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License to Disrupt: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Programmatic

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The arrival of programmatic should unleash the entrepreneurial potential of media planning. It should enable us to interpret client objectives and client briefs innovatively, and put together creative media strategies that make full use of the audience opportunities that data illuminates. Tom Bowman explains how the only solution is to use data more adventurously to explore opportunities.

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License to Disrupt: An Entrepreneur's Guide to Programmatic

  2. 2. INNOVATION NOT COMMODITISATION The real purpose of programmatic Enable more varied and creative media strategies Add more value
  3. 3. DATA MANAGEMENT PLATFORMS (DMPs) Ad Exchanges Ad Networks THE CURRENCY OF CONFIDENCE Ad Agencies Publishers Trading Desks Demand-side Platforms (DSPs) Supply-side Platforms (SSPs) ADVERTISER
  4. 4. IT MUST NOT DEFINE WHY YOU BUY Buying audiences through data Buying contexts through content Interpret objectives to spot the right opportunity Deliver results
  5. 5. PROGRAMMATIC WORKS BEST WHEN IT’S PROGRAMMED WITH A PURPOSE Programmatic logic that works brilliantly for some objectives can constrain others Clients cannot be reassured if we are not clear about what is driving value
  6. 6. THE GOLDFISH CONUNDRUM Your media strategy cannot be defined by what technology is good at Because media strategy is about more than interaction in the here and now
  7. 7. CREATING VALUE THROUGH CONNECTION… Programmatic doesn’t do non-standard Ingenuity identifies how to create value: entrepreneurs needed Stand-out through context, value through stand-out
  8. 8. IF YOU HAVEN’T EXPLAINED IT, IT’S NOT AN OPPORTUNITY OMP PMP Direct NativeorAFC NON-GUARANTEED NON-GUARANTEED GUARANTEED Limited formats No targeting Brand safe Targeting More formats Data deals Brand clear All formats Targeting Integration
  9. 9. COLLABORATIONAND INTERVENTION… MAKING THE SUPPLY CHAIN WORK 100 100 15 85 5 80 30 50 65% 15 85 Agency Commission Ad Serving Data Costs Cost of Sales Agency Commission Trading Desk Cost DSP Costs Ad Exchange Cost SSP Costs 20 65 8 57 7 50 15 35 50%
  10. 10. ENTREPRENEURIAL THINKING DRIVING STRATEGIC PLANNING Clients can buy with confidence Automation enables agility, flexibility and transparency Entrepreneurs build out the opportunity
  11. 11. A PLAYBOOK FOR PROGRAMMATIC Create unique value Spot the opportunity Be disruptive Be an entrepreneur
  12. 12. advertising.bbcworldwide.com Thank you TOM BOWMAN SENIOR VICE PRESIDENT SALES OPERATIONS AND COMMERCIAL PRODUCTION @tomkbowman