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BEA 2017 Case studies in ebook metadata

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Originally presented at BEA, in this session you will learn from the successes and mistakes of others about ebook metadata. In this advanced workshop, speakers will demonstrate the effects of high quality ebook metadata through case studies. You will also learn from the mistakes of others’ metadata shortcomings. In total, you will learn best practices and their implications. This workshop will offer publishers many tips on ways to better manage metadata for stronger discovery within ebook library platforms, online retailers, and dedicated ereader stores.

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BEA 2017 Case studies in ebook metadata

  1. 1. Case Studies in eBook Metadata BEA 2017
  2. 2. Speakers Pat Payton, Senior Manager Provider Relations Margaret Harrison, Director, Product Metadata Allyson Groves, Manager, Publisher Operations Alexis Petric-Black, Manager, Publisher Account Services Ralph D. Coviello, Engagement Manager 2
  3. 3. 3 Metadata IRL Exclusive research & case studies to help you prioritize
  4. 4. 4 Ebook Metadata: What Matters? Thema BISAC subject codes product form code product form detail language reading level age range series keywords price effective date illustrator country of origin contributor contributor biography territory restrictions related product grade level prize type edition number title ISNI features on-sale date collections ISBN description BIC subject codes
  5. 5. 5 Discovery: What Matters?
  6. 6. 6 Ingram Metadata Survey Exclusive BEA Preview
  7. 7. 7 US metadata survey complete Audience: booksellers, print & ebook Focus on discoverability Full results to be published in Metadata Essentials book, Aug. 2017 Survey sent to 650+ booksellers Exclusive BEA Preview: Ingram Metadata Survey
  8. 8. 8 Ingram Metadata Survey: Key Findings Platform Index Contributor 100 Description 96 Series name & number 85 Subject code 81 Age range 79 Related product 69 Product form 68 Keywords 35 TOPATTRIBUTES
  9. 9. 9 Ingram Metadata Survey: Key Findings A B C D E Description Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Series name Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Series number Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Subject code Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Age range Yes Yes Yes No Yes HTML markup Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Related product Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Territory rights Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Product form Yes Yes Yes No Yes Audience code Yes Yes Yes No Yes Product form detail Yes Yes Yes No Yes Contributor bio Yes Yes No No Yes Keywords Yes No No No No
  10. 10. 10 CoreSource Metadata Essentials
  11. 11. 11 Metadata Essentials – Best in Class
  12. 12. 12 Metadata Essentials: Keyword-Rich Descriptions Keywords: words & phrases customers use to find your book Choose 3-5 keywords to use throughout your marketing Keywords for ________ Characters Themes Story type or style Audience notes Awards
  13. 13. 13 Book Discovery: Keyword Selection
  14. 14. 14 Book Discovery: Keywords for Umami Umami Translations Debut author Coming of age novel Mexican fiction
  15. 15. 15 Book Discovery: Keyword Selection
  16. 16. 16 Book Discovery: Keywords for The Wayfinders The Wayfinders CBC Massey Lectures Anthropology Ancient wisdom Cultural diversity Samuel Johnson Prize
  17. 17. 17 Keywords & Metadata
  18. 18. 18 Descriptions • Begin with a 25-50 word headline, bolded & followed by a break • Weave in your keywords • At least 150-200 words • Use HTML markup, especially to create paragraph breaks and bold & italic fonts
  19. 19. 19 Descriptions
  20. 20. 20 Descriptions
  21. 21. 21 Descriptions
  22. 22. 22 Metadata Essentials: Series • Do use consistent series name and numbering convention • Don’t put the series name or number in your title • Do include the series name in your description and author bio
  23. 23. 23 Series
  24. 24. 24 Metadata Essentials: Genre • Consider your audience • Doesn’t have to be 100% accurate – but fulfill on your promise to retain customers • Be specific! • Choose 2-4, but focus on your primary subject
  25. 25. 25 Genre: Be Specific
  26. 26. 26 Genre: Be Specific
  27. 27. 27 Genre: Be Specific
  28. 28. 28 Genre & Age Range • Genre and age range should work together • Juvenile: 0-11 • YA: 12-17 • Adult/general trade: 18+ • Avoid spanning multiple audiences
  29. 29. 29 Metadata Essentials: Format Select a primary product form AND details
  30. 30. 30 Metadata Essentials: Related Product Lucky numbers 13 and 27: codes to link print & digital formats
  31. 31. 31 Finally
  32. 32. 32 Metadata Essentials http://ingramcontent.com/ingramdataservices
  33. 33. Allyson Groves Manager, Publisher Operations
  34. 34. PAGE 34 It’s All About the Customers Customers come to Kobo a number of ways: ● email marketing & recommendations ● promotions ● search results ● browsing ● publishers linking to Kobo Metadata is the driving force behind: ● recommendations ● end-of-book experiences ● themed lists and promotions ● next-in-series prompts ● automation It all starts with good metadata….
  35. 35. PAGE 35 1. Know your Rights & Prices 2. Know your Markets 3. Be Complete and Consistent 4. Update! 5.Use ONIX Five Easy Steps to Optimize Your eBook Metadata
  36. 36. PAGE 36 1. Know Your Rights Kobo sells books in 190 countries and with 30+ retail partners Without proper territorial rights metadata, you’re losing sales ● Know who is selling your titles & where! ● Be mindful of duplication
  37. 37. PAGE 37 Be Careful: Don’t Limit Yourself! <SalesRights> <SalesRightsType>02</SalesRightsType> <RightsTerritory>WORLD</RightsTerritory> </SalesRights> <Price> <PriceTypeCode>41</PriceTypeCode> <PriceAmount>6.99</PriceAmount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <Territory>US</Territory> </Price> Send Specific Prices A single title can have many rights, but are you sending enough prices? ● especially important for publishers with agency agreements ● Don’t forget about price types! This title will only be available in the US
  38. 38. PAGE 38 2. Know Your Markets Currency Conversion ● Exchange rates fluctuate ● Exchange can vary from retailer to retailer ● How will the retailer know which price to convert from? ● Converted prices look weird to customers ● You may end up over or under charging Each geo has different price thresholds ● Send as many specific prices as possible ● Especially important in large markets <SalesRights> <SalesRightsType>02</SalesRightsType> <RightsTerritory>US CA GB AU NZ</RightsTerritory> </SalesRights> <Price> <PriceTypeCode>01</PriceTypeCode> <PriceAmount>6.99</PriceAmount> <CurrencyCode>USD</CurrencyCode> <Territory>US CA</Territory> </Price> <Price> <PriceTypeCode>02</PriceTypeCode> <PriceAmount>3.99</PriceAmount> <CurrencyCode>GBP</CurrencyCode> <Territory>GB AU NZ</Territory> </Price>
  39. 39. PAGE 39 International Pricing USD AUD CAD NZD Conversion from USD: $19.08 Conversion from USD: $18.86 Conversion from USD: $20.34 Conversion from CAD: $7.32 Conversion from CAD: $10.64 Conversion from CAD: $9.87
  40. 40. PAGE 40 3. Send all your data! Series Information is incredibly valuable! ● One of our biggest sales drivers ● One of the things customers notice the most when it’s done poorly
  41. 41. PAGE 41
  42. 42. PAGE 42 Valuable & Often Overlooked Related Product • Kobo might not be able to use it, but many of our partners rely on it
  43. 43. PAGE 43 Valuable & Often Overlooked Age RangesCategorization codes
  44. 44. PAGE 44 It’s not just about “enhancements” - consistency with regular data is important too! George R.R. Martin George RR Martin G.R.R. Martin GRR Martin George Raymond Richard Martin George Martin Consistency is Key All the same man! Data should be machine readable ● Everything is parsed by automated systems ● If it isn’t easily sortable in excel, it isn’t good metadata ● Nothing should be invisible ● If you want the customer to find it, make sure the customer can see it A Rule of Thumb:
  45. 45. PAGE 45 4. Update! Update! Update! Metadata is not static. You should update it often to reflect market fluctuations or respond to topical or social changes: ● Book nominated for an award? ● Suddenly relevant? ● Becoming a movie or TV series? You can also experiment: ● Try different category codes ● Test out pricing strategy ● Schedule price drops ● Flash sales ● SEO
  46. 46. PAGE 46 5. Use Onix! Onix is created specifically for book metadata and is the most reliable and thorough method! ● Multiple prices in multiple currencies, for multiple territories ● Price effective dates! ● One feed can be sent to multiple retailers ● Consistent across entire industry ● Automated and bulk updates ● Scalable, adaptable ● Less manual intervention Onix 3.0 has specific enhancements for ebook and global retail. You should be using it! ● Specifically addresses challenges of global distribution ● Tags specifically for eBooks (DRM, epub usage, master brand, etc.) ● Block updates ● The only version still supported!
  47. 47. PAGE 47 1. Know your Rights & Prices 2. Know your Markets 3. Be Complete and Consistent 4. Update! 5.Use ONIX To Summarize
  48. 48. PAGE 48 Allyson Groves Manager, Publisher Operations allyson.groves@rakuten.com
  49. 49. SMART! BEAWorkshop: Case studies in ebook metadata June 1, 2017 © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. 49 Alexis Petric-Black Manager, Publisher Account Services OverDrive, Inc. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017
  50. 50. smart systems rely onSMART data Structured Meaningful Accurate Rigorous Timely © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017 50 How would a reader try to find this book? How does the metadata facilitate discovery? Is the metadata “enough” to spur action?
  51. 51. © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017 51 I heard about this book on biology, it was on The Daily Show… What was it? MindYour Manners? Hmmm… SMART metadata allows a reader to:  Search on a keyword  Sort the results by publication date  Quickly scan the description for key information  Make a “this is the book” decision
  52. 52. © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017 52 Oooh, I’ve been meaning to read that new James Patterson… James Patterson has written over 200 books and releases multiple best sellers each year, for kids and adults. Machines can list every one but they can’t know the book stuck in the reader’s mind… SMART metadata helps readers quickly make decisions. Yes!That’s it! I think…?
  53. 53. © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017 53 Where did I leave off the Women’s Murder Club? James Patterson in hisWomen’s Murder Club series makes it easy (smart author!). SMART metadata makes it easy when the author makes it hard.
  54. 54. Structured:Istheauthor’s nameformattedthesame acrossallinstancesinyour catalog? Meaningful:IsSeriesdata included?Whataboutreading order? Accurate:Isthepublication datecorrect?Whataboutthe BISAC(s)? Rigorous:Hasthemetadata recordundergonethorough review?When?Nextreview? Timely:Doesthemetadata include/excludecontemporary info? © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017 54 Phone Tablet Computer
  55. 55. © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017 55 SMART Metadata for All! While ONiX and its standards can make SMART metadata easier it’s not the only way - Excel based metadata transmission can be just as robust! In either case SMART metadata is people powered from system design to data entry and management. Children’s titles need SMART metadata too! Include age group, reading level, page count, and descriptive copy for parents and kids. But what about the children?
  56. 56. SMART metadata drives sales! © OverDrive, Inc. All Rights Reserved. BEA Workshop: Case studies in ebook metadata - Jun 1, 2017 56 EXTRA! EXTRA! Due to limited supply many books are not available for immediate checkout . SMART metadata allows readers to find the book they want, locate similar reads, and find what to read next! Sales happen when readers can find the right book quickly and with ease. Metadata professionals are part of the sales team.
  57. 57. Case Studies in Ebook Metadata June 1, 2017
  58. 58. 58
  59. 59. 59 Agenda Overview • Customer Impact • Sales Impact • Revenue Impact
  60. 60. Customer Impact
  61. 61. Collections • Academic Complete™ is a collection of scholarly ebooks from leading publishers with coverage in all academic disciplines. • College Complete™ is a collection trusted by community, technical and vocational colleges around the world. • Schools and Educators Complete™ meets diverse needs of K-12 students and aligns with national, state and provincial curriculum standards. • Public Library Complete™ helps libraries augment nonfiction collections to meet needs of students, professionals and other information seekers.
  62. 62. Collections Title Example
  63. 63. Professor Assigns Collections Title for Class
  64. 64. Publisher Removal Request To Collections Title
  65. 65. DDA Explained • Demand Driven Acquisition, AKA PDA • Integrate user involvement in the process of building library collections – Patrons or students participate in building a library collection • Provides the ability to offer access through the use of profiles – Library determines inclusion and exclusion criteria such as such as subject, publisher, publication date, author, pricing, etc. – Can be adjusted at any time
  66. 66. DDA Profiles
  67. 67. Subjects
  68. 68. Publisher and Imprint Variations
  69. 69. Pricing Multiple business model/price options Single business model/price options
  70. 70. Sales Impact
  71. 71. Incomplete ISBN Cross References
  72. 72. File Submissions Not Matching Guidelines
  73. 73. Revenue Impact
  74. 74. STL Explained • Short Term Loans • Provide a cost-effective way to offer users access to a wide range of titles for short periods of time • Often combined with DDA • Flexible – Libraries to choose the number and duration based on parameters of their choice – Examples: ebook price, publication date, and subject – Can be mediated or unmediated
  75. 75. Removals
  76. 76. Sales Rights Publishing</PublisherName><SalesRights><Sales RightsType>01</SalesRightsType><RightsCountry >US CA</RightsCountry></SalesRights> Publishing</PublisherName><SalesRights><SalesRightsType>01</SalesRightsType><RightsCountry>AE AF AL AM AN AO AQ AT AU BA BD BE BG BH BN BO BW BY CF CH CK CN CX CY CZ DE DK DZ EG EH ES ET FI FJ FK FR GB GI GL GM GN GR HK HR HU ID IE IL IN IO IQ IR IS IT JO JP KE KP KR KW LA LB LI LK LT LU LV LY MC MN MO MY MZ NC NF NG NL NO NP NR NZ PF PG PH PK PL RO RS RU RW SA SE SG SI SK SL SO SY SZ TC TF TH TN TO TR TW UA UG VA VG VN WS YE ZA ZM ZW</RightsCountry></SalesRights>
  77. 77. Conflicting Sales Rights Scenario 1 –Contract indicates North America only –ONIX metadata indicates worldwide rights Scenario 2 – Two parties send single title with worldwide rights/overlapping market rights Scenario 3 –Publisher signs with aggregator to deliver content without notifying us on disposition of existing titles
  78. 78. Publisher Takeaways • Title availability affects library customers differently than retail customers • Participating in a broad range of business models provides more opportunities for revenue • Consistency in metadata (subjects, imprints, authors) offers the broadest discoverability • Validating files and ensuring metadata is complete will safeguard your speed to market • Your metadata is part of a larger metadata universe often for the exact same ISBN
  79. 79. Resources • Learn more about ProQuest Ebook Central • ProQuest Ebook Central Preview • ProQuest Ebook Central Submission Guidelines for Content Providers • Ralph.Coviello@ProQuest.com
  80. 80. Thank You Ralph D. Coviello, Engagement Manager Ralph.Coviello@ProQuest.com