techniques to create maverick colors and re-establish the that participants will attend all three (AACD). In 1995, he was appointed a Consultant and nuances and depths of color found in dentin and enamel. Open discussion will include the different composite sessions and, therefore, no refunds will be Examiner for the AACD accreditation process. He was awarded the status of Fellow in the AACD, the 32nd, in classifications and what are the clinical applications for a issued for missed sessions. 2002. Presently, Dr. LeSage is the Fellowship Chair with hybrid, microfill or nanofiller. Finishing and polishing and the AACD, and honored to be an ADA seminar series there effect on the longevity of these minimally invasive speaker. He is also a Fellow with the AGD. procedures will be demonstrated. Parking: After 6pm there is metered parking on Roxbury. However, there is also public parking Dr. LeSage is the founder and director of the University of Session Three: Minimally Invasive Dentistry: Using available in parking structures located on the right California, Los Angeles, (UCLA ) Aesthetic Continuum All-Ceramic Restorations and left after crossing over Little Santa Monica Levels I and II. These programs teach practicing between Little and Big Santa Monica. dentists the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. He is This session will focus on how to minimize removal of also the director and founder of The Beverly Hills tooth structure when an indirect restoration is indicated. Institute of Dental Esthetics, which is the only dental When is a veneer best indicated and predictable? teaching institute in the world that exclusively offers Discussion will include no prep to conventional custom, individual to small group programs. The Beverly preparations techniques, with a protocol in the middle that Hills Institute of Dental Esthetics is truly a one of a kind with today’s literature makes the most sense. The role of teaching environment, in a state of the art facility, where prototypes and an easily learned technique for their the clinicians individual needs are catered to. fabrication will be covered. Some bonding and delivery protocols will also be covered in an open forum.
  2. 2. Registration Information Los Angeles Dental Society Name (please print) Presents _________________________________ Address ___________________________ Truly __________________________________ Phone _____________________________ Minimally e-mail: _____________________________ Method of Payment Invasive Check Enclosed $_______ Credit Card: AMEX, Visa, MC Dentistry in a No. ________________________________ Expiration Date ______3-Digit Code ______ Contemporary Billing statement zip code: _____________ Dental Signature: ___________________________________ Practice Return to: Los Angeles Dental Society A Study Group Series 3660 Wilshire Boulevard, #1152 Los Angeles, CA 90010 September 17, 2008 Fax/Phone Reservations (Credit Card Only) Fax (213) 380-7672 October 29, 2008 Phone (213) 380-7669 November 11, 2008 Moderated by
  3. 3. Dr. Brian LeSage Class Size Limit: 15 Filled on a First Come/First Serve Basis