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The future is here

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Talk given at Hydro conference in September 2016.

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The future is here

  1. 1. the future is here choosing our own adventure in a world of digital everything. Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch alex@designswarm.com
  2. 2. Good Night Lamp London internet of things meetup Consultancy About
  3. 3. Clients
  4. 4. I started with the Arduino.
  5. 5. I started with the Arduino. an open source computer to help anyone build a connected experience.
  6. 6. If we put a computer in everything, we can digitize the human experience.
  7. 7. What do we achieve by digitizing the human experience?
  8. 8. We do 3 things. We control our world We control others We invest in others
  9. 9. 1. We understand & control our own world.
  10. 10. Where are we exactly? what3words.com
  11. 11. Is my home safe? map.flood.network
  12. 12. Is my house warm enough? hivehome.com
  13. 13. Where is this food really from? gamaya.com
  14. 14. Did my kids get home safe? sen.se
  15. 15. Am I active enough? fitbit.com
  16. 16. We need more washing powder. Amazon Dash.
  17. 17. Can I reach my loved ones far away? goodnightlamp.com
  18. 18. How’s everyone doing? social media
  19. 19. For ourselves and our immediate family’s comfort and security.
  20. 20. 2. We control others.
  21. 21. Let’s hope they don’t get sick too often.
  22. 22. Remotely controlled cars for the poor.
  23. 23. GPS tracking of employees at work. Amazon, Sports Direct.
  24. 24. On demand employment Deliveroo, Uber.
  25. 25. Who needs people anyway?
  26. 26. Unmanned vehicules. Cars, drones, plows, boats.
  27. 27. For the comfort of industry.
  28. 28. 3. We invest in our local communities with globally successful tools.
  29. 29. Teach others anywhere in the world.
  30. 30. Give on-demand access to expensive tools. hellotractor.com
  31. 31. Give on-site access to (now) essential services. buffalogrid.com
  32. 32. Protect endangered species. tracking bears in the Gobi desert.
  33. 33. Watch and compare what you breathe to let your city know. airqualityegg.com
  34. 34. Feed your community. farmbot.io
  35. 35. Build industrial farming equipment. opensourceecology.org
  36. 36. Share farming knowledge globally. wefarm.com
  37. 37. Build your own home. wikihouse.com
  38. 38. To develop independent globally-aware communities.
  39. 39. We have a choice of what parts of the human experience we want to digitize.
  40. 40. And by extension what kind of personal, industrial and community behaviours we want to promote.
  41. 41. I hope we choose to promote ‘technology with a human face’ .
  42. 42. ‘There should be no place for machines that concentrate power in a few hands and turn the masses into mere machine minders, if indeed they do not make them unemployed.’ -Gandhi
  43. 43. ‘Next to family, it is work and the relationships established by work that are the true foundations of society.’ -E.L. Shumacher, economist
  44. 44. tusen takk. designswarm.com goodnightlamp.com thegoodhome.org iot.london Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino @iotwatch alex@designswarm.com