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Just Veda Diaba heal



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JustVeda Berries magic ppt
JustVeda Berries magic ppt
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Just Veda Diaba heal

  1. 1. The Body can heal itself of all manner of ailments when given the appropriate support. One way to help the body in this miraculous process is to provide it with the nutrients it needs to do a specific job. Juice can provide radiant, energetic life and truly optimal health. Science of Juice
  2. 2. Ingredients • Bittergourd • Black berry • Emblica officinalis • Terminalia chebula & terminalia bellerica • Aloe beredensia, • Gymnema sylvestre, • Withaniasomnifera, • Prunes, • Goji berry, • Acerola • Bilberry.
  3. 3. Key Points • Bitter gourd is well know ayurvedic fruit to regulate blood sugar level Bitter gourd. fruit contains active ingredients, which have anti- diabetic properties. • Charantin, vicine. • Acting on peripheral tissues and suppressing appetite similar to the effect of insulin • Helps in production of insulin.
  4. 4. • Emblica officinalis contains vitamin c or ascorbic acid,Phyllemblin. Antioxidant properties, astringent for mucous membrane. • Terminalia chebula active constituents are chebulic acid, helps to reduces serum glucose level. • Terminalia Bellarica Contains gallic acid. Prevents peroxidation of lipids. • Aloe barbadensis saponins Aloin and salicylic acid. Excellent healing properties
  5. 5. • Gymnema Sylvestre contains the active ingredient Gymnemic acid which slow the transport of glucose from the intestine to the blood stream. Repair the beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin. • WithaniaSomnifera contains withaferin and sitoindoside, which act as anti inflammatory and anti stress agent. • Acerola contains Malpighi punicifolia volatile oil rich sources of vitamin C. Helps in improving circulation. • Goji berry Contains Zeaxanthine. Improve eye sight and reduces the incidence of pain in joints
  6. 6. • Bilberry contains anthocyanins Vitamin c. Helps in circulatory system strengthens the capillaries. • Prunes contains chlorogenic Acid Healing properties and Constipation
  7. 7. Complication of Diabetes
  8. 8. Benefits
  9. 9. Black berry
  10. 10. Amla
  11. 11. Terminaliala Chebula & Belerica
  12. 12. Ashwagandha
  13. 13. Aloe Barbadensia
  14. 14. Gymnemasylvestre
  15. 15. Prunes
  16. 16. Goji berry
  17. 17. Acerola
  18. 18. Bilberry
  19. 19. Thank You