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OkCapital: Lost your job - want to find the city that meets ALL your needs?

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Have you recently lost your job? Why not find 'the place you were destined to live' and find more than just a job, but a city that meets all your personal psychological needs?!

This presentation talks about an 'App' that we built in 72 hours called #OkCapital at the #GovHack in Canberra. We are proud to announce that it won 'Best use of Spatial Data' prize.

The app essentially acts as a kind of 'dating app' that matches Australian cities to a set of psychological criteria that the individual fills in which is matched to open government data about each city.

For more details about the App please see:


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OkCapital: Lost your job - want to find the city that meets ALL your needs?

  1. OkCapital...the city you were destined to live in...
  2. The problem?! "Oh Shit!Ive just lost my job!"
  3. The problem?! ... nevermind, you werent meant for that job...
  4. The problem?!"WHAT am I going to do now?!"
  5. ... its not "what"The problem?! to you are meant do, it is "WHERE you are destined to live."!
  6. ... your destiny awaits at OkCapital... OkCapital Ok!
  7. DEMO:OkCapital - A Visualisation App
  8. DEMO:OkCapital - A Visualisation App
  9. DEMO:OkCapital - A Visualisation AppDid you know that Perthrates as one of the bestcitiesyou know that Perth Did in Australia forAir Quality Index? best rates as one of the cities in Australiathat Perth Did you know for Air Quality one of the best rates as Index? cities in Australia for Perth Did you know that Air Qualityone of the best rates as Index? cities inyou know for Perth Did Australia that Air rates as Index? the best Quality one of cities in Australia for Air Quality Index?
  10. And then we thought, what if...The problem with a standard Quality of Lifeprofile is that we all have our own personalpsychological criteria for what kind of city wewould prefer.=> So what if we could have a dating websitefor picking a city that matches our own personalpsychology?
  11. DEMO:OkCapital: A City Dating Profile App!
  12. DEMO:OkCapital: A City Dating Profile App! Dynamic ranking ofPHYSIOLOGICAL: cities matched to your psychology breathing 1 2 3 4 5 food 1 2 3 4 5 water 1 2 3 4 5 sex 1 2 3 4 5 sleep 1 2 3 4 5
  13. How it was made?1.) Match govtdatasets permajor city toMaslowshierarchy profile.
  14. How it was made?2. Normalised dataas linkeddata API(because all Govdata worldwidecould be pluggedinto this App)http://code.google.com/p/okcapital/wiki/MaslowAPI
  15. How it was made?3.) Build Maslow Algorithm to weight myprofile to that of the city data profile.
  16. How it was made?4.) BuildJavascript Geointerface to show66k data-pointsinto a single map+ pyramidinterface. TRY IT:http://bit.ly/okcapital-demo
  17. How it was made?5.) Release itall asOpenSourceand encouragemoreOpenData tomake the worlda better place.#world-of-dataGoogleCode:OkCapital
  18. OkCapital Value to the Aus Citizen● Losing your job is one of the most psychologically difficult times in a persons life!● Worst of all you cant afford a psychologist to help you through it :-(● OkCapital walks you through the psychological motivators you NEED to consider when moving on in life (the things you forget when in a state of crisis, like job loss).● OkCapital starts to demonstrate a Quality of Life - beyond life as a product of fiscal-capital.
  19. OkCapital Value to Aus Government● Government MUST invest in the coming economic job crisis!● Local governments want to encourage people to move to their city!● This App demonstrates the value of having Australian cities sharing their data in standard formats with standard tools...● OkCapital demonstrates the new value that can be generated from OPEN DATA! <-- we are just a two day, hack.. imagine what we could do if a small start-up with this data worldwide!
  20. Take home messageSenior Managers, Politicians and People whocare, check out our recommendations! Wecould do so much more if you would justcommit to sharing your data using commondata formats and data tools! http://bit.ly/recommend-okcapital
  21. The End - Team Capitalists@jjvote @toor_sunny @dfflanders