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Chris Reynolds

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Hacking Productivity - Get Shit Done, Scale Rapidly, Be Incredibly Productive, Keep Your Peace Of Mind And Life Balance

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Chris Reynolds

  1. 1. High-Performance Productivity Hacking Insights from The Business Method Podcast w/ Chris Reynolds
  2. 2. Let’s Dance
  3. 3. Are you kinky? What’s the biggest lie you ever told your parents? Have you ever been naked in public? Have you ever punched someone in the face? Have you ever checked your phone during sex? Have you ever stolen from your parents? Are you high? Is Obama a Muslim? What’s your Google password?
  4. 4. On a Ranch in Northern California
  5. 5. What happened on that ranch?
  6. 6. ● Founder of The Business Method Podcast ● High-Performance Coach for Entrepreneurs ● Founder of Get Shit Done Live Retreats ● 10 Events and retreats around the world ● Took a Rodeo Clown from 2500 to 200k and got him on CBS’s Reality Show Big Brother ● Location Independent for over 7 years ● A little obsessed with productivity
  7. 7. There is a Greek word, that means to stand outside oneself and be filled with insight and inspiration!
  8. 8. “Plato described this experience as an altered state where our normal waking consciousness vanishes completely, replaced by an intense euphoria and a powerful connection to a greater intelligence.” Stealing Fire
  9. 9. Navy SEALs
  10. 10. Navy SEALs used to take 6 months to learn a language. Now it takes them 6 weeks.
  11. 11. Google Story with CEO Eric Schmidt
  12. 12. Ecstasis
  13. 13. “Plato described ecstasis as an altered state where our normal waking consciousness vanishes completely, replaced by an intense euphoria and a powerful connection to a greater intelligence.” Stealing Fire
  14. 14. Business Accelerators where we experienced ecstasis
  15. 15. What is happening? ● When we reach ectasis the inner critic goes silent ● We go from competition to creative mode ● Risk taking goes up ● Creativity goes up and is very useful for solving problems
  16. 16. What is happening to our bodies during ecstasis?
  17. 17. What is happening in the brain? ● Activity in the prefrontal cortex slows, the part of the brain that houses the higher cognitive functions starts to decrease. It is an efficiency exchange. The brain is trading extra energy to help you focus in the moment on other functions. ● This is where our sense of self is contained and as this part slows down, so does the connection to self and increase the connection to other things ● Same with the sense of time...we step into a timeless moment...and intense present moment and past, and future get deflated and you can only think about what is going on in that very moment. ● Most anxiety most fear is not present moment fear. Its past and future. ● Anxiety goes down. Performance goes up and so does our ability to process data, get more clear on direction and decisions. Steven Kotler, author of Stealing Fire
  18. 18. What is happening in the brain? ● Next you get a sense of effortlessness. This comes from a flood of performance enhancing feel good neurochemicals being released. Stress hormones get removed from our system at these states. Then we get a huge boost in motivation. It feels like we are being propelled from a force that is bigger than us. This creates purpose, meaning and motivation. information in the brain is massively heightened. ● The brain takes in more information per second. Our ability to pay attention to that info increases. Pattern recognition increases. And lateral thinking increases and creativity. ● 400% heightened creativity and 500% heightened productivity Steven Kotler, author of Stealing Fire
  19. 19. A DOSE of Healthy Neurochemicals ● A = Anandamide ● D = Dopamine ● O = Oxytocin ● S = Serotonin ● E = Endorphins
  20. 20. Heightened Form of Intense Unity ● The most common spiritual/mystical experience. ● This decodes most all spiritual/mystical experiences and what is happening in the brain. ● Ex. Tran-state, meditation, speaking in tongue, near death experiences, prayer, chanting, out of body experiences, yoga, ayahuasca, rituals ● We are figuring out how to reproduce these experiences ● Team performance goes through the roof.
  21. 21. Our Brainwaves are Changing
  22. 22. What are some ways we can get into ecstasis?
  23. 23. Deep Work Meditation & Prayer Travel Yoga Exercize Flow State Dancing Chanting Singing Sex Laughter/Comedy Music Personal development seminars DNX Festival
  24. 24. Where else does this exist, who else is studying this?
  25. 25. EDM Concerts Equal to Russia, S. Korea and Colombia!
  26. 26. This is why the correct music is a superpower...takes us faster to ectasis to elevate personal performance.
  27. 27. Jason Silva says “ Really what I found in altered states was freedom first they gave me freedom from myself; then they gave me freedom to express myself, then they showed me what was actually possible. But it's not just me. I think almost every successful person I have met - one way or another - has found a way to use these states to propel them to levels they didn't know were possible.” Stealing Fire
  28. 28. Using Ecstasis Techniques to Tap Into High-Performance Productivity
  29. 29. Workshop Time!!!
  30. 30. What gets us to Ecstasis? ● Gets Me Into - Group singing, dancing, BJJ grappling, Chaos/State of Emergencies, Meditation, Prayer, Travel, Improv, Scary Shit, Ice baths, Motorcycles adventures, Spending time with like-minded friends and people I love, Big Scary Projects Ex. Peru project ● “Doing what scares the hell out of you is one of the fastest ways to get into flow!” ...Jackie Knechtel ● Ex. Getting into the zone, Navy Seals, Burning Man, Chanting, Dancing, Singing, Meditation, Prayer, Personal Dev. Seminars
  31. 31. What gets me into ecstasis? When do I feel the most free and beyond myself or connected to my higher self or higher ________?
  32. 32. Play Music
  33. 33. Get Your Daily D.O.S.E Dopamine Oxytocin Serotonin Endorphins
  34. 34. The Enemy of Ecstasis -- Cortisol Cortisol is being released in our bodies you feel dis-stress, anxiety, fear, anger, frustration. ● Inhibits memory retrieval ● Impairs learning ● Suppresses the immune system ● Increase blood sugar ● Decrease bone formation ● Lengthen the time wounds heal
  35. 35. The Enemy of Ecstasis -- Cortisol How to stop the release of Cortisol? ● Get away from the damn computer! ● This creates a pattern interrupt ● Rest & Relax ● Exercisze ● Eat healthy ● Meditate ● Anything to release the Daily Dose
  36. 36. Dopamine ● When Dopamine is low….so is motivation. ● Dopamine motivates you to take action toward your goals and gives you a surge of reinforcing pleasure when achieving them. ● Procrastination, self-doubt and lack of enthusiasm are linked with low levels of dopamine.
  37. 37. Ways to Increase Dopamine ● Listen to music ● Break down big goals into little pieces ● Rather than allowing your brain to celebrate only when you’ve hit the big finish line, you can create a series of little finish lines for frequent dopamine release. ● It’s crucial to actually celebrate ● Reward yourself
  38. 38. Oxytocin ● Oxytocin is a neurotransmitter that makes people feel bonded to one another. It has been called “the trust chemical” and the “cuddle hormone” ● The release of Oxytocin creates trust and builds relationships. ● Gives better ORGASIMS!!!!
  39. 39. Ways to Release Oxytocin ● Sharing a meal with someone ● Telling people you love them ● Bonding ● Touch...aim for 8 6-second hugs a day ● Interpersonal touch not only raises oxytocin, but also reduces cardiovascular stress and improves the immune system.
  40. 40. Oxytocin Exercise
  41. 41. Serotonin ● Serotonin flows when you feel significant or important. ● Loneliness and depression are present when serotonin is absent. ● Unhealthy attention-seeking ● Most antidepressants focus on the production of serotonin.
  42. 42. Ways to Increase Serotonin ● Think back on a past achievement that you are proud of. ● Your brain has trouble telling the difference between what is real and what is imagined, so it produces serotonin in both cases ● Gratitude practices are popular for this reason. ● Spend time with healthy/constructive people you enjoy being around. ● Expose yourself to the sun for 20 minutes. Your skin absorbs ultraviolet rays, which promotes Vitamin D and serotonin production.
  43. 43. Serotonin Exercise
  44. 44. Endorphins ● If you want to relieve anxiety, which can block productivity, get some endorphins pumping. ● Released in response to pain and stress ● Help to alleviate anxiety ● “Second Wind” and “Runner’s High”
  45. 45. Ways to Increase Endorphins ● Physical Activity ● Laughing ● Expectation of Laughter ● Dark Chocolate ● Spicy Foods ● Aromatherapy especially… ○ Lavender Essential Oil ○ Vanilla Scent
  46. 46. Endorphins Exercise
  47. 47. The Environments We Live & Work In
  48. 48. Weekly Estasis Planning
  49. 49. Goal Setting System ~ Increase Personal Productivity ~ ~ Experience More Ecstasis ~
  50. 50. Establish a Ritual Sunday Night or Monday Morning Time: 30-90 Minutes ● This ritual takes you through the process of getting into ecstasis and creating more ecstasis on a daily basis to experience higher-performance productivity ● Created by Tony Robbins, altered by Chris Reynolds
  51. 51. Clean out my email - Time: 10-30 Minutes ● Cleaning your room or house ● Cleaning your mental capacity
  52. 52. Visualize the Big Picture Time: 10 Minutes ● Meditate ● Drink Tea ● Read my life purpose and goals ● Read over my 10 year goals ● Read over my 3 year goals ● Read over my 3 month goals ● Here we start to slow our prefrontal cortex down and slow down our brain waves to alpha and theta
  53. 53. Celebrate Last Week Time: 5-10 Minutes ● This will help you feel more grateful of what you actually achieved. ● This releases dopamine and serotonin ● Write down at least 10 things you are grateful for… I got to _______ !!!
  54. 54. Write Down Major Lessons Time: 2-5 Minutes ● A week of learning experiences is wasted if we don’t reflex back and learn from the events. ● The good ones and the more challenging ones.
  55. 55. Analyze What Didn’t Happen Time: 2-5 Minutes ● I said I was going to do this but I didn’t…..Why?
  56. 56. Clarify Your Biggest Outcomes Time: 5-10 Minutes ● Create outcomes that are in alignment with your current goals. ● 3 year, 3 month goals ● Write down 6-7 major outcomes for the week.
  57. 57. Schedule EVERYTHING Time: 5-15 Minutes ● Schedule everything as much as possible ● Meeting ● Breaks ● Deep work ● Grocery store ● Exercize ● Relaxing time ● This helps keeps us in focus and prevents the release of cortisol in our bodies. It allows the opportunity more often for ecstats to happen, our brain waves to become more focused and more neurochemicals to flow through our body. ● Everything Takes Longer Than We Think
  58. 58. Each Night Plan 3 MIT’s (Most Important Task’s For the Next Day) ● Helps you visualize your day and become more clear ● Opens up time to increase ecstasis and decrease cortisol ● Everything Takes Longer Than We Think
  59. 59. Weekly Planning Process 1. Establish a Ritual Sunday Night or Monday Morning Time: 30-90 Minutes 2. Visualize the Big Picture Time: 3-5 Minutes 3. Celebrate Last Week Time: 5-10 Minutes 4. Write Down Major Lessons Time: 2-5 Minutes 5. Analyze What Didn’t Happen Time: 2-5 Minutes 6. Clarify Your Biggest Outcomes Time: 5-10 Minutes 7. Schedule EVERYTHING Time: 5-15 Minutes 8. Fill in the Gaps/Housekeeping Time: 5-10 Minutes TheBusinessMethod.com/FreedomX
  60. 60. Christian Chasmer This one simple discipline (of scheduling time) 10xed his productivity, made him happier and helped him scale his company to $5,000,000.
  61. 61. What are your biggest takeaways from DNX Festival? How can you use ecstasis to accomplish these goals?
  62. 62. “When we are reliably able to make this ‘shift’ (to ecstasis) you start ….constructing a world that is much more friendly to contradiction, to oppositeness, to being able to hold onto multiple systems of thinking….By stepping outside ourselves we gain perspective. We become objectively aware of our coutumes rather than subjectively fused with them. We realize we can take them off, discard those that are worn out or no longer fit, and even create new ones. That's the paradox of selflessness -- by periodically losing our minds we stand a better chance at finding ourselves.” Stealing Fire
  63. 63. Q&A Get Shit Done Live Stealing Fire by Jamie Wheal and Steven Kotler TheBusinessMethod.com/DNX