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The best digital cases of 2014

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Review of the best digital cases of 2014

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The best digital cases of 2014

  1. THE BEST DIGITAL CASES OF 2014 FIND US: mtp, j’vum-u, iom/ mosaucdigilal CONIACI US: smysLov@mosaicmcdia. ru . nup. ,-j’uvuo5uuuv1ud| .: ru Igglgmcgsicfl-d: a.ru_ ~. ‘. um E<: .m4L,
  2. ABOUT WHAT IS MOSAIC DIGITAL CASES REVIEW? KaKvIe peKJ1aMHb| e KaMl'laH| /IVI npvnenexnvu HauJe BHI/ lMaHV| e 3a nocnem-iee Bpemn? I/ Ibl panel npe11c"aBvnTb BaM 0630p aKTyaflbHb| X Ke17IcoB. Can/ roe Hoeoe I/ I 3acny>KMBLuee BHI/ lMaHl/1e, Haméonee MHTepecHoe l/ I KpeaTvu3Hoe, Lro Mbl ycnem/ I yBv: ;LeTb 7 B CBe>KeM o63ope MOSAIC Digital Cases Review. CD nit; usza. m sssssssssssss D5
  3. SOCIAL ADVERTISING THE CASES TO REMEMBER mm us. .1- ms mi am aw-nos
  4. NAMES NOT NUMBERS | 'yMaHI/ ITapHa; I opraHI43aLIv19I «Bpatm MI/ Ipa» 3anycTI/ Ina npoeKT non Ha3I3aHvI- eM «I/ |MeHa. He HI/ Iona». B LI, eHTpe | ‘|apvI>I<a 6bIna ycTaHoI3neHa MaI. I.IvIHa, fleHaTalOU_La9I mMeHa )KeHlJ_Li/ IH, KOTOpb| e | ‘|OFl/15111/1 BO BpeMFi He6e3orIacHoro a6opTa I/ Invi B xo, ue po, n,oB. «Doctors of the World» organization has launched a project called "Names. Not numbers". In the centre of Paris was set up a machine that printed the names of women who died during Q3 , ': 3. INEC i“T . .:I1:"". ,i. i:IC; i ‘I‘. n_: w.uI ’: Unsafe abortion or during Childbirth. MOSAIC 3; mi assv EEANDS
  5. ® Vll(J»l’AL‘r,1GC', ‘I71 WJIC'I'. ‘v I, -Mgol V«. ’v2c= .w= t bf) MOSAIC new unsw- For: m: am an-ND: Cardstore npoeena VlHTepBblO Ha caMyIo CJ'l0)KHylO BaKaHcv1Io I-Ia nnanere. Bce FlpeTeHD, eHTbI OTKa3aJ'lVlCb OT Heé, yCJ1b| L|JaB o6 ycnoiavmx VI OTCyTCTBl/ ll/ I onnam. Ho 5OJ1bUJe ecero J'llOJJ, l/1 yL1l/1BlI1- J1VlCb, «no 3T0 , l1OI1>KHOCTb O6bHHOl7l Matepm. Cardstore interviewed on the toughest job on the planet. All applicants refused after hearing about the full spectrum of duties. The most shocking was that this was the position of ordinary mom.
  6. DON'T LET THIS BE MY #LASTSELF| E - WWF peLlJl/ U1 I/1CflOl1b3OBaTb Snapchat Hble MOFyT I/1C“le3HyTb TaK )Ke, KEIK l/ ICHe- 3aIoT I/ I d)oTorpacpvIv1 B Snapchat. Cause If we don't take action. WWF used Snapchat in his campaign. Rare animals can disappear just as photos disappears in Snapchat. ® . '. .,I‘~. ' I'. ";1_. ‘I‘. ,: Ix~‘i ‘: . IyIosAIc 5; mi 9531 Iazauo; B ceoeI7I KaM| 'laHl/ ll/ l. Bepus peI1KvIe >KMBOT-
  7. CLEANS ROMANIA MeLLlalOT a| 'peCCl/ |BHaFl yfll/ |HHa$l >KVlBO- | 'lVlCb l/1 Ha, D,Fll/1Cl/1 I-Ia 3a6opax? Cotpme l'paCII)(I)| /|Tl/ l c l'| OMOL1J, blO flpl/ |J10)KeHl/ IFII CIF npe, unaraeT cnenarb yJ'| l/1Llbl PyMb| Hl/ ll/ I AN APP TO HELP We “ ”"Y*e““5“‘*' THE M U N You are tired of agressive street art and messages on fences? Just erase graffiti with the app! CIF offers to make Romanian street cleaner and more friendly. IvIosAIc ma m{az; v aw-nos
  8. EYES ON THE ROA O Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. IvIosAIc --4.: -I‘ D | '|ycTu aBToMoo'vInuHbIe aeapmw npovIcxo- JJ, $lT TOJTL>KO Ha 3KpE1He. Volkswagen riokaaan nocetmtenw I<I/ IHoTeaTpa B KI/ lTae. -ITO Takoe 6e3onacHocTu Ha nopore. flpoekr nony-II/ In rpaI+npI/ I B KaTeFOpl/ ll/ I Menu/ Ia Ha cpecmeane Spikes Asia. Let car crashes happen only on the screen. Volkswagen shown what is safety on the road to the visitors of Chinese movie. The project has received Grand Prix in the media category at Spikes Asia Festival.
  9. THE SOCIAL MEDIA GARD O l‘lpoeI<T Coca—Cola, I3o3epaLuaIouJ. vII7I l10~HaCTOFlLLLeMy COLll/ laITbHble 3ITeMeHTbl B COlJMaflbHb| e Meal/ Ia! Coca~Co| a project bringing back true elements to social media! ® , ' 15' I " . .jIl" : ‘I‘I. ‘I~r, I IvIosAIc YE iL
  10. A HAIR-RAISING MESSAGE IvIosAIc COLIL/ |aJTL>Ha‘il peknarvia LUBe, l1CKOl'O (DOHAQ 3aLLLVlTL>l OOJTL>Hb| X paKoM , L1eTeI7I 3acTaI3n9IeT 3a, D,yMaTbC$l Bcex, KTO oI<a~ 33.IlC7l B MeTpo. I/ IHTepaKTl/ lBHbll7l 6vIn- 60p, lJ, pearl/ Ipyet Ha flpl/ |Ob| Tl/ Ie rIoe3p, a. Social advertising of the Swedish Foundation for Protection of children with cancer makes think anyone who was in the subway. Interactive billboard react to the arrival of a train.
  11. #YEAR| NSEARCH Y 6naroTeopvITenbHoI7I OpFaHl/ l3aLll/ ll/1 Alzheimer Nederland TlOJ1y'~il/1JTOCb Hpl/ IBITG‘-lb I3HvIMaHI/ Ie K 6one3HvI Aneu- reI7IMepa c l‘| OMOLl. l.blO I3vIpycHoro I3I/ Ineo. Ponvik COCTOI/ IT I/13 CaMblX l1OFlyJ'lFlpHblX HOMCKOBBIX sanpocoe yxonsiuiero ropa. Tenepb BaLUl/1M 3anpocoM B noi/ Ickoevike 6y, IJ, eT «6one3Hb AnbI_IreI7IMepa»’? Charitable Organization Alzheimer Nederland could draw attention to Alzheimer s disease using viral video. The video consists of the most popular 6) " ’" "“‘“ * 3“: searches of the year. Now your search query is Alzheimer s disease“? MOSAIC uni up . -A my mi am EFANDE.
  12. BEST OF SOCIAL MEDIA THE CASES TO REMEMBER min us . -/. mp ms am anus;
  13. hi A l L UNSKIPPABLE YOUTUBE PREROLL Passe MO)KHO nponycmtb npeponn I3vI, ueo Ha Youtube, Kor, u.a Ha KOHy >Kl/13Hb u. I.eHka? KOHe*-lHO HeTI Is it possible to skip the preroll video on Youtube, when life of puppy at stake’? Of course not! @ youtubecomiwatch’? vr EekcG9bOGhw MOSAIC N 1; MEDIA ms 325! BRANDS
  14. (x A ____~, . . .4450 fliiuij 3'J_= l.:5'/ my I g . 30DAYSOF‘. ..‘ " ‘ E . . I: -.-: .-" " " -v -a: .- :3 -. -:. r- T CHIN) IIIIESIIEJILI I an". 5fi‘J_, co} . H.7, . MARCH 2|-APRIL20 , ., __ __-; ,~? m ’”Like Us” for your (h. !n(F to win . Il rsjioirina I Ia. H177!! ! ECZE» . . , rnauszvw-1 3'). I.I‘I :3 ‘~ - , ‘PW I‘ v a V1Icoau: lc1In _ Hi 1’; tin , I;: “" II~l'Z‘. (N 3‘ » umhnitr to 1 t MOSAIC l/ lHTepaI<TvIBHa9I cancpetka gm couvianu» Hb| X ceTeI7I or Colgate FlO3BOflI/ IT I3aM y, D,a! Tl/ lTb CK)/ ‘iHL>| e CTDaHl/1Ll, L>| B Facebook VI Twitter. «Ajax Social Wipes» rIoMo>keT l/ l3B! Te‘iL> l/13 COLl, l/la! Tl_aHbIX ceTeI7I Tonbko none3HyIo vIHd)opMau. vIIo! Interactive napkin for social networking from Colgate will allow you to remove the boring page on Facebook and Twitter. «Ajax Social Wipes» help extract useful information from social networks of !
  15. SOCIAL LOVE SONGS MOSAIC Hanvicang rIecHIo l/ l yBVli1eTb eé Henpe— B3oI7I, qéHHoe I/ IcnonHeHI/ Ie B knmne Teriepu MO>KeT nIo6oI7I. flocTaTo~iHo Ob| Tb $‘lpblM TTOKJTOHHI/ IKOM ~ivI36yprepa V13 Wendy’s l/1 BFlV| CaTb cnoea necHI/ I o HéM B Facebook l/1J'lV1 Twitter. l'| poeI<T ynocromncn Harpa, qbI One Show 2014. Anybody can write a song and see its awesome performance in the video. Enough to be an ardent fan of Wendy s cheeseburger and write lyrics about it on Facebook or Twitter. The project won the award One Show 2014.
  16. THE LONG DRIVE HOME Mazda rIpvip. yMana HeOObl‘-lHbll7l cnoco6 Be, n,eHvi; i akkayiira B lnstagram. B akka— yHTe KOMl'laH| /1|/ l B TeHeHl/ le 3 Mec9ii_IeB | ‘|OFlB. l'lFlJ'lVlCb cbotorparbvivi, KOTOpbIe B more cno>i<vInvIcB B Lienyio I/1CTOpVllO «Long Drive Home». Mazda invented an unusual way to manage lnstagram account. During 3 months Mazda was posting pics and videos, which eventually developed into one big story “Long Drive Home". MosAic [4[. VI: »5AN[,
  17. OOO RED MUGS SOCIAL NSTALLATION Nescafé FlO, lJ, apl/ UT CBOVIM rioknoHHvikaM 3HaM€HI/ lTble KpaCHL>| e KOCI)el7lHb| e kpy>kkIA. A HTO6 TlOfly‘ll/ lTl_> vix, CHa‘iaJTa kpy>ki<m Haao Oblflo <<OCBOOO, fl,l/ lTL>>>. Mobile use is now the leading cause of death behind the wheel. Nescafé gave its fans famous red coffee mugs. To get them people need to set mugs free. O MOSAIC
  18. H _; .'__ j _ II‘ J. z I uucuzs um IT /1" I‘ I! . ‘I ‘Jr I‘ '. 1 . Tap th LIGHT TEXT) MOSAIC A’; : j"}a I rifi-I. I I ~», ,_, II ‘,4-1 as. sea: .- I ‘(,7 . . gg" “,2 ‘lTo6bi co3,i1aTB kpaci/1BBiI?1 kaTaiior cBoei7i ripoi1yI<ui/ ivi, KOMl'laHL/ ll/ I MO>KHO. .. npocro BOCl'lOJ'lL>3OBaTL>CFl TUlaTCI)OpMOl7l lnstagram! I/ IMeHHO TaK nocrynviiia lkea, npvi 3TOM Ha6paB 1b 000 TIOLLTTI/ lC‘ll/ IKOB 3a HeCKOflbKO LlHel7l. FlpoekT nonan B Cold 13 Ha cbecTviBane Red Apple B KaTeFOpl/ ll/ I Digital advertising. To create a nice production catalogue a company needs. .. only to use lnstagram! That’s how lkea did having 15 000 followers in few days. The project take place in Cold 13 Red Apple Festival in the Digital advertising category.
  19. BEST or VIRAL THE CASES TO REMEMBER néta uni. mm m: am amms
  20. THE OTHER SIDE O MOSAIC Hroobi Hpel], CTaBl/ lTL: ,EiBa cBovix HOBblX KOHLLGHTEI, Honda npe, Euio>i<i/ Ina nocMo— Tpetu Ha OLLHV vi Ty >ke cvityauviio c / ZLBy>( coBepu. ieHHo pa3Hl_: lX cTopoH. Linn STOFO Hy>KHO Ha>KaTL> Bcero O, l], Hy kHonky Presenting two new concept cars Honda offered watching one situation from two quite different sides. To do it you need to push just one button.
  21. "'°': : I F-3“ I‘ I-} / . _ s , _ K. .Il*i. I.. J Heo6IsiHHa9i vi HeMHoro >kyTI<a9i npo— Mo—ai<u, vI$i OT koivinai-ivivi 20th Century Fox Lina cbvinbma «FlpviuJecTBvie , EiB9iBo— hf _ 'j iia». Konscka c BHyi. LIaiou. IviM cipax pe- ': E+_; ,.. -: 6éHkoM Heo>i<viiJ, aHHo l10$lBl/ mach , -_, —_-_-, : Ha ynviuax HbIo—l/ lopka! EEEE MM ,3 i: Unusual and a little creepy promo action from 20th Century Fox for the Devil s : Due" movie. Pram with a fearsome child suddenly appears on the streets of New York! IviosAic
  22. THE GENTLEMAN'S WAGER iviosAic Bvickvi Johnnie Walker Blue Label coBiviecTHo c pviTei7inepoivi iviy>kckovi OJJ, e>K, D,L>l Mr Porter Li, ervioHcTpvIpyIoT 6-Ml/ lHyTHbll? l ponvik o criope i1Byx My>K‘il/ IH. Bo BpeM§l FIDOVICXO/ J,$lLl_l, eTO Ha 3KDaHe MO>KHO Kfll/ lKHyTL> Ha Bl/ l,D, eO VI FlOfly‘Il/ lTL> , CLOCTy| '| K O, D,e)K, U,e l/1 akceccy— apawi aKTépOB. Whiskey Johnnie Walker Blue Label in jointly with menswear retailer Mr Porter show 6—minute video about the dispute between the two men. During the event on the screen, you can click on the video and get access to clothing and accessories of actors.
  23. MOM SONG Old Spice cosnan He npocTo peknaiviy, a Ml/ lHl/ lMlO3l/ lKJ'l. OH noBecTByeT o TOM, Kak HOBbll7l Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray npeBpaLI. iaeT Mal'| l:Hl/ IKOB B My)K‘-ll/1H, vi 0 TOM, KaK Ha STO pearvipy~ lOT vix MaMbl. Ponvik Mom Song Ha6pan 6onee 9 MJTH npoivioipoe Ha YouTube. Old Spice created not just an ad but a mini—musical. It shows how new Old Spice Re-Fresh Body Spray makes men out of boys and how they moms react. Mom Song got over 9 billion views , ' '. l'r' I’ ' . iflI' ' Iti liI". I~i Ir. iviosAic Jr. V4: am I3-’-Hui,
  24. THE GAME BEFORE THE GAME V Beats by Dre l'lOJ'ly‘il/1JTOCl_> CH$'lTL> LLeflylO I<opoiI<oIvieTpa>kky o TOM, KaK My3blKa MeH$leT Hacipovi nepen Ba>KHb| M MElT‘ieM. Oinvi-iHoe 3By‘iaHl/ le B Hayu_iHvi~ kax — 3T0 aanor no6eLIL. I l/1MeHl/ lTL: lX CFlOpTCMeHOB. Kevic Oblfl OTMe‘ieH cpasy HeCKOllL>Kl/ IMM FIDQML/1$lM1/l 3a BVlL]. eO- vi a/ ,ELl/ IODFIQ Ha CLIO Awards. Beats by Dre filmed a short film about how music changes the mood before an important match. Creat sound in headphones — a pledge of victory @ ‘ ‘ famous sportsmen. The case was signed by several prizes for video and audio at CLIO Awards. MOSAIC
  25. CAMERA FALLS FROM AIRPLANE CaMOe Heeeposimoe Bl/ ILLGO, CHFlTOe Ha GoPro: na, qeHvie KaMepb| c BblCOTl: l vi BCTDG‘-la c HeO>KVlLlaHHb| M rIepcoHa— >i<eivi. Srvi 69 cekyH, q 3aBopo>i<vinvi 17,5 MvinnvioHoB 3pviTeneI7i Ha Youtube. The most incredible video shot with GoPro: camera falls from the heights and meets an unexpected person. That 69 second charmed 17,5 million viewers on YouTube. MOSAIC mm MF'. </- my mi am BF; -N05.
  26. ): I,J‘IR cBoero BvIpycHoro Bl/ IJJSO KOMFIBHI/ IR Nike npvirnacvina 3Be3p. d)yT6ona vi , u,a>I<e Xanka. I/ IMVI cTaHoB§iTc9i 6bIHHbie MaJTb- '~l| /lLLlKl/ I, peLI. IviBI_I. Ivie l’lO| 'OHFlTb MR‘-l BO , EiBope. Boiiee 100 MnH npocMoTpoB VI 500 TblCFl'~i iiai7IkoB FOBODFIT o TOM, '-‘ITO l'| OJ'lbI3OBaTeJ'll/ I oI_ieHvinvI l/ |,Cl, elO. Kpoivie Toro, Kel71C cTan o6na, iJ. aTeneivi l/ lHTepHaLl. VlOHaJ'| bHOl7l | 'lpeMl/ ll/ I Ciclope Festival. To create the new virus video Nike invited soccer stars and even Hulk. Usual boys ® who decided to play in the yard become them. More than 100 million views and 500 thousand likes shows users really appreciated the idea. That’s more the case got international prize of Ciclope ; Festival.
  27. BEST or MOBILE THE CASES TO REMEMBER néta uni. mp ms am amms
  28. AUGMENTED REALITY CHICKEN F| pvino>KeHvie OT pecTopaHoB KFC a, Ei, anTvipoBaHHoe cneI_ivianBHo JZUTR l/ |Hi1vivI. OHo no3Bon9ieT i<oHBepTvi— pOBaTb Ba. l1lOTy Bo BKyCHylO e, EIy FIDRMO Ha BaI_i_Ivix rnasaxl New KFC App allows you to convert the currency into a tasty meal right before your eyes! iviosAic 5 am EEANDS
  29. FIRST TRACKS POWDER ALARM APP iviosAic : am acme: FIRST TRACKS nluvunll XBaTai7iTe J1b| >Kl/ l I/ UTI/1 cHoy6opi1 vi noka— Tai7ic9i rio cBe>I<eMy cHery paHo yTpoM. l'| pvino>i<eHvie «First Tracks» ckoppekTvI~ pyeT TBoI? i 6y;1viiisHvik, B 3aBvicviiviocTvI oT noro, EiBI. Grab your skis or snowboard and ride on the fresh snow in the morning. «First Tracks» adjust your alarm clock depending on the snow condition.
  30. LIVING HISTORY AT UNION STATION MOSAIC flnsi l'lyTelJ_leCTBMl7l Bo BDBMSHM coBpe— MeHHoIviy -ienoeeky Hy>+<eH Tonuko cMapTcpoH. Union Station FlDe, D,JTO>Kl/ lfla l‘lOflL>3OBaTeJT$TM 3arn; iHyTu B npotunoe BMecTe c npoekroivi Living History. Modern human being needs only a smartphone to travel through time. Union Station offered users to take a look into past with the Living History project.
  31. MOSAIC l‘locnaTu CBOl7l Bo3,qyuiHuii? i nouenyvi Tenepu MO)KHO B fllOOylO TO‘lKy ivivipa Einaronapn npvino>I<eHviIo Burberry Kisses. 3ToT npoekr nony-ivino npeiviviio CLIO Image Awards B kaTeropvivi Digital/ Mobile. Send a kiss possible anywhere in the world thanks to the app Burberry Kisses‘. The project got CLIO Image award in Digital/ Mobile category.
  32. IPHONE POWERED VIRTUAL RACETRACK 2 ‘A >‘_. ITTHE IDEA/ " F_ vi MOSAIC ruin urea mi: in: am BFANDS KIA npe, Ei, nai'aeT co3p, aTB cBoi7i C06- cTBeHHbii7i l'OHO‘lHb| l7l Tpek c noMoi. i.i. isIo MOOI/ |J'll: >HOl'O rIpvino>i<eHvin. ,ElocTaToHHo npocToro ; iBvi>i<eHi/ in pyKl/ I — vi Tpacca roToBa. B onpoce, npoBe, iJ, eHHoM 6pvi— TaHckviM >i<ypHanoM Campaign cpenvi npencTaBvITenei7I peKJ1aMb| vi Meizivia, 3ToT npoeI<T 6b| J'l Ha3BaH O, Cl. HI/1M l/ I3 Havi6onee I/1HTepeCHblX B 2014 Tony. KIA offers to build your own race track using a mobile app. The simple movement of the hand and track is ready. While Britain magazine Campaign made a quiz among representatives of media and advertisement that project was mentioned as one of the most interesting in 2014.
  33. A THE PROTECTION S @ ', iot. tiibe. ccrii watcn? v Bg)<rTCliFVf: l MOSAIC nsn um; ms in: ass! ERANDS UNBAND Nivea vI36aBnneT OT 6eCl'lOKOl7lCTBa aa , ueTei7I Ha nnn>ke. C l‘| OMOU. lbtO 6pacneTa I/13 >i<ypHana vi cnei_i. vianbHoro npvino>i<eHvin MO>KHO OTC. l1e, lJ, l/1Tb nepeMe- uJ, eHi4n pe6éHi<a vi I'lOJ'| y‘-ll/1Tb TpeB0)KHb| l71 cvIrHan, ecnvi OH pei_i_ivin novirparb cnviIi. i— KOM , Ei, anei<o. Kevicy , Cl, OCTaJ'll/ lCb Hal'pa, lJ, bI Ha “KaHHcI<vix nissax“, CLIO Awards, London International Awards vi El Ojo De lberoamérica. Nivea eliminates the concern for the children on the beach. With the bracelet from the magazine and special app you can track a location of the child and get an alarm if he decided to play too far. The case got 'Cannes Lions‘, CLIO Awards, London International Awards vi El Ojo De lberoamérica.
  34. SAMSUNG DRIVE SAFE MODE APP @ outube. com/ watch? v=auTFJGCrJJU MQSAIC ms near usuuin I/ lCl'lOJ'lb3OBaTb p. eBai7icbi 3a pynéM He TOJ1bK0 Hey, iJ. o6Ho, Ho vi onacHo. Samsung noaa6oTviTcn o i3ai. uei7i 6e30- nacHocTvi. Ha cKopocTvi BblLUe 20 KM/ '-I BaUJ rap, >KeT aBTOMaTl/ I‘-leCKVl npeKpaTviT I'lpVlHMMaTb i3xop. ;Iu. i,vie 3BOHKl/1 vi coo6— u. ieHvin. |'lpvinTHoi7i noporvi! Samsung Singapore created new "Eyes On The Roa " app. This app activates a "Drive Safe Mode" when you're driving a car.
  35. BEST OF TECHNOLOGIC THE CASES TO REMEMBER nfti us: .1i. ma ms am Eb‘-NDE.
  36. THE MAGIC OF FLYING I/ IHTepaKTl/ lBHbll7l peKJTaMHblL7l Li_iviT c ivianuivikoivi, KOTOpL: lI7| Bcipetiaer npvi— J'leTalOL1J, l/le CaMOJ1eTL>l, >Kl/ IBO pearvipyn Ha ka>+<nbii7i via Hvix. Interactive boards with a boy who meets arriving planes, reacting lively on every one. _oo', I! S "jg! !! 8A284 from sari Fiancisto MOSAIC -en Hr A _I. . ‘mi .2: . v I3-’-hill ,
  37. MEGAFACES KINETIC FACADE iIiiosAic :13; m: 'a: ;r amiss z-~v: ;ip EEJY KaI<oB cnenyiou. Ivii7i 3Tan pa3BvITvin cen- Cbl/1-CDOTO? KOHG‘-IHO >i<e, 3D-cenctivi. FocTvi CO‘-ll/ I nepebiivivi l'lOI1y‘-ll/ U11/I BO3MO>K- HOCTb C, ELeJ'laTb ero. l‘lpoeI<T MegaFaces OT koMnaHvivi ‘Merad)oH‘ 3apa6oTan FpaH—npvI “KaHHcKvix nbBoB“ vi 6bin npvi- aHaH o, nHviM via I'ly‘iLU| /IX I/ |HHOBaLl| /1OHHb| X peKJ1aMHblX npoekToB Ha FlpeMl/ ll/ I Red Apple. What is the next stage of selfi photos‘ development? Of course it's 30 selfie. Guests of Sochi could already make it. MegaFaces project by Megafone got Grand prix of ‘Cannes Lions‘ and ‘Red Apple‘ prize as one of the best innovative advertising project.
  38. WORLD’S FIRST PLAYABLE AAUSI MOSAIC C PS TERS TURNING BEER INTO ART SINCE 1874 uflh it ill. will Beck's Beer npennaraer BHe3anHo FlO‘lyBCTBOBaTL> ceon L11/l, lJ, >K€eM npnmo Ha ynvlue. 41/mo He cMor npolhm Ml/ IMO lv1y3L>| KaJ'll_>HOl’O noctepa. 3To oueHL/ mo VI >KlOpl/ l C_lO Awards: npoeKT FlOIly‘lVU'l «cepeopo» 3a opmrvinanwoe I/ lC| 'lOJ'| La30— Bawie My3L: lK| /l. Beck‘s Beer offered to people to feel themselves a DJ right on the street. Nobody passed away of the playable posters. That was also appreciated by jury of CLIO Awards: the project got silver prize for the original usage of music.
  39. LIVING MOMENTS — LUMIA _ARC OF WONDER To, «no cero, n,H; i Cpl/ inbm MO)KHO cHmb Ha TenecboH, ~ He HOBOCTb. Ho Nokia npe; jnaraeT J2leIlaTb ero Maci_uTa6Ho. 50 ra, n,>KeToi3, 30 OOO Ka, lJ, pOB MaHxeTTe— Ha ~ l/ l Lueueap roToi3! There are no news in fact that you can shot a movie with a phone today. But Nokia offers to make it big. 50 gadgets and 30 000 shots of Manhattan — and a masterpiece is made! ll/ IQSAIC
  40. ® yot. :ube cam v. ~;: itcn7v WB/ Oinn6hsc. MOSAIC new urn ma ms am sum); KoMnaHvi9i Orange npep. no>Kvma JTIOAFIM noo6uJ. aTbc9i c CaMV1Ml/ I co6oi7i, TOnbKO Hepea 20 neT. Hoka ‘-lTO — B BI/ lpTyaJ'| bHOM npocTpaHcTBe. Orange offered people to meet theirselves but 20 years older. For the beginning they can do it virtually.
  41. THE WORLD'S FIRST DIGITAL COOUR ITIC B OLLHOM I/13 Mal’a3l/ IHOB A. S. Colour Oblfla ycTaHoBneHa l/ lHTepaKTl/1BHa9l Bl/ ITDVIHEI, I<oTopa$I nop,6I/ ipana noceTvITensaIvI l1O, Cl, XO/ J,9lLl_l, l/ll7l $lpKl/ H71 LII3eT B O, lJ. e)K, l1e. l‘loHpaI3vII3I. LIv1ec9I BeLl. lV| TyT >I<e Mo>I<Ho 6blJ1O npi/1o6pecTI/1. I/ |,ElelO 3ToI7I 3M5l/ l- eHT-peKJTaMbI ou. eHwIo )KlOpl/ l CDeCTl/1Ba- nn Spikes Asia. in AS. Colour store was installed interactive showcase. She advised to purchasers a bright color of clothes that would fit him. All clothes can Q) I ' "‘ ‘ ""‘ *’ “*‘ ’ ‘ be purchased in the shop. The idea of that ambient ad was signed by the jury of Spikes Asia festival. IyIosAIc 3; ma asst 95.47405
  42. THE BEST MOSAIC T H E C A S E S T O R E M E M B ER min us . -/. mp ms am EFANDS
  43. MOSAIC arr: In . . .9; mi asst EEANDS »it: ’:-‘5 .4. l‘§t'i} C6ep6aHI< npoI1eMoHcTpvIpoI3an HOBbll7l nonxoa K FlpOD, Bl/1)KeHVllO I/ InoTeHHoro Kpe/ ll/ lTOBaHl/ I91, 3al‘lyCTl/1B VlHHOBaLl, l/1OH- HylO vIHTerpvIpoBaHHyIo dlgita| —I<aI»/ Ina- Hl/ llO. l5aHI< BCHOMHI/ U1 o , lJ, aBHel71 Tpa, L1I/ I- LJ, l/11/I, HTo nepI3oI7I B HOBbIl7l LLOM LlOJ'l>KHa 3al7|Tl/1 KOLlJKa, HTo6bI HOBOCéI1bl )Kl/ lfll/1 cHacTnI4I3o B HOBOM MecTe. Bblfl 3anyI. I.IeH yHVlKaJTbHbll7l cepamc nocraakm KOTOB Ha Hoeocenbe, koropbnii cTan nyHLuvIM MHTepaKTVlBHblM npoeI<ToM roIJ, a no Bepcvn/ I Sostav. rul
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  45. V -X fr '~ 4" Jul I: aims (4 . .,. _ In”! J V ‘M I '3.) H '4». -' _ _ I, ,_. ~ ‘saw “J I zvonokizdelslvaml Kak COBGDLJJI/1Tb SBOHOK oaMoMy ce5e, L‘C5*3"“/ ‘ll U TO}'lbKO B nanékoe , neTcTI3o? C | 'lOMOUJ. blO *’ " ‘S cepsi/ Ica C6ep6aHKa «3I3oHok l/ I3 , IJ. eTcTI3a» 3T0 cTano BO3MO>KHb| M. Bce I’lpOCTO, KaK B LI. eTcTBe! . D 5 IvIosAIc
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