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XPLANE is hiring!

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If interested please don't respond directly to me but send an email to careers@xplane.com

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XPLANE is hiring!

  1. 1. Hi, we’re XPLANE, and we’re hiring! We love messy. We love complex. We love drawing. But mostly, we love using design thinking to make everything easy to understand. XPLANE is like no other place you've worked. We're not an ad agency, marketing firm, or a consulting firm. We are a design consultancy. We embrace our soccer-loving, beard-sporting, food cart-eating, Portland XPLANErs. We love our bike-riding, canal-cruising, Gouda-eating, Amsterdam XPLANErs. Now we are looking to add some East Coast magic to the mix. We won't keep you trapped in a cubicle all day and there isn't a time clock to punch. At XPLANE, our moleskines are crammed with doodles, we travel the world, work from coffee shops, and our CFO is also our Beer Czar. We love sticky notes, dogs, and our limitless vacation time. Our company culture is rad and we work very hard to keep it that way. Work hard. Play hard. Create epic shit. Join us. careers@xplane.com We’re an awesome place to work We’re looking for Strategic Designers Good at problem solving, synthesis, and storytelling Drawing, creative direction, and art direction Excellent listening, collaboration, and communication skills Engaging, smart, creative, and fearless Delivers top quality insights and synthesis Can speak "client speak" and hang with the C-Suite Graphic design, typography, and layout (Adobe CC) Information design, experience design, and design thinking We’re looking for top talent And we're searching for Design Consultants, too Designs and guides clients through our discovery process and experience Structures and facilitates dynamic workshops Architects complex content into elegant solutions for clients In depth experience in change management, innovation, org development or communications ©XPLANE 2015 | XPLANE.com by XPLANE