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From Post-its to Processes: Using Prototypes to Find Solutions

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Slide deck from a conference session at the 2014 Museums and the Web conference. Presented by Dana Mitroff Silvers, Ahree Lee, and Emily Lytle-Painter. Accompanies a published paper:


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From Post-its to Processes: Using Prototypes to Find Solutions

  1. 1. From Post-its to Processes: Using Prototypes to Find Solutions Dana Mitro" Silvers, USA Ben Hamley, Australia Yen Trinh, Australia Emily Lytle-Painter, USA Jack Ludden, USA Ahree Lee, USA April 4, 2014 | Museums and the Web #mw2014proto
  2. 2. Dana @museumofemily J. Paul Getty Museum Ahree Emily @dmitro" Design Thinking For Museums @ahreelee J. Paul Getty Trust #mw2014proto  
  3. 3. Jack Ludden, J. Paul Getty Trust Ben Hamley, Queensland Museum, Australia Yen Trinh, Queensland Museum, Australia Shout out to co-authors! #mw2014proto  
  4. 4. Prototyping + design thinking Hands-on prototyping challenge Real-world examples Taking it home Today’s session #mw2014proto  
  5. 5.  What is prototyping? #mw2014proto  
  6. 6. The practice of building low- fidelity representations of products, services, or experiences in order to learn and test before proceeding. #mw2014proto  
  7. 7. Learning Testing Empathizing Exploring Inspiring Planning Validating  A tool for… Image  ©  P.M.  Carlson  
  8. 8. Image  by  the  Stanford  d.school   #mw2014proto   Fail early and fail often
  9. 9. Physical things Digital experiences In-person interactions Organizational systems + structures You can prototype… #mw2014proto  
  10. 10. Design thinking
  11. 11. Design thinking framework Image  by  the  Stanford  d.school   #mw2014proto  
  12. 12. #mw2014proto  
  13. 13. Let’s try it! #mw2014proto  
  14. 14. Let’s try it! #mw2014proto   Warning: this is going to involve face-to-face, real-life interaction (you’ll need to put away your device)
  15. 15. Find a partner. Get out paper + pen.
  16. 16. Your Challenge… #mw2014proto  
  17. 17. How might we redesign the MW conference badge to better facilitate connecting? #mw2014proto  
  18. 18. Image from flickr by Matt Biddulph
  19. 19. Start with a conversation Image  courtesy  Susan  Spero  
  20. 20. 1.  What do you like most & least about your badge? Why? 2.  What do you like most & least about connecting with colleagues? Why? Interview starter questions 2 minutes x 2
  21. 21. Use your new knowledge about your partner to sketch out ideas for a badge just for him/her. Plan + sketch 2 minutes on your own
  22. 22. Build your prototype
  23. 23. Build your prototype 4 minutes on your own Remember: It’s not supposed to be perfect. You’re designing for your user.
  24. 24. 1.  Describe what excites you most about this prototype? Why? 2.  If you could change one thing about it, what would it be? Test: ask your partner… 2 minutes x 2
  25. 25. Photo  by  Andrew  Delaney/   Mindset and methodology Congratulations! #mw2014proto  
  26. 26. To show work that wasn’t finished? To look at work that was low-fidelity? Did you get an “Aha!” moment? When? How did it feel… #mw2014proto  
  27. 27. Real-world examples #mw2014proto  
  28. 28.  Digital experiences #mw2014proto  
  29. 29. Low-fidelity, seriously? People are more open to giving feedback You can gloss over picky details You can think big
  30. 30.  In-person interactions #mw2014proto  #mw2014proto  
  31. 31. #mw2014proto  
  32. 32.  Structures #mw2014proto  
  33. 33. Just do it! #mw2014proto   It’s easy It’s fun Start small Start with people who are excited Change bubbles up See your worksheet
  34. 34. Find space #mw2014proto  
  35. 35. Taking it home Write down some ideas: 1 min Share with your partner: 1 min #mw2014proto  
  36. 36. Resources Emily Lytle-Painter @museumofemily elytlepainter@getty.edu Dana Mitro" Silvers @dmitro" dana@DesigningInsights.com Ahree Lee @ahreelee alee@getty.edu Museums and the Web Published Paper www.tinyurl.com/mw2014prototype Design Thinking for Museums http://designthinkingformuseums.net/tools/ Queensland Museum Blog http://www.blog.qm.qld.gov.au/ Stanford d.school dschool.stanford.edu #mw2014proto