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Digiday Brand Summit December 2019 | LipLove

  1. Inclusivity is Not an Option or a Trend 3 Rules Brands Must Follow Presented by Latrice Love @thelatricelove Founder, Liplove @shopliplove
  2. “ ” Diversity is being invited to the party. Inclusion is being asked to dance. -- Vernā Myers
  3. Believe the Hype • According to the 2018 Multicultural Economy Report, total income after taxes for minorities in the US is $3.9 trillion. Hispanic and Asian markets lead the way in terms of growth, with Hispanics commanding $1.5 trillion in spending power. • The U.S. Census projects that the non-Hispanic white population in America will constitute only 44% of the total population by 2060.
  4. So What’s the Big Deal? • The minority majority shift is happening now, and brands that want to stay relevant must develop a multicultural mindset. • A multicultural mindset is more than meeting a diversity quota or copying cultural customs. Brands must push beyond the status quo to truly connect and communicate with diverse populations.
  5. Rule One: Just Say No to (Cultural) Appropriation • Cultural appropriation is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of the customs, practices, ideas, etc. of one people or society by members of another and typically more dominant people or society. (source: Oxford Dictionary)
  6. Rule Two: Keep it Real • Being genuine (aka keeping it real) does not equal a perfectly curated Instagram feed where every 9th photo includes someone from a diverse background. • Look beyond your internal organization and do your research to better understand how you can serve your minority customers in an authentic way. • Bottom line: make no assumptions and be transparent.
  7. Rule Three: Live Your (Transparent) Truth • If you’re struggling with how to be more inclusive, or you really want feedback before implementing campaigns, be honest! Leverage the power of social media to gain real time insights. • Ask questions, conduct polls and share the results – this will also spark conversation and engagement.
  8. Don’t Just Talk About It… • Be honest and reflect on these questions to determine what next steps are necessary. • Is my brand truly inclusive or are we simply fulfilling a diversity quota? • Does our marketing misrepresent (or completely ignore) minority groups? • Who is the best person internally to champion our efforts to become more inclusive?
  9. Let’s Stay Connected! @shopliplove @thelatricelove