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Industry Presentation: eCommerce in Indonesia: Opportunities & Challenges

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In this session, Narendrata will share highlights about Indonesia's promising market for eCommerce, but also several challenges in infrastructure, logistics, payment, and also culture. Aside from the basics about entering Indonesia's eCommerce market, Narendrata will also talk about the prominent competition for eCommerce players and how to tackle these players.

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Industry Presentation: eCommerce in Indonesia: Opportunities & Challenges

  1. 1. Indonesia E-Commerce
  2. 2. “ Facts about Indonesia/Indonesia is Huge/101 about Indonesia” (terserah bagusan yg mana) • 4th Largest Population in the world - 255,5 million • Indonesians are consistently found to be some of the most confident consumers in the world. • 51% Urban Population& 49% Rural Population
  3. 3. Mid Class In Indonesia, middle class is defined using Asian Development Bank criteria which is population with daily per capita expenditure between $ 2-20 per day) 1999 : 25 millions (25% of population) 2010 :146 million (57% of population) This rapid increase of middle class leads to the growth of consuming class Indonesians are consistently found to be some of the most confident consumers in the world. Intinya di slide ini gua mau ngasihtau bahwa: Peluang untuk berbisnis di dunia ecommerce setiap tahun makin besar di Indonesia / the rising of the middle class in Indonesia offers some opportunies for Indonesia to boost its economic growth
  4. 4. More Urban Dwellers = More transaction in online shopping ? • Middle Class began to dominate in population
  5. 5. The Rise of Indonesia Netizens • 83.6M Internet Users (95M in 2015) • 80% of Internet Users is Productive Age (under 15 years old (30%) ; under 30Years old (50%) • Mobile connections : 308.2 million - penetration 121% • Smartphone user : 38 million - penetration 34% • Active Mobile Social Accounts : 62 milliion - penetration 24%
  6. 6. The use of social media to facilitate ecommerce is a big chance for any consumer-driven business to think about before coming to Indonesia. • Indonesian people is social freak! (both online or offline) 70 million active facebook users - 3rd world rank - Biggest Penetration in the world 29 million active twitter users - 5th world rank 83 milion internet users - 6th world rank 30 million Line users - 3rd world rank 27% of all the country’s ecommerce transactions occurred via social media in 2014 source : kemenkominfo & SingPost
  7. 7. E-commerce is growing, but still in the early phase • 20 percent of netizens shop online in Indonesia, just a five percent increase compared to last year. Most of these shoppers are female. • <1% online retail sales dari total 412 Triliun retail sales
  8. 8. prospects for future growth are still exceedingly strong
  9. 9. Indonesian People is Consumptive • Average Spending on E-Commerce $250/Year(Less than 1% online retail transaction) it predict will be double this year • Indonesia is on track to become the third largest consumer base in the world (after China and India) •2013 : 4,6 million online shoppers •2014 : 5.9 million online shoppers
  10. 10. Government and Policy • Good Understanding and Also Support by New Government for E-Commerce (masukin foto jokowi, foto menkominfo, foto mentri industri perdagangan, foto mentri usaha kecil, menengah dan industri kreatif )
  12. 12. • Indonesia is a Huge Country, it means a lot of differences for each Tribe, Religion, Culture in every provinces • Bahasa is more likely to choose rather than english.
  13. 13. • Logistics services who running in Indonesia (masukin list agen2 logistik)
  14. 14. Indonesia’s online consumers are "afraid of fraud". • Trust issue related to payment gateaway • Paypal not popular in Indonesia 8% 7% 28% 57% Other Payment Mode Manual Bank Transfer COD Credit Cards 8% 7% 28% 57% Other Payment Mode Bank Transfer COD Credit Cards 8% 7% 28% 57% Other Payment Mode Bank Transfer COD Credit Cards 8% 7% 28% 57% Other Payment Mode Bank Transfer COD Credit Cards
  15. 15. To overcome “Afraid of Fraud”, businesses are getting innovative with payment methods • Payment Gateaway availabe in Indonesia • (masukin list agen pembayaran)
  16. 16. • Marketplace run and dominated by Big Player • specific online shop still a small number
  17. 17. Indonesia is a country full of diversity, home to numerous different ethnic groups, languages and religions.
  18. 18. How to Expand your company's reach Reach the right people at the right time • Great Promotion via Publisher due to Indonesian Online Shopping Behaviour (Research - recommendation - buy)
  19. 19. TELUNJUK
  20. 20. • What is Telunjuk : The Biggest & Most Trusted Shopping Search Engine • 1,2 million visitor / month, level intention to buy is better than any platform • 4 Million products • more than 10 categories • more than 70 trusted merchant already join