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Social Slimming - Steps for Effective Social Media Programs

This presentation provides some simple steps and ideas that you can use in developing an effective social media program

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Social Slimming - Steps for Effective Social Media Programs

  2. 2. You have to work hard at your social mediaprograms to maintain the rightSHAPE
  3. 3. It takes a lot of hardWORKand discipline
  4. 4. NOT THE RIGHT FITBut sometimes your social media programs are…
  5. 5. And may be delivering the wrongRESULTS
  7. 7. What are your socialmedia marketingOPTIONSWhat do you need to do?
  9. 9. STEP BY STEPSocial media programs are developed over time
  10. 10. Start with a clearGOALWhat do you want to achieve?
  11. 11. Remember it is not all aboutYOUIt is about creating opportunities toexchange and share ideas relating tomutual topics of interest.
  12. 12. Your content should not just be an advert.Consider how to leverage yourBRANDBut note,People are turned off by pushy companyadvertising messages
  13. 13. When thinking about your content, youshould maintain an appropriateTONEAnd personality of the messages you useIn your social media programs. Content inOne site may not work in another site
  14. 14. You need to beAUTHENTICand develop trust and connections with fanand followers
  15. 15. You need to be FLEXIBLEand respond to to new events and situations as they arise
  16. 16. But don’tOVERDOyour social programs or theymaybe considered spam orsimply annoying
  17. 17. KEEP ACTIVE
  18. 18. Question what isMISSINGand continue to expand yourcontent types and formsWhere’s the boyfriend?
  19. 19. You shouldMEASUREYour progress and ensure yourprogress is in line with yourgoals
  20. 20. Follow these simple rules andGOODTHINGSwill happen
  21. 21. If you have questions or wantSOCIAL SLIMMINGtips then reach out and contact us at:info@digitaljungle.com.cn or follow us on twitter: @digitaljunglecn