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Smarter Homes

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Talk given at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh on June 19th 2018.

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Smarter Homes

  1. 1. Smarter Homes How technology has changed your home life Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch alex@designswarm.com
  2. 2. First UK distributor of the Arduino arduino.cc
  3. 3. International clients designswarm.com/services
  4. 4. Founder of the Good Night Lamp™ goodnightlamp.com
  5. 5. Co-designed tools to brainstorm #iot products. know-cards.com
  6. 6. Curating #iotlondon since 2011. The 2nd largest meetup in the world on #iot. iot.london meetup.com/iotlondon
  7. 7. Steering a community-based open approach to #iot certification iotmark.org
  8. 8. Wrote a book. On pre-order now. designswarm.com/book
  9. 9. The book addresses 3 concepts: 1.  The home is used as a trampoline. 2.  The way we live influences technological development. 3.  Arguments we use to sell technology into the home.
  10. 10. The home as a trampoline. Size of average American home in sq feet based on M.K.Mason (2017)
  11. 11. One room family homes or ‘shotgun’ homes for working class families. Eating was kept to a minimum to focus on heating.
  12. 12. Animals were taken from the countryside to the cities. Pigs & chicken were kept.
  13. 13. In the countryside, outhouses & laundry was communal. Helping the spread of cholera.
  14. 14. The politics of the home. Public Health Act 1866 makes drainage & refuse collection a government obligation. Animals can’t be kept anymore. Bathrooms have to move indoors and be managed privately.
  15. 15. The telephone (1871). Antonio Meucci
  16. 16. Cragside, 1880 The home of Louis Armstrong with Joseph Swann lightbulbs.
  17. 17. NewYork City, 1881 The home of J. P. Morgan with Edison lightbulbs.
  18. 18. NewYork City, 1882 The home of Edward H. Johnson with Edison Christmas lights.
  19. 19. Washington D.C. 1894 The White House with Edison lightbulbs.
  20. 20. The home becomes a laboratory.
  21. 21. Eliza Acton,1845 A woman must understand the science of cooking and keep up with science.
  22. 22. Baron Leibig,1848 The science of food is essential for good health.
  23. 23. The Principles of Scientific Management, 1911 are applied to the kitchen. Frederick WinslowTaylor
  24. 24. The labour-saving home. Charles & Mary Barnard run a ‘Housekeeping Experiment Home’ in Darien, CT and publish pamphlets. Frank & Mary Pattinson open a State Housekeeping Experimental Station in 1910 in Solonia, New Jersey. Christine Frederick writesThe New Housekeeping; effeciency studies In home management in 1912. Georgie Child & George Boynton write ‘The Efficient kitchen, definite directions For the planning, arranging and equipping of the modern labour-saving Kitchen’ in 1914.
  25. 25. Irons The first successful use of electricity in appliances.
  26. 26. Radio sets (1927).
  27. 27. Repairs were made in the cycle shops.
  28. 28. The Electrical Age (1926-78). Electrical Association for Women.
  29. 29. Showcase home (1935).
  30. 30. Home Electrical (1915). General Electric Film.
  31. 31. E-1027(1929). Eileen Gray & Jean Badovici
  32. 32. Ronald Regan (1953). General ElectricTheatre.
  33. 33. Mon Oncle (1958). JacquesTati film.
  34. 34. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968). Kitchen Scene.
  35. 35. The Jetsons (1972). Cartoons.
  36. 36. ECHO IV (1966) First home computer by James Sutherland.
  37. 37. Tomorrow’s World (1967) Rex Malik’s first EU home computer.
  38. 38. Smart House project (1987) Collaborative industry project.
  39. 39. The book addresses 3 concepts: 1.  The home is used as a trampoline. 2.  The way we live influences technological development. 3.  Arguments we use to sell technology into the home.
  40. 40. Thanks! On pre-order now. designswarm.com/book