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2 presentation marketing management2

  1. + Desigual “It’s not the same”
  2. + Mission Statement • At the young age of 20 Thomas Meyer, originally from Switzerland, envisaged a future in which people dressed in a different way, in clothes that helped generate positive feelings, affordable to all. • And out of this dream Desigual was first born in 1984.Ever since, it has emanated positivism, commitment, tolerance, constant improvement, innovation and fun. Because, as their first slogan claimed, Desigual is not the same.
  3. + Does it live up to the mission statement? • In Desigual they respect difference. They listen to what others have to say. They are enthusiasts. They firmly believe in open mindedness. They adore what we do. That’s why they are constantly exploring unmapped territories while, at the same time, aspiring to sustainable growth. Sustainable and profitable. • The brand the brand lives up to its mission statement as it is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art and flamboyant splashes of color and it is related to unusual clothing and unconventional style.
  4. + Three Main Competitors 1) CUSTO BARCELONA 2) MANGO 3) KLING
  5. CEO: Manel Jadraque FOUNDER&CHAIRMAN: Manel Adell EXPANSION DIRECTOR: John Rouras
  6. + Employees Worldwide  Desigual is owned by two partners and it currently employs 3000 employees, of 72 nationalities, in 30 countries. Barcelona Paris London New York Amsterdam Lisbon Berlin Dubai Saudi Arabia Bahrain Singapore Athens Kuwait Moscow Cairo UK Japan Hong Kong South Korea Australia Scandinavia Italy etc
  7. + Corporate Headquarters BARCELONA, SPAIN
  8. + Yearly Sales for 2011&2012  Desigual, has tripled its annual sales in the past five years to 700 million euros ($903 million), according to Orbis, a database of company information published by Bureau van Dijk.  The company sold more than 22 million garments in 2012 through 330 of its own stores and 11,200 other points of sale in more than 100 countries.  €560.000.000 in 2011 ($757.230.000)  The company is valued at $1.6 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index
  9. + Strengths • Innovative marketing strategies: Iconic and liberating events such as the Kiss Tour. • Software Management: BOARD is a global software vendor that manages the company’s information-fast analysis application. • Excellent logistic services: Distributing, Storage Facilities, IT Systems etc. • Different, optimistic and colorful models: Showing what the brand is all about: Fun.
  10. + Weaknesses • Relatively disfunctional Customer Service: Complaints and miscommunication. • Uniqueness: -The unique clothes are not for everyone. -Not following trends. -Not high end.
  11. + Opportunities • Globilization: Helps accomplish their goal of having at least one Desigual item in every closet in the world. • Relate brand with a celebrity: Past collaborations with Christian Lacroix and Cirque Du Soleil. • Social Media: Currently-Hashtag Desigual moments/ Instagram • Support a “Desigual” Project: Opportunity to gain publicity-New Market Groups
  12. + Threats • Competitive/Similar Brands: Custo Barcelona accused Desigual for plagiarism- Legal fight between the two brands. • New Foreign Brands entering Domestic Markets: Increased competition.
  13. + Star Products  The Cirque Du Soleil inspired Collection: The brand collaborated with Cirque du Soleil for an amazing collection that not only gave a record in sales($757.230.000 in 2011) but it also made the name of the company even more noticeable in the fashion industry. The success was great enough for the brand to be invited in New York’s Fashion Week 2013.
  14. + Star Products  The “Come in your underwear, leave fully dressed” Campaign: Customers in major European cities like Berlin, London, Madrid, Prague and Stocholm, visited the brand’s stores in their underwear and got a free outfit in exchange. This campaign let people know what the true spirit and motto of the company is. It was a fun and extraordinary event that helped the brand promote the products and the experience of being “desigual”( different”) and that year(2010) the sales increased from $338.050.000 to $594.970.000.
  15. + Star Products  Collaboration with Christian Lacroix: The same year, the famous Designer Christian Lacroix designed another line for the brand a line that combined with the Cirque Du Soleil line helped the company triple its annual sales from the past five years to $903.000.000 and sell 22 million garments for the year 2011- 2012.
  16. + Cash Cows Products  The “Galactic” Style: The Galactic print is a very “Desigual” print, the brand is using from the very beginning and it’s one of the most loved ones from the Desigual fans. It is composed by circles of different colors, or different kinds of the same color. Regardless the different collections every year, the best selling pieces are the ones that are “galactic” inspired.
  17. + Question Mark Products  The company is planning on launching a new Cosmetics line in collaboration with Sephora in 2014. The line is going to be in the same concept of fun and positivitism with a lot of colors and it’s a business move with a lot of potential of success.  The problem is there are too many competitors and already established cosmetic brands in the market and Desigual is a clothing brand in the mind of the consumers.
  18. + Dog Products  SHOES: Desigual designs clothing and footwear, as well as accessories. The clothing sales keep increasing and the accessories are definitely becoming more likeable every year. The shoes however are the weak part of every collection. So far, the responses about the shoes have been relatively bad and there have also been complaints about the way they fit.
  19. + What we learned  Desigual is a fashion brand that focuses on uniqueness and differentiation. The spirit it remains faithful to is fun, enthusiasm and positivitism. It is a Spanish brand that has expanded around the world, trying to make their ideas and clothes international. Their aim is for every wardrobe to have at least one Desigual garment. They love extraordinary and innovative fun events or campaigns to promote their collection. Finally, they lack in customer service and their weak point is the shoes but other that, Desigual is a company that has done nothing but grow and develop in the past years and the acceptance from customers is getting bigger every day.