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Developing Social Media as a Sales Channel

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Social Media is often overlooked as a sales channel. This presentation gives some practical ideas on how to approach this channel and develop it for lead generation.

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Developing Social Media as a Sales Channel

  1. 1. The  Digital  Marke.ng  Experts  Developing Social Media as  a  Sales  Channel   1
  2. 2. Table Of Content•  What is Social Media•  How to leverage Social Media as a Sales Channel•  Develop a Sales Channel with a Strong Framework•  Example (Travel Sector)•  Getting to grips with Measurement•  Recommendations•  Fast Facts- Digital Jungle 2
  3. 3. Social Media defined….  Social media combines a wide range of online, word-of-mouth forums including blogs, company sponsoreddiscussion boards and chat rooms, consumer-to-consumer e-mail, consumer product or service ratingswebsites and forums, Internet discussion boards andforums, and micro-blogs. (Wikipedia)
  4. 4. Customer Perspective: Info Overload What The Customer Sees What The Customer Wants Soci al netw ork Easy to find Bl o What organizations need to do g information OTA Plan Meta ner searc hCustomers wants a product and not just a number of related componentProduct research has high transaction costsInformation is available piece-meal & proliferation of social media content sources leads to confusionCompany needs to help rather than confuse – provide clear paths from research to purchase.`
  5. 5. Industry Perspective: A Value Migration Search, Websites Reach   Social Media Commoditized Content Commerce   Reach, content or commerce is no longer sufficient on a stand-alone basis Value has been redefined as “owning” the customer
  6. 6. Customer Perspective: Pain PointsCustomer Costs Customer Benefits (Your value add) Attributes that drive value to the customer (pain points) Availability   Anxiety   User  base   Reliability   Effort   Quality   Components   Time   Transactability   … the size of your user base and what kind of value added components you provide.
  7. 7. Developing integrated social solutions Customer Perspective Industry Perspective • Wants products, not •  Content, commerce & components + reach value poor • Transaction costs independently • Information proliferation •  Owning the customer • Planning & commerce relationship facilitation are keyEnabling one-stop product discovery, research, sharing, commenting and transaction is key.
  8. 8. An example of putting It All Together
  9. 9. Leveraging SocialMedia Frameworks 9
  10. 10. Applications Framework
  12. 12. Messaging Framework More Ways of Communicating. We now have multiple channels for saying things. And many of these tools allow other people to comment, respond, and spread your message. The challenge is choosing the right channel for who you want to reach and what you want to say.
  13. 13. Site Framework
  14. 14. Social Media Marketing Process
  15. 15. Example: Tourism Value China 15
  16. 16. Social Media Marketing Process +   Flights   Car  rentals   Tickets   Customized  tours   Impact  of  Informa5on   Event  5ckets   Standard  tours   Commodity Bou5que  hotels   Purchase Cruises   -­‐   Impact  of  Customer  Opinions/Sen5ment   +  Customer purchase patterns in different segments vary in their sensitivity to•  Peer opinions•  Hard factsCommodities are fact sensitive; experiences are opinion sensitive Sharing of opinions impacts experience oriented / less defined products far more
  17. 17. Value Chain Impact Assessment Online  Agents  /   Supplier   Operator   Customer   Offline  Agents   •  Reduc.on  in  need/  value  of   •  Biggest  beneficiary   •  Greater  reach/  visibility   •  Comparability   advice   Impact •  Comparability   •  Personalized  marke.ng  /  offers  to   •  Comprehensive,  quick  &   •  Product  design  based   customers  on  your  database   effec.ve  comparison  &   •  Disintermedia.on   on  most  popular  ra.ngs   •  Go  online   planning  enabled   •  Context  relevant   online   distribu.on  /  promo.on   •  Customer  service   –  Leverage  social  media  tools    Opportunities becomes  key   –  Posi.on  yourself  as  an  expert   •  Collabora.on  /  group   buying  made  easier   •  Bundling  for  price   opacity   •  Service  quality  exposed   •  DIYers  can  go  direct  to     •  Info  overload   Risks •  Service  quality  exposed   local  suppliers   •  Further  disintermedia.on  
  18. 18. Value Chain Impact AssessmentImpact•  Direct channel to communicate with customers•  Customers & critics get an easy platform to discuss organizations. Formcliques•  Additional medium beyond traditional PR & marketingOpportunities Threats• Participate in community •  Corporate indifference to the discussions new Web• Showcase thought leadership •  Negative blog swarms• Bypass traditional PR for speed & •  Being viewed as plastic / customer intimacy unauthentic• Build deep customer relationships• Leverage word of mouth to develop the brand
  19. 19. Value Chain Impact Assessment Success Failure CampaignsCrisis Management Do’s Don’ts •  Define objectives •  Be too “salesy” or pushy •  Understand your timeframes •  Be un-authentic •  Identify your measurement criteria •  Expect fast results •  Establish a plan •  Execute and contentiously review
  20. 20. Adoption by Tourism Companies Budget Rent A Car Southwest Airlines Accor Hotels•  Campaign: “Up Your •  Campaign: User •  Campaign: “Invite a Budget” submitted video friend”•  Tools used: Blogs, Internet adverts •  Tools used: Micro Videos •  Tools used: Blogs, blogs, Blogs, BBS and•  Spend: < USD 500,000 Internet Videos, SNS•  Results Company Website •  Duration: 5 weeks –  1m unique visitors •  Results –  10m page views –  25k registered emails Examples of companies using social media within travel industry – with impressive results Adoption increasing as with emergence of platforms / standards emerge & references
  21. 21. How to Measure Social Media? 21
  22. 22. Automated Sentiment Analysis The sales process is impacted differently by online comments & sentiment depending on the types of products and services are being considered. However, it remains a critical metric for marketers managing products, services the company brand.Automatically monitorthe sentiment arounda product, service orbrand.
  23. 23. Consumer Review Analysis Consumer review sites hold a significant degree of trust for online netizens. The nature and content of reviews, comments and posts have an effect on the consumer to the extent they will make a sale or not depending on the comments being found online.Identify the opinionsand commentsposted on consumerreview sites
  24. 24. Social Media AnalyticsSIP: Enterprise is a social media analytics platform that monitoringand manages online brand, measuring public awareness,sentiment, influence, and tracing authoritative sources.
  25. 25. Summary•  Social Media is already impacting all types of industry players•  Online players will need to figure out their strategy along: –  Re-assessing customer value proposition –  Sharing content and tools: data in and data out (‘co- opetition’)•  Bricks & Mortar players will need to harness social media –  To connect to customers, foster loyalty –  To understand (and even influence) demand –  …and fine tune offering•  There is no single formula. Be prepared to experiment and figure out –  Social media should be a core part of your marketing plan
  26. 26. About Digital Jungle 26
  27. 27. Digital Jungle Fast Facts  •  Socially Led, digital marketing specialists•  Global reach•  Offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Sydney•  Spun out of SinoTech Group in 2011
  28. 28. World Class Digital Marketing Experience  •  Delivering digital strategy and execution services: –  Customer and competitor insight –  Digital strategy –  Social Media Marketing –  Search Engine Marketing –  Affiliate Marketing –  Media Buying –  Mobile Applications•  We work for global and domestic organisations, across various market sectors, helping our clients: –  Engage with their key audiences –  Transform their business –  Maximise growth Marketing
  29. 29. Our Commitment   The mission of Digital Jungle is to help our clients improve their business position and gain real value from their digital marketing investments Through our expertise in social media digital marketing programs and the application of search, affiliate and online marketing, we commit to: •  Driving incremental direct revenueDr Matt McDougall,CEO, Digital Jungle •  Generating ROI unrivaled by traditional media •  Protecting your online reputation •  Increasing your market share over your competitors •  Building your brand awareness We look forward to working with you.
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