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WorkFlow Presentation at Phili

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For session at Drupaldephia http://drupaldelphia.com/program/schedule/sessions/spin-build-deploy-blow-away-%E2%80%93-automate-widgettheme-development-drush

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WorkFlow Presentation at Phili

  1. 1. WorkFlow By Margots Kapacs at DesignsSquare.com
  2. 2. Intro I am from Latvia currently living in MN Founded DesignsSquare.com around August, 2013 Started on WorkFlow year ago and turned into Drush Tool in past 3 weeks
  3. 3. Issue & Solution Issue: Its time consuming building, deploying & configuring themes & widgets in Drupal Solution: Drush Tool that automates the process of building, deploying and configuring assets for Drupal
  4. 4. About WorkFlow Drush commands to install, build, deploy and configure Versions and manages code from github Provides a way to automate and share common tasks
  5. 5. Start In 2 Steps 1. Install Workflow https://github.com/makapacs/workflow 2. Grab Workflow Sandbox https://github.com/makapacs/workflow-sandbox Note: See docs for help http://designssquare.com/workflow-docs
  6. 6. Terminology Assets – the end product(i.e theme, plugin, addon,etc) Artifact – a module or theme part of the asset Blueprint – the make file for asset or package Actions – declarative tasks(i.e config_video, enable_dev,etc) Package - deliverable to be installed on another site
  7. 7. Demo 1. Spin new instance 2. Deploy Theme Espresso 3. Configure Theme Espresso 4. Load Sample Data For Kickstart 5. Deploy & Configure Widget Blog 6. Configure Editor 7. Configure Video 8. Configure Audio 9. Deploy &Configure Widget Portfolio
  8. 8. 1 min Drama Can it be done 1 min?
  9. 9. Profilers Profiler - takes and combines the process per profile Issue: Unproductive to type a lot of drush commands Solution: Profiler automates the drush commands for each asset It has its own make file
  10. 10. Map Widget Develop Widget - Map from scratch
  11. 11. Other Developers commands Different way to deliver via blueprint Deploy in 3 different ways
  12. 12. Summary WorkFlow automates the process building, developing and configuring widgets and themes Adds capabilities to manage multiple artifacts at once Easy to install with sample WorkFlow sandbox
  13. 13. Connect @designssquare at twitter makapacs at github.com email: contact@designssquare.com Personal blog – margotskapacs.com