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Derek Lakudzala is an experienced ICT Consultant with many years of practical experience especially in the Windows Desktop application environment.

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Cv for derek lakudzala

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE: DEREK LAKUDZALA Consultant and Trainer: Business ICT and Management 1. Contact Information DEREK LAKUDZALA BUMAS International, P. O. Box 51379, Limbe, Malawi Tel: +265 999 240 293 / +265 1 873 575 Email: dlakudzala@gmail.com Skype: Derek.Lakudzala Twitter: http://twitter.com/dlakudzala2. Personal Information Date and Place of Birth: 18th APRIL 1956, Lilongwe, Malawi Citizenship: Malawi Gender: Male Marital Status: Married Children: Three sonsEmployment history1. Team Leader: CBET College, Malawi, 2004 to date:Derek is a team leader of Computer and Business Education and Training (CBET) College inMalawi. He is responsible for strategic direction and the operational matters. CBET College is aneducation partner of NCC Education of the UK (www.nccedu.com) accredited to teach Level 4NCC Education IT and Business Diploma courses and also a level4 Post Graduate DiplomaProgramme in Strategic Business IT. He has taught Project Management and Research inInformation Technology modules at the Post Graduate Diploma Level. 1. Business ICT and Management Consultant: 1996 to dateDeveloped the Information Systems Strategy Plan (ISSP) for the Local Development Fund, adevelopment fund consolidator and management organisation, February 2011 to June 2011.The project recommended ICT infrastructure and management for a multi-stakeholder group forlocal government development.Co-authored and co-edited an advanced training course "AFRICAN FOSS BUSINESS MODELS" inNairobi Kenya, February 2009, for ict@innovation project (http://www.ict-innovation.org/) and theFree Open Source Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA –http://www.fossfa.net/) sponsored by InWent ofGermany (http://www.inwent.org)Facilitation of Training Module “General Business Skills” for senior managers from Zambia,Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa and Namibia. The programme took place at theUniversidade Eduardo Mondlane (http://www.uem.mz/) Centre for ICT (EACOSS), MaputoMozambique, 26-27 October 2009.Facilitation of Training Module “General Business Skills” for senior managers from Ethiopia,Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The programme took place at the University ComputingCentre (UCC) of the University of Dar es Salaam (www.ucc.co.tz ) 22-23 September 2009.CV: Derek Lakudzala dlakudzala@gmail.com 1 Business ICT Consultant and Trainer
  2. 2. Facilitation of Training Module “General Business Skills” for senior managers from Ethiopia,Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Tanzania. The programme took place at the East African Centre forOpen Source Software (EACOSS) (http://www.iicd.org/projects/uganda-eacoss/), Kampala Uganda,7-9 September 2009.IT Project ManagementManagement of business register digitization project at the Department of the Registrar General,Blantyre. The project digitalised the business register as a first step in the implementation of acomputerised business registry for the Registrar Of Companies April 2009 to November 2009Development of Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery PlansMr Lakudzala led a team of three consultants that developed the business continuity and disasterrecovery plan for the Privatisation Commission in Malawi.Separately, Mr Lakudzala also conducted training in business continuity and disaster recovery onthe behalf of the ICT Association of Malawi.ICT Needs Assessment (TNA)Mr Lakudzala conducted ICT needs assessment for three different departments in Malawi. Hecompleted a World Bank funded project through the Privatisation Commission to conduct an ICTNeeds Assessment at the Department of the Registrar General and Department of Lands, LandRegistry. A key component of the assignment was conducting training needs assessment in thearea of ICT in the two departments. He has since conducted a similar project for the High Court ofMalawi, Blantyre Commercial Division.Strategic PlanningMr Lakudzala facilitated the development to strategic plans as follows(a) for Business Computers Services (BCS), official dealers of a Dell and HP computers in Malawi(b) Trans World Radio (TWR) MalawiMr Lakudzala facilitated the development of the strategic plan for Trans World Radio, local FMstation as well as the TWR Malawi National Strategic Plan, translated from the African regionstrategic plan for Trans World Radio.IT Functional Re-organisationMr Lakudzala led a two-person consulting team to establish an information technologydepartment at Lilongwe Water Board and reorganise the ICT function in the board.Financial ModellingMr Lakudzala provided IT specialist computer based financial modelling services and in regulatorylevel reforms project in Malawi when Malawi was moving to multi-sector regulatory frameworkfrom single sector regulatory framework.He also provided computer financial modelling services for in the electricity regulator in Malawias part of providing a framework for tariff management.Mr Lakudzala has since conducted financial modelling courses for accountants and financialmanagers using Microsoft Excel.Business ICT Consultant and Trainer 2 CV: Derek Lakudzala dlakudzala@gmail.com
  3. 3. Training Needs Assessment (TNA)Mr Lakudzala participated in conducting comprehensive assessment of long term training needsfor the Malawi Ministry of Health covering a period of three years to satisfy an important fundingconditionality. In the exercises targeted service delivery cadres in the Ministry.Mr Lakudzala started work on training needs assessment (TNA) at the Malawi Institute ofManagement (MIM) where he served as subject matter expert in training needs assessment forthe Institute. He served as local counterpart of Canadian and British experts on training needsassessment projects at the start of the Malawi Institute of Management.Geographical Information Systems (GIS)Mr Lakudzala led it two man consulting team that customised the Malawi Social EconomicDatabase (MASEDA) for the Health sector (MASEDA Health) in a UNICEF funded project. Theunderlying system is a GIS and the MASEDA Health isolated health sector indicator informationand analytical tools for use by the health sector decision makers and planners in Malawi.Mr Lakudzala trained as a consultant in UNICEF’s Malawi version of ChildInfo database calledMASEDA (Malawi Social Economic Database). He is a trained independent consultant onChildInfo in Malawi; and he has special understanding of GIS based database systems andprojects.Website DevelopmentMr Lakudzala designed and managed the first website development projects for the MalawiConfederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) and the Malawi MeteorologicalService Department. Subsequently the Meteorological Service website became the mostfrequently updated website in Malawi as it maintained daily weather forecast data.Mr Lakudzala has since conducted various website development training courses. In April 2010he conducted website development training using Joomla! - a content management system withPHP and MySQL as the underlying technologies.TrainingMr Lakudzala is a consultant and trainer in businesses ICT. In his training experience is mainly onoffice applications, computer based project management tools, database and softwaredevelopment in the Windows environment. Mr Lakudzala has contacted training covering thefollowing software. Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook). Project Management and Software Development (Visual Basic 2008, Visual Basic 2005, Visual Basic 6, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Project)2. Management DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT (IT): MALAWI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT: 1989 TO 1996Mr Lakudzala spent seven years in management consulting, training and research specialising inthe Information Technology field as Senior Management Development Consultant/Head of the ITDivision at the Malawi Institute of Management (MIM) in Lilongwe, Malawi from March 1989 toJanuary 1996. After resigning he continued to serve as adjunct faculty in the area of ComputerCV: Derek Lakudzala dlakudzala@gmail.com 3 Business ICT Consultant and Trainer
  4. 4. Applications in Project Management sometimes facilitating modules on Microsoft Project in a Cambridge (UK) Diploma programme at the institute.Employment Record: JANUARY 1996 TO DATE: RESIDENT PARTNER, BUMAS INTERNATIONAL Designed a business register database for the Department of the Registrar General as part of the private sector development project. This was an expanded phase of an earlier project. The newly designed database is to replace an earlier one also developed by Mr Lakudzala and his team at BUMAS International. Provided corporate computer skill training programmes for numerous organisations in Malawi including the following (a) Malawi Revenue Authority (http://www.mra.mw/) (b) Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL) (http://www.mtl.mw/) (c) Southern Africa Aids Trust (SAAT) Malawi (http://satregional.org/country_programmes/malawi) (d) National Insurance Company (NICO) (http://www.nicomw.com/) (e) Chemicals and Marketing (f) Investment and Development (INDE) Bank (http://www.indebank.com/) (g) British American Tobacco (BAT) Malawi Limited, (h) Investment and Development Fund (INDEFund). (http://indefund.com/) These special course were designed to address the needs of the organizations to gain competence in use of computers for office and personal productivity Developed computerized systems for conducting economic research for economic researchers at the Reserve Bank of Malawi (Malawi’s Central Bank). The system includes provision for outputting information for web publishing. From 1990 to 1996, Mr Lakudzala served as UK’s NCC Education country moderator for Malawi on their international diploma course in Computer Studies programmes in Malawi. MARCH 1989 TO JANUARY 1996 CONSULTANT/SENIOR CONSULTANT AT MALAWI INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, LILONGWE MALAWI. Handled information technology training and applications in other disciplines, consulting and research activities catering for the needs of middle and senior level managers in all three sectors of the economy. My primary areas included computer familiarization training, computer skills training for specific groups such as executive assistants and secretaries, financial managers, project managers and human resource managers. Apart from conducting Project management courses for IT professionals Mr. Lakudzala also conducted Project management training for Water Engineers of the Lilongwe Water Board and a Business ICT Consultant and Trainer 4 CV: Derek Lakudzala dlakudzala@gmail.com
  5. 5. similar programme for Software and System Staff of the Data processing department in Government. Both programmes used Microsoft Project as the Project Management Software. MAY 1986 TO MARCH 1989; PRINCIPAL SYSTEMS ANALYST PROGRAMMER - DATA PROCESSING DEPARTMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAWI. From April 1989 to July 1992 I concurrently held a government post as Assistant Chief data processing Officer (P6) in the Malawi Civil service while on secondment to Malawi Institute of Management and Management Development Consultant in IT at the Malawi Institute of Management. Managed development and maintenance project team responsible for the central government accounting system. August 1980 to march 1983: Systems analyst/programmer - Data processing Department of the Government of Malawi. I spent a greater part of this period as head of the computer division at the Meteorological Office headquarters in Blantyre on secondment from my parent department. Designed and implemented systems for management of industrial licenses in the Ministry of Trade and Commerce, management of Malawi Government censorship in the Censorship Board. APRIL 1983 TO APRIL 1986: SENIOR SYSTEMS ANALYST/PROGRAMMER - DATA PROCESSING DEPARTMENT OF THE GOVERNMENT OF MALAWI. He started his career as a systems analyst/programmer in the Malawi government at professional officer grade. He progressed through the ranks of senior systems analyst programmer, principal systems analyst programmer to Assistant Chief Data Processing office (P6, personal to self)4. Education: Institution Dates Qualifications University of Essex, (UK) October 1984 to M.Sc. (Computer Studies) (http://www.essex.ac.uk/) September 1985 University of Essex, (UK) September 1983 to Post Graduate Diploma (http://www.essex.ac.uk/) July 1984 (Computer Programming and Microprocessor Applications) University of Malawi October 1976 to B.Sc. (Physics and Mathematics) (Chancellor College) June 1980 (http://www.chanco.unima.mw/) He is currently studying for a PhD in Management with Columbia Commonwealth University Malawi (http://ccwum.org/). His doctoral studies this far have covered Organizational Behaviour, Business Ethics, Operations Management, Business Research Methods, Corporate Finance, Strategic Management, International Economics, Change Management fact and Marketing Management. CV: Derek Lakudzala dlakudzala@gmail.com 5 Business ICT Consultant and Trainer
  6. 6. 5. Other Training CERTIFICATE NAME CERTIFICATE ISSUER TYPE Technology Transfer Negotiation: Attendance UNIDO/MRITDC and www.mirtdcmalawi.com Completion Workflow Management Participation International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP), Hamburg Germany (http://www.ifip.or.at/) Training of Trainers Participation Malawi Institute of Management (http://www.mim.co.mw/) Scientific Writing and Reporting Participation International Service for National Agricultural Research (ISNAR) (http://www.isnar.org/) Relational Database Management Attendance Learning Tree International, Toronto Canada (http://www.learningtree.ca/) Business Planning and Marketing PARTICIPATION INWENT JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA (http://connect.inwent.org/en/regions/r egional-offices/south-africa.html Structured Systems Analysis and Participation National Computing Centre (NCC), Design (SSADM) London, England (http://www.nccedu.com/) 6. Membership of Professional Associations: • Board Member of the Sothern Africa Tele-centre Network (SATNET) (http://www.satnetwork.org) • Information Communication and Technology Association of Malawi (ICTAM) – immediate past Treasurer and have previously served as the Vice President .and Acting President • Co-author and Co-training of Free Open Source Business Models course <www.ict-innovation.fossfa.net > Viewable and downloadable from http://www.ict-innovation.fossfa.net/wiki/public-wiki/course-advanced-african-foss-busine ss-models/FBMTrainers and http://www.ict-innovation.fossfa.net/node/4252 • Member of Global Network of Eminent National Experts for the World Summit Awards 2010-2011. (www.wsis-award.org ) Member of Free and Open Source Software Foundation for Africa (FOSSFA) (www.fossfa.net) Business ICT Consultant and Trainer 6 CV: Derek Lakudzala dlakudzala@gmail.com
  7. 7. Retired Trustee – Malawi Switch Centre (Malswitch) - http://www.malswitch.com/ Mr Lakudzala has very good understanding of cultural issues as they relate to organizations and performance of people in organizations. .7 Languages: Language Speaking Reading Writing English Excellent Excellent Excellent French Fair Fair Poor Chichewa Excellent Excellent Excellent8. Certification: I, the undersigned, certify that to the best of my knowledge and belief, these data correctly describe me, my qualifications, and my experience. Date: Friday2nd December, 2011 Full name of applicant: Derek Lakudzala CV: Derek Lakudzala dlakudzala@gmail.com 7 Business ICT Consultant and Trainer