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Eventbrite sxsw

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Eventbrite talk at SXSW interactive 2013. The talk is about recommendation systems. The talk goes in details of what, why, how and future of recommendation systems.

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Eventbrite sxsw

  1. 1. Recommendation Systems Vipul Sharma
  2. 2. Eventbrite by the Numbers 1.5 million events 80 million tickets sold $1 billion in gross ticket sales Events in 179 countries
  3. 3. Who am I?Director of Data EngineeringStudied computer scienceMachine Learning, Analytics and Big DataSpam Detection, Consumer DataMining, Infrastructurelinkedin.com/in/vipulsharma3@vipulsharmavipul@eventbrite.com
  4. 4. Post Event Creation Event LifecycleOrganization Discovery Sale
  5. 5. Create an Event Order Now marketplace
  6. 6. Recommendation - What?• Mechanism to match users with their needs • Ecommerce – what users should buy. • Content – what users should browse.• Amazon – Product suggestions• Netflix – Movie suggestions•Facebook – Newsfeed• LinkedIn – People you many know• Eventbrite – Event Picks for you
  7. 7. Recommendations - Why?• User Acquisition • Bring users to your service • Build long-term trust • Happy customers are happy advertisers• User Engagement • Engage users with strategic placements • Build site navigation with various funnels • Expose more inventory to users• Conversion • Upsell • Convert less popular inventory• Example Attendee Newsletter
  8. 8. Recommendations – How? Interest Social Graph Graph Your friends like Your friends Collaborative Lady Gaga so who share Filtering – Item- you will like your interest Item Similarity Lady Gaga in music, tech You like Godfather (Facebook, Linke and movies Collaborative so you will like dIn) Filtering – User- Scarface (Netflix) are attending User Similarity People who bought SXSW a camera also (Eventbrite) bought batteries Item Hierarchy (Amazon) You bought a camera so you need batteries (Amazon)
  9. 9. Reason of Progression?• User data vs Item data • It was hard to collect user meta data vs item meta data • Items < Users • Items are less dynamic than users• Technology Changes • Social graphs • Big Data • Cloud • Crowd Sourcing
  10. 10. Why Social Graph is not Enough• Events are social• Events reflect your interests• Social graphs are dense• Interests shift while your graph doesn’t
  11. 11. Determining User Interests• Ask Users • Keep it frictionless • Explain the benefits• Learn from User Activity • What they bought, browsed, etc • Maintain a consistent taxonomy • Ask publisher • Use mathematical models • Use crowd sourcing• Use Facebook • Make sure your taxonomy maps with FB intrest data
  12. 12. Social Graphs• Implicit Graph - Activity • Connections based on activity • Interests trump relationships • We all create an interest graph• Explicit Graph - Friends • Friends who do not share your interests • Implicit graph is more active than explicit • Explicit graph does not change with your interests• Mixed – Activity with Friends • Most powerful
  13. 13. Implicit Social Graph
  14. 14. Mixed Social Graph
  15. 15. Who is similar to me?...Who is more similar to me?• A two-step process: Identify clusters (via social graph); use theinterest graph to rank recommendations within that cluster • Is a user more similar to one person in his graph or another? • Preferences of the most similar connection will be ranked highest • Clustering applies detailed data from a single user to a group of users who are similar • This eliminates the need to ask each user in that group for detailed data•Building a Social Graph does the clustering for you • Users do most of the work • They self-select into accurate clusters•Modeling is another option • Models require that you collect learning data from users– but this creates friction • Who is more similar to me?•Recommendation is a Ranking Problem
  16. 16. Put it all togetherItem TaxonomyUser InterestUser Graph/Interest GraphRankingRecommendations
  17. 17. Final Product
  18. 18. Future – Content DiscoverySearch • Excellent ability to match user queries with content • Limited understanding of each individual user • Limited understanding of user graph • People place the most trust in content and recommendations generated by friends • The social graph will improve searchReviews • Lack personalization • Trust on Internet < Trust of friends
  19. 19. Future – Content DiscoveryEntry Point • More recommendation-based funnels • More interconnected funnels • Friends’ suggestions, similar items, editorial picks, popular among similar users, etcRecommendation Systems • More relevant, with more user data • Finer graphs
  20. 20. Questions? See it in action. Download our app: eventbrite.com/eventbriteapp
  21. 21. Thank You!@vipulsharma/ vipul@eventbrite.com