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Campbell high school podcast 2 assessment

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This podcast covers the dates, the expectations and how to submit your summer reading.

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Campbell high school podcast 2 assessment

  1. 1. Campbell High School Summer Reading Podcast #2- Completing the Assessment
  2. 2. Overview • For this podcast, we will discuss the specific tasks for the summer reading assessment. • Remember the due dates- – August 29, 2013 for first semester English classes – January 27, 2014 for second semester English classes.
  3. 3. Directions • Some websites may help you understand the themes, characters and quotes in your book. • You might consult Wikipedia, Good Reads, Spark Notes, Cliff Notes, etc. for guidance.
  4. 4. Directions Do not plagiarize online sources. • Plagiarism is copying and pasting AND not giving credit to someone else’s words. • You are expected to do your own work and come up with original examples of the themes, characters, and quotes for your books.
  5. 5. Directions • Many teachers will be using Turnitin.com for you to submit your summer reading assignment. • This website checks for originality against everything posted on the internet and other students’ submitted work.
  6. 6. Directions • Relying only on literary criticism websites for quotes and analysis does not show your teacher that you read and understand the book. • You will earn a low score on the rubric if it looks like you didn’t read your book and just “Spark Noted” your assignment.