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A short presentation on EyeHub presented at the Cambridge Wireless Connected Devices Special Interest Group on November 7th 2013.

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  1. 1. Opportunities for a secure & connected world. eyehubiot.com @eyehub @iotwatch
  2. 2. What is EyeHub? One of 8 demonstrator projects funded by the Technology Strategy Board. Focusing on creating a secure hub for smart cities & spaces. Based around Guildford.
  3. 3. Aims Create a ‘proving ground’ for an Internet of Things ecosystem. Implement usable, practical & acceptable policies for the use of personal or sensitive data.
  4. 4. Who is involved?
  5. 5. The shape of the partnership •  A campus & town context. •  M2M technologies •  Secure cloud services •  Novel end user applications
  6. 6. Data Confidentiality Protection of sensitive information from un-authorised disclosure Integrity Accuracy and completeness of information as well as validity compared to expectation Availability Information being available when required now and in the future    
  7. 7. Publishing & Producing       x y
  8. 8. Data Confidentiality Will the Hub protect my data & respect my rules? Integrity Does the Hub record my events correctly & completely? Availability Is the Hub online when I need it? What uptime guarantee does the Hub provide?      
  9. 9. Opening the hub      
  10. 10. Hackday, Nov 16th Arduino & RPi RESTful API Software & hardware developers Adrian McEwen, author of “Designing the Internet of Things”    
  11. 11. Partnerships?       x y
  12. 12. Join us. Nov 16th / Hackday eyehub-hackday.eventbrite.co.uk Nov 29th / Showcase iotecosystem.eventbrite.co.uk eyehubiot.com @eyehub