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M parental ppt

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M Parental is a education based mobile app for schools and parents.

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M parental ppt

  1. 1. interface on the move…
  2. 2. I. About Seattle Softech III. Current Educational Trends IV. About mParental V. mParental flow VII. Business model © Seattle Softech
  3. 3. Seattle Softech is a matured startup, backed up by thoughts of individuals having spent over 15 years in IT and Telecommunication industry. Having run several successful ventures, the intelligence of Seattle Softech has come together with the vision to combine the various learnings. Based at Gurgaon, Seattle Softech has teamed up experienced resources to think, design, build & deliver innovative software solutions which will bring value to the communities. © Seattle Softech
  4. 4. Education in India • 22% of the worlds population also 46% of the worlds illiterates. • $90 billion Industry • Government’s outlay is third largest on education • PISA – Project for International Student Assessment. • India ranked 73rd out of 74 countries participating SOME FACTS SO WHATS THE PROBLEM??????? • Problem is that we don’t understand the problem!!! • REAL PROBLEM: ARE THE PARENTS REALLY INVOLVED????? Current Education Trends © Seattle Softech
  5. 5. Dynamic School Worthy Teacher Good Support System Need base curriculum • Committed and devoted teachers • A school that adapts with time and is receptive to change • A willing and earnest student • A curriculum that focusses more on application. Parental Involvement Good Education • Maintaining the balance between academic and extra curricula's. • The biggest challenge and the biggest obstacle towards good education. Effective Learner Current Education Trends  Better performance is tests and examinations  Much improved attendance  Higher self motivation  Improved all round persona.  Decreased instances of violence and drug abuse. Factors to good Education
  6. 6. mParental mParental is an innovative interface designed for trouble free and anytime anywhere communication between parents and schools. The service is currently available on smart phones and tablets - Android and iOS.  Dedicated messaging service between parents and the teachers  Secure and unique login IDs separate for parents and the teachers  Communication on the daily homework  Test reports information  Information on monthly event calendar and school holiday list • Student timetable details • Information on key utilities like Bus schedule, route details, meal information if applicable  Enables schools to relay important notices for immediate attention of Parents  Key information details like contact details  Option to see the photos of school events and other such activities Key Features © Seattle Softech Our Solution About mParental
  7. 7. © Seattle Softech # Benefits to School Benefits to Parents 1. An innovative communication channel to interact with parents Ease of use 2. Ensuring Parent participation Instant information about the child on the hand 3. Balancing parents expectations and student achievement through constant and effective communication Effective time management 4. Secure and effective time management tool Regular updates on development and progress of the child 5. Individual student information available on the go 360 Degree efficient communication channel for Parents to reach out to schools Benefits of mParental © Seattle Softech
  8. 8. Service Flow
  9. 9. Login Page Home Page © Seattle Softech CLICK HERE
  10. 10. Business Model
  11. 11. Suggested Business Model Innovative Business Model with No Investment Burden on Schools or Parents What Seattle Softech Offers Investment on • Mobile Application • Hardware • Software • Backend Application Development and Maintenance • Service Operations and Training • Service Management and Product Enhancement •Usage Reports and Analytics Expectation from School • Provisioning Information to be used in application • Feedback on Service for Product Enhancement • Continuous usage of application • Subscription Fee Collection from Parents • Settlement of Payment on Revenue Share Model to Seattle Softech Expectation from Parents • Nominal Monthly Subscription Fee • Continuous usage of application • Feedback on application for enhancement © Seattle Softech
  12. 12. Annexure
  13. 13. Login Page Home Page © Seattle Softech Back
  14. 14. Feature- User Profile MailBox © Seattle Softech Back
  15. 15. Homework Post Homework © Seattle Softech Back
  16. 16. Homework History HW History Details © Seattle Softech Back
  17. 17. Test Reports Details Test Reports Options © Seattle Softech Back
  18. 18. Holidays Time Table © Seattle Softech Back
  19. 19. Transport Details Meal Menu © Seattle Softech Back
  20. 20. Feature- Information Notice © Seattle Softech Back
  21. 21. Help Trouble © Seattle Softech Back
  22. 22. Terms of Use About Us © Seattle Softech Back