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Big Data Hadoop training from DexLab Analytics

Now better manage and store and process company data with comprehensive skills in Big Data Hadoop, both classroom and online classes available. To know more about other courses on offer, view our latest video from DexLab Analytics. Read more at: http://www.dexlabanalytics.com/courses/big-data-hadoop

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Big Data Hadoop training from DexLab Analytics

  1. 1. Welcome to India’s premium Institute in the field of Big Data DexLab Analytics Driving data to deliver success Our Course and details
  2. 2. Let us get you acquainted with the courses we offer at our institute: • Business Analytics Certification • Big Data Hadoop Certification • Data Science Certification • SAS Certification • R Programming Certification • Tableau BI Certification • MS Excel Certification (special attention to dashboard design) • And hands-on corporate trainings for practical knowledge for employee training sessions on request of companies or educational institutes • Additional value added services like resume building, soft skills and communication etc.
  3. 3. Data Science Certificate Includes R Programming, Predictive Analytics and Core Analytics 72 hours - both weekday and weekend classes available Classroom & online training
  4. 4. Data science is • The process of gathering valuable insights to help the development of businesses from structured or unstructured data. • Involves processes like data mining, statistics and predictive analysis
  5. 5. Business Analytics Certification 96 hours –both weekend and weekday classes available • Core Analytics, Base and advanced SAS, Predictive Modeling and MS Excel • The field of Predictive Analytics has a variety of usage in several subjects such as marketing, science, finance, retail, travel, healthcare and much more.
  6. 6. Big Data Hadoop Training • Easing the burden of companies for managing, storing and processing data. Big Data Hadoop training certified by DexLab 32 hours only weekend classes available Both online and classroom available
  7. 7. SAS Base and Advanced certification 30 Hours, weekend and weekday schedules available • A proven effective software with extensive use in commercial analytics. • Both classroom and online training available.
  8. 8. DexLab Certified course on R Programming 30 hours, both weekend and weekday course available, Classroom as well as online training options
  9. 9. MS Excel Training Ms Excel Basics, VBA, Macros, Dashboards, 24 hours, Weekday and weekend classes available, both online and classroom- based training available
  10. 10. Tableau BI Certification, Data visualization approved course • 15 hours, weekday and weekend options available, both classroom and online training are offered • Controlling, analyzing, sharing, authoring dashboards and forecasting statistics made easier with Tableau.
  11. 11. Thanks for watching See you in class At Dexlab Analytics, Gurgaon, Delhi NCR