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Digiday and Yahoo! Present: Mobile Daily Habits, Moving Marketers Forward

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Digiday and Yahoo! Present: Mobile Daily Habits, Moving Marketers Forward

  2. Goldilocks and the Mobile Ads
  3. GiselleAbramovich,Senior Editor, BrandsBrian McClary,Digital MarketingManagerStephanieKovner-Bryant,CEO of SKGConsulting,formerly of Unilever
  4. 83%go online daily60%go online daily45%go online dailySource: Yahoo!
  5. iPhone and Android, iPadDominate the Mobile MarketiPad45 %Android47%iPhone34%Source: Yahoo!
  6. 43%67%My device is critical to my daily life:
  7. More than 50%saytheir mobile devices makes them browsethe internet more.Source: Yahoo!
  8. Iusemymobile devicetoaccess shopping relatedinformationThere’s been explosive growth in leveragingour mobile devices for shopping information…Beauty andPersonal Care20 M201047 M2012Packaged Foodand Beverage20 M201040 M2012Automotive?201047 M2012Source: Yahoo!
  9. What’s Your Biggest Challenge in Mobile?“Marketers know that mobile plays a large role inthe day-to-day lives of consumers. But the key isto understand when and where they use it in orderto develop a unique and engaging experience.”- Adam Kmiec, director of global digital marketing,Campbell Soup
  10. Mobile Shopping Begins At Home,Then ContinuesAt Home On the Go In StoreWaitingin line84 % 36 % 54%46%
  11. Mobile Devices Extend the Shopping Process75%of mobile owners77%of tablet ownerssay they go home to do more shopping on their PC
  12. What’s Your Biggest Challenge in Mobile?“Customers want to be able to search for an item andbuy it right away or move on. They are looking for asimple and direct path to accomplish that task.Retailers and brands, throw everything at them,including coupons ultimately putting a roadblockbetween the customer and what they want toachieve.”-Bill Loller, vp of smarter commerce group, IBM
  13. The reality is, there is still hesitation for one-click buyingI feel comfortable using my mobilephone as a wallet when I use it topay for products or servicesTHE MOBILE WALLETI typically store accountinformation on my mobile device(e.g., within apps, other programs)I am open to making purchaseson the mobile web regardless ofhow cheap or expensive theproduct or service isMOBILE23%TABLET30%MOBILE30%TABLET38%MOBILE31%TABLET44%
  14. The reality is, there is still hesitation for one-click buyingI am hesitant to give my credit cardinformation over the mobile webSECURITYIf my mobile phone is stolen orlost, I’m worried that banking-creditcard information stored on mydevice is not secure or safeMOBILE59%TABLET50%MOBILE52%TABLET53%
  17. 85%of consumers say they prefer mobile appsto the mobile web.Source: eMarketer
  18. When mobile shoppers arrive, sites are disappointingand paying is even worseDisappointed companies don’t haveoptimized siteSITE EXPERIENCEDisappointed companies don’thave applicationI am less likely to re-visit a brand’ssite if it wasnt optimized for mymobile device the first time I visiteditMOBILE44%TABLET50%MOBILE38%TABLET47%MOBILE38%TABLET44%Source: Yahoo!
  19. When mobile shoppers arrive, sites are disappointingand paying is even worseFilling out forms on my mobilephone is difficultBUYING STUFFBrands-Manufacturers-Retailershave not made it easy to redeemcoupons on my mobile devicewhile in-storeI am sometimes unsuccessful atmaking payments using my mobiledeviceMOBILE61%TABLET46%MOBILE36%TABLET37%MOBILE27%TABLET26%Source: Yahoo!
  20. Relevant, personalized & engaging ads arepopular ad tactics among mobile shoppersAds which are relevant to myinterests/background 49%WOULD CAPTURE MY ATTENTION52%52%49%54%Ads which are relevant to mycurrent location or local areaAds which offercoupons/promotionsAds that provide a lot of detailedinformationAds that offer me something inreturn(i.E., Coupon, voucher,sweepstakes)Source: Yahoo!
  21. DO• Include mobile as part of an integrated plan• Think of the consumer’s experience first• Do remember that mobile users want snackable info• Do optimize your website
  22. DON’T• Build an app just to build an app• Build a full website with rich content for mobile• Update consumers more than once a day• Make mobile ads complicated