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Future of insights. dina mehta. april 3, 2012 india social summit

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The Future of Insights - Immerse, Co-Create, Breakthrough. This talk will focus on how research needs to, and can adapt to new forms of perception, influence, desire and consumption, which are increasingly being influenced by the real-time mobile social web. Notes uploaded too.

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Future of insights. dina mehta. april 3, 2012 india social summit

  1. 1. once upon a time, many many years ago ......
  2. 2. the future of insightsdina mehta | convo.org | @dinaapril 03, 2012
  3. 3. An Indian model displays a chip placed on a bindi on her forehead during a news conference by Mindtree Consulting in Bangalore December 14, 2005trend 1/7:data is everywherebig, cheap, accessible, mobile, real-timedata flows“We never, ever in the history of mankind have hadaccess to so much information so quickly and soeasily” ...... Vint Cerf
  4. 4. trend 2/7:social media allowspeople to negotiateculture & contextdifferently
  5. 5. traditional insight-generating purchase panels are not equipped to handle the complexity of influence, community and real-time in purchase behaviourtrend 3/7:duality inconsumernegotiationsand decisions
  6. 6. trend 4/7:media consumptionconvergencecurrent measurement systems do not lookat the “whole”. how long will thesestandalone systems last?
  7. 7. trend 5/7: expert?redefining target group or influencer?audience customer? early adopter?
  8. 8. trend 6/7:community at yourfingertips - real timethe power of a single tweet can be a veryreal source of insightthey’re talking .... are you listening?
  9. 9. trend 7/7:from 1-to-manyto many-to-manyto many-to-1
  10. 10. “The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating. Paths are not to beso ... from where will found, but made, and the activity of making them,GREAT IDEAS come? changes both the maker and the destination.” John Schaar, Futurist
  11. 11. our practice morphs we need to put the ‘byte’ into the offlinewe’re definitely not out of business! and the ‘human’ back into the online
  12. 12. crowdsourcing insightsand solutions fromcommunity image: http://www.businessesgrow.com
  13. 13. subjects and customersare now becomingresearchershow do you bring these insights to you?new egs. Gigwalk, Pinterest
  14. 14. Mobile App - examples
  15. 15. Blographies - an example www.convo.org/immerse/wikimobile/
  16. 16. the future of insightsapproach: grounded or empirical, muchmore individual yet very networked andsocial, co-creationpractice: participative, real-time, multi-layered systems, multiple touchpointspeople: multi faceted people - an MBA or asocial science degree no more a passporttools: offline and online – mobile and PCconvergence across media.
  17. 17. DIY research“I know that you believe you understand what you thinkI said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heardand what you read is not what I meant.”Robert McCloskey, American author and illustrator ofchildren’s books
  18. 18. Invisible editing of the web“Facebook was lookingat which links I clickedon, and it was noticingthat I was clickingmore on my liberalfriends’ links than onmy conservativefriends’ links. Andwithout consulting meabout it, it had editedthem out. Theydisappeared.”
  19. 19. Privacy? Protection? Ethics? who’s watching? who owns me?
  20. 20. Thanks for listening :)Dina Mehta@dinadina@convo.orgApril 03, 2012