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Little data, Big problems

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Talk given on March 2nd 2017 for the Dataconomy meetup in London.

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Little data, Big problems

  1. 1. Little data, Big problems The internet of things side of Big Data Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino alex@designswarm.com @iotwatch
  2. 2. Internet of things strategy since 2011 Tinker London (2007-2010) Good Night Lamp designswarm IOT London meetup The Good Home Know cards
  3. 3. Clients
  4. 4. ‘The internet of things is really about data.’
  5. 5. No, it really isn’t.
  6. 6. The internet of things isn’t like software because You have to actually ship it. It’s hard to update. Users are sales numbers first, use second. Deployment of new features means making a whole new product.
  7. 7. The internet of things also isn’t like a product. You have to set it up. Unboxing is a thing. Connectivity issues can kill your product. Power issues can kill your product experience. Customer support needs to be handled in house.
  8. 8. The internet of things is hard to sell to investors. Unlike software. They may have experience but don’t think it’s relevant. They’re intrigued but careful. IP becomes an excuse and a barrier. You have to already be selling and growing before they’ll take the risk.
  9. 9. How to get involved? Read up on http://iot.london Join meetup.com/iotlondon Check out accelerators / incubators in London (Startupbootcamp IoT, BreedReply, RGA IOT) Work to learn how to make physical things with a hackerspace / makerspace.
  10. 10. Dataconomy workshop in Berlin last weekend!
  11. 11. Topics we covered Prototyping with electronics User testing Product design Electronics design & manufacturing Software tools Logistics & shipping IP Marketing & crowdfunding
  12. 12. Other people who can help you General Assembly Data science and IOT at Oxford University Open University Internet of things CS course Digital Catapult / IOTUK
  13. 13. Ethics of internet of things data Thingscon (Europe) Thingsclash (NL) If projects (UK) IOT London Open IOT Definition on June 16th 2017 Check out events http:///iot.london
  14. 14. Thank you Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino alex@designswarm.com @iotwatch @knowcards @GNLamp @goodhomeproject