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Revising Changing Urban Environments

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This presentation covers housing and green brownfield sites using the excellent www.coolgeography.co.uk as a resource. It then looks at Squatter settlements using an excellent water aid video. This video also helps pupils revise the development gap topic

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Revising Changing Urban Environments

  1. 1. Revising Changing Urban Environments in Richer Parts of the World (MEDCs) Starter: What Case Studies have you covered for this topic?
  2. 2. Start with the PLC (of course) We can leave out points 12-15 on the PLC Take two of the topics you have flagged up as though you know least about …... 1) Write these down on the top of your page so I can easily read it when i walk around 2) Use the revision guide to add to your knowledge base on these 2. You have 10 minutes to do this..... GO!
  3. 3. Housing Issues Greenfield v Brownfield Firstly write a definition for each (which was pretty well a 2 mark exam question one year) Now watch this video What can you add to your definitions? Here is an online fill in the gap activity to help you out further
  4. 4. You decide …. Read the online page about the NGP… you have 10 minutes to take notes about the advantages and disadvantages of each site....... Advantages Disadvantages
  5. 5. “Building the NGP is best for Newcastle and its surrounding area” Do you agree? Show you have thought about more than one point of view in your answer
  6. 6. Re-starting squatter settlements “A squatter is someone who lives illegally on land they don’t own” Starter: Why do people who have recently migrated to the city choose to live illegally? Extra starter: What disadvantages can you think of to being a squatter? Further extra starter: quality of life and standard of living: what are they? What is the difference between the two?
  7. 7. Not Rio or Rocinha, but…. This is an excellent video about life and improving life in a squatter settlement. We will also use this video in the development topic. Write notes as you watch about: 1/ The social, environmental and economic conditions in a squatter settlement 2/ What people are trying to do to improve their quality of life and standard of living and how successful they are being Click here for film